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random word generator: insisting

the random word generator: insisting

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Kitty, Kitty/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.
Extra: takes place between 2.08 and 2.09

“I’m sorry, but we can’t.” Kevin says.
“Why not?” Kitty asks annoyed. She is distributing the invitations to her wedding and was glad to find Kevin at Nora’s, so she doesn’t have to go to Kevin’s loft and now he turns her down!
“I’ll take mine, but Scotty is not coming.” Kevin decidedly answers.

“Why not?”
“Try: painful. You’re marrying the brother of the guy I used to date until a week ago. I can hardly show up with Scotty. Talk about rubbing it in.”
“Scotty was invited prior to you and Jason breaking up.”

“As ‘just a friend’. Not as ‘the new guy’. Huge difference.”
“Oh, so Scotty doesn’t feel comfortable about being there?”
“I don’t think Scotty lacks the courage to show up with me, Kit. It’s just perhaps a bit inappropriate.”

Kitty looks at her brother, her anger fading as she realizes that Kevin wants Scotty to be there, but is more concerned with etiquette, Jason’s and Robert’s feelings and not creating a fuss on her wedding-day. It’s unfair, she decides, Kevin was in love with Scotty before and is now once again, if he ever stopped being in love with Scotty.

For a moment she’s torn. She feels sorry for Jason and Robert, but Kevin is her brother. She remembers how sad Kevin was after he lost Scotty, now his eyes light up, whenever he mentions Scotty’s name. If Jason would be there in person she could understand it being painful, but Jason will not be coming to the wedding.

“Whatever you wish.” She replies, handing over one invitation to Kevin, and if Kevin finds her quick retreat suspicious he doesn’t have time to say something about it, because Nora walks in and the discussion is closed. Kitty only remembers once she’s back in her own car, that there’s still an invitation undelivered.


“Oh, hi, Kitty. Kevin isn’t here.” Those are Scotty’s first words as he sees Kitty.
“Good. Because I want to talk to you.” She says, coming in to the loft and dropping herself on the couch, with her coat still on.

“Me?” Scotty is surprised and concerned, as he sits down on one of the chairs.
“About my wedding....” Kitty starts hesitantly.
“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going. Kevin and I discussed it. It was nice to be invited as Kevin’s friend, but now that the situation has changed between Kevin and Jason.... and me....

Kev and I both feel it would inappropriate for me to just show up. There’s no reason to offend the McCallisters or create an argument....” Scotty replies quickly. His friendly smile cannot hide his disappointment entirely and Kitty is glad to see that. It means that he, at least, was not looking desperately for a way to get out.

“Scotty, I appreciate the concern you and Kevin have for the McCallisters, but .... But I can think of at least one McCallisters who has never been too considerate with Kevin either. Yes, Kevin shouldn’t have slept with you behind Jason’s back....” She notices the little blush coming up on Scotty’s cheek. And she smiles at how adorable he looks. No wonder Kevin loves him so much.

“.... but Jason carries his own responsibility in this. Whether the McCallisters like it or not, you are Kevin’s new partner. And as my brother he should be able to take the man he loves to my wedding.” Kitty sees Scotty become completely shy when she mentions the words ‘the man he loves’ as if it’s an undeserved compliment.

And an understanding hits her. Both Kevin and Scotty are still so insecure about themselves and their relationship, but to Kitty it is incredibly obvious. They belong together. She moves closer to Scotty and then takes his hand into her own.
“I really want you to be there. For me. For my family. But above all, for Kevin.”

“Are you sure?” Scotty asks in a little voice, he cannot believe she actually came all the way here to ask him personally, but the request seems to come straight from Kitty’s heart and he almost doesn’t dare to refuse her.
“Yes.” She replies with a genuine smile.

She gets up and hands him an invitation.
“You know what? Talk to Kevin about this again. You are invited. I want you to be there that day. I want you right beside my brother. But if for whatever reason you still feel that you can’t, then there will be no hard feelings. I will understand. Take it or leave it.”

Scotty takes the invitation from her hand and stares at it as if it’s not real.
“I have to go. Still have to see Sarah and then see Tommy and Julia....” Kitty smiles. “I sincerely hope you, and Kevin, will change your minds about this and you will both be there on my wedding-day.” And with those words she leaves Scotty alone with his invitation.


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