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fanfic: Honeymoon road-trip part 7/7: Sunday afternoon

HONEYMOON ROADTRIP PART 7/7: Sunday afternoon
By Marea67
Pairing: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: R (but if you disagree, let me know. I might change it)
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
They should be so grateful for that, because i
f they were, I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be watching them, all day. (sigh)
Summary: the title says it all.
Spoilers: Set after 2.16 – Prior commitments
Kevin’s hands caress Scotty’s shoulders. He rubs the suntan lotion with little circles into the warm skin under his fingers. Scotty enjoys the touch. It is not very crowded on the beach, but he is aware that this is about as physical as they can be here. There are children playing not very far away from him. And he and Kevin have this silent understanding about no public displays of affections around children. Well other than Paige and Cooper and even then…
He smiles as he remembers once overhearing Nora ask Paige if she had seen him and Kevin and how Paige had casually replied.
“Yes, they were in the back of the garden, kissing, and thinking I didn’t see them do it..” The laughter had sound in Paige’s voice and Scotty is still grateful that Sarah had raised her children so open-mindedly.
“What are you smiling about?” Kevin asks.
“Children.” Scotty answers. Kevin stops briefly and then returns to rubbing in the lotion.
“I don’t think… that I am quite ready yet, for kids, I mean. I love being an uncle and all, but kids of my own…” he starts hesitantly. Scotty starts to laugh.
“Oh, don’t be silly. Neither am I. I was just thinking about children in general, not about having one for us…”
“Ah, thank God.” Kevin sighs with relief.
“Do you know what I’m thinking?” Scotty asks. Kevin looks at him long and hard and then replies:
“I knew I should have taken that crash course on “Telepathy”…. Sorry, not a clue, I’m not getting a single vibe.” Scotty chuckles. “But if I were to guess, right now, you just prefer being a sous-chef and enjoy your career which you worked so hard for… Am I very wrong?”
“No, you’re not. I like our life just the way it is.”
“And, not a wrong word about Sarah, but I have seen her and Joe struggle to balance life, career, children and not losing themselves in it. I want to be able to be there for our child.”
The way Kevin says ‘our’ child makes Scotty shiver. Yes, the child would be his and Kevin’s, for a moment he thinks about what it entails. No, he’s not ready for this yet. Kevin’s hand rests on his shoulder and he lets his cheek caress Kevin’s fingers. A small sign of affection and Kevin squeezes his shoulder a bit, to let him know he noticed.
“Sarah is amazing….” Scotty says and wonders: “Do you have a favorite brother or sister?”
“I’m not supposed to, but I always feel most comfortable around Sarah. I think she’s secretly more pro-gay than I am.” Kevin laughs. “I mean, Tommy and Justin often made me feel like I wasn’t ‘man’ enough. Kitty….. Well, Kitty is a republican…. Enough said. But Sarah….”
“I see what you mean. My friends liked her immediately.”
“Oh, yes, there are some valuable opinions.” Kevin is still a bit sarcastic, when it comes to Scotty’s friends.
“Oh, come on, they have been nicer to you lately. Now that that you did the right thing by me.”
“When were you such a ‘damsel in distress’ that I needed to be you ‘knight in shining armor’?”
“Never, though I’d love to see you on a horse.”
“I’d rather ride you.” Kevin whispers in Scotty’s ear, sending a shiver down Scotty’s spine.
“You’d have to catch me first.” He laughs, quickly getting up, but followed immediately by Kevin. He is a little faster than Kevin and repeatedly manages to challenge Kevin a bit, before running into the water and ‘allowing’ Kevin to catch him there. They push each other into the water and once the water is deep enough, Scotty pulls Kevin closer to him. Under water their bodies touch.
Scotty quickly looks around, they are far enough and he kisses Kevin deeply, while wrapping himself around Kevin.
“Don’t do that.” Kevin says, out of breath. “Now I can’t get out of the water until I ‘cooled down’.”
“I can help you ease the pressure away.” Scotty suggestively strokes Kevin’s body.
“And who will take care of you?” Kevin smiles seductively.
“I doubt it.”
Kevin lifts Scotty up and throws him away, into the water. Scotty disappears under water for a few seconds and splutters his way back up. He is greeted by a laughing Kevin.
“Wait until I get my hands on you, Kevin Walker.” He yells quasi-angry and Kevin swims away fast, with Scotty right behind him, but in the water Kevin is the better swimmer and it takes a while for Scotty to catch Kevin.
They swim and play until they both agree they had enough. On the beach Scotty dries himself off, but Kevin merely drops himself on the blanket and lies down on his back. The sparkling drops of water cling to his skin and on the edges of his hair. He looks so much younger with that huge smile and his blue eyes are shining. Scotty wraps the towel around his waist.
“Do you have any idea how much I want to take you now?” Scotty asks, Kevin looks across the beach.
“Do you have any idea how many people would get really angry if you did?” He grins and Scotty joins him. He holds Kevin’s gaze for moment. The love in his eyes is obvious and Kevin’s breathing hitches.
“I love you, Kevin Walker.” Scotty looks so much in love that it gives Kevin a lump in his throat.
“And I love you, Scotty Wandell.” He then softly replies, wiping a strand of hair away from Scotty' face. Scotty lies down next to Kevin. He is on his back now too. His hand searches Kevin’s and their fingers entwine. There is nothing but a quick look passing between them, a smile as Kevin’s thumb caresses the inside of Scotty’s hand, than they are both quietly enjoying the sun on their skin.
Everything is back in the car, one last look at the hotel where they spend such agreeable hours. Scotty sighs. He really liked this place. He feels calm and more confident than a few days ago. Kevin and he will make it. This weekend, this getting back to Kevin/Scotty, was exactly what both of them had needed. These last weeks had been a rollercoaster-ride and they had needed to stop and regroup themselves.
“Are you coming?” Kevin asks. It is a long way back. Although this time, Scotty will also drive, taking over from Kevin, which will make it less exhausting on Kevin. Scotty gets in the car.
“Kevin?....” He gives Kevin a quick kiss on the lips. “This WAS a good idea.” Kevin smiles, brings Scotty’s head closer to his and confiscates a few more small kisses.
“Buckle up, we’re going… But we will be coming back.”
Their way back is more quiet. Scotty still enjoys the scenery, but the fluttering excitement of not knowing what Kevin’s little secret is, is gone. Instead, he feels content and a bit languid. The sun is warm, the wind is in his hair, the tensions are gone and Scotty is at peace with the universe. Looking at Kevin he cannot help but have the impression that his love and respect for this wonderful man has only grown these last two days.
Kevin catches Scotty’s glance and feels all warm inside. He knew he made the right decision the moment he booked the hotel. He would never have believed that he would be able to love again and certainly not so much, but he does. It seems to him that he has gotten even closer to Scotty these last two days. And he is more confident, that this can work. Scotty is his and together, with Scotty by his side, he can take on the whole world.
Scotty opens the door and is about to enter their apartment, but Kevin stops him:
“You are aware that, once we cross that threshold, our short honeymoon will be over and it will be ‘back to Walker-insanity’?” Kevin speaks in a low voice, because voices travel in these corridors.
“I know.” Scotty sighs. “It was peaceful while it lasted.”
“It will be a return to Nora, Sarah, Tommy, ….”
“Jordan, Mario, Quin, ….”
“…. Fraude, depositions….”
“… recipes, kitchen tools…” Scotty smiles. “We will be alright.”
“Are you sure?” Suddenly Kevin isn’t joking anymore. “… cause sometimes I am so afraid that we will be so busy with our lives that we lose track of eachother and … Scotty, I don’t want to lose you… not again.”
“You won’t.”
“I promise.” Scotty replies, kissing the tip of Kevin’s nose, before moving a little lower and letting their kiss seal his words.
The door across the hall opens and an older woman steps out of her apartment, carrying her dog.
“Oh, hi, Mrs Barryman.” Scotty says cheerful. Kevin turns around. Mrs Barryman shakes her head. Those boys. She doesn’t mind them being gay. Kevin and Scotty are both the sweetest neighbors she could wish for, always there for her, when she needs a helping hand, but really…. All this kissing in the hallways…. In her youth people weren’t behaving like that….
Kevin greets her too, while Scotty quickly slips into their apartment. As Kevin turns back to follow Scotty, Scotty slams the door in his face. For one moment Kevin is stunned, then he grins. Scotty opens the door again and with a mischievous smile he says:
“Just kidding.” And grabbing Kevin’s hand, he yanks Kevin into their apartment.

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