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something fluffy

Something fluffy..


By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty – I don’t write “fluffy” for just anybody

Rate: G.

Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine. Just borrowing K&S, not sure if I will give them back though.

Summary: After “Happy now?” I just want something fluffy with pink feathers.





“Aren’t these cute?” Scotty asks. Kevin looks at the soft teddy-bear Scotty is holding up. Really, very cute with big blue eyes and a sweet black nose, it has a pink ribbon and a bib saying “I love mommy”.

“What if it’s a boy?” comes Kevin's reply and Scotty sighs.


Always the practical Kevin. He should have known better then to go look for a present for Kitty’s child with Kevin. It was still two months, but Scotty hated last minute shopping for these sort of gifts. From Scotty’s point of view babies take centuries to come and suddenly, when you least expect them.. Whoops, they’re there and Scotty doesn’t have a gift.


But… Kevin is right, if it’s a boy, then giving something with pink ribbons would be ‘wrong’. Personally Scotty doesn’t care, but he can imagine Robert’s reaction… He sighs. He really likes the bear. Kevin sees his reaction.

“You’re such a big baby sometimes.” He smiles gently.

“I know.” Scotty sighs. He follows Kevin through the store, but they cannot decide on what they want to buy for Kitty. And eventually they leave empty-handed and Scotty knows that next time he should do this with Sarah instead of Kevin.



A week later.


Life sucks sometimes, Scotty figures. He has an impromptu evening off, because his boss has a ‘Very Important Friend’ coming over and banned Scotty from the kitchen. Unfortunately, when he called Kevin, all excited, Kevin put a damper on his joy, because HE had to work tonight.  Believing Scotty would not be home anyway, he had agreed to go to a meeting with Robert.


So he has an evening off, but no Kevin… He pouts for moment, feeling sorry for himself. But then he decides to look at it from the bright side,  he will have to remote to himself. Yeah! When he goes into the kitchen, he is surprised by the sight of a carefully wrapped present on the middle of the kitchen-table.


Looking at the card it says: “For Scotty.” He opens the card and it reads in Kevin’s clear handwriting. “Because I don’t want you to feel too alone tonight.” Scotty smiles and cautiously opens the package and he really starts to grin when he sees it’s the bear he loved so much last week at the children’s store. Pink ribbons and all.


Then Scotty looks more closely and he sees that there is a significant difference. And with an “awww, Kevin!” Scotty wipes a tear from his eyes. Knowing Kevin cannot be disturbed he texts: “Kevin. Love you. Waiting for you. Not alone. But still missing you. Love. Scotty.” And then he looks at the bear again. The bib that said “I love mommy” is replaced by one that says “Kevin loves Scotty”.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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