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Happy now? - Part 10/12

Happy now? Part 10/12

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, Alex Grodin/Max Carter (2 original characters)
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters or Kevin & Scotty, but Alex and Max are mine
Summary: A ghost from Kevin’s past returns.

Alex opens his eyes with a shock. He must have nodded off for a few minutes. It’s warm in the bedroom and he is tired. He’s been awake for 2 straights days now, awake on coffee and pills. He feels a heavy weight on his chest and he stares down at Scotty, lying in his arms, barely breathing. The fog in Alex’s head starts to lift.

Oh, God, what has he done? He pushes Scotty away and crawls off the bed. Turning back to it he can see Scotty on the bed, limp, in the rumpled position, in which he fell down on the bed.
“S…Scotty?” Alex tries. “Scotty, wake up! Wake up!” He shakes Scotty up, but Scotty doesn’t respond.

He slips off the bed and starts to pace the floor. What is he supposed to do now? Oh, man, Kevin is going to kill him. Kevin will never forgive him if anything happens to Scotty. He’s feels trapped in a nightmare. He should have left America as he planned, he should not have gone back to the loft. He should have…. But he didn’t and now there’s only one thing he can do.

“You know, I am glad I came here. Now at least, I have an idea of what happened with Alex’s dad…. Alex is dead, it doesn’t matter anymore… Just let him rest in peace.” Max agrees with Kevin’s words. There is nothing left to do about it.
“You better get back to your husband. He’ll be worried.” He smiles. Kevin’s phone rings.

“That’s him, probably wondering how late I’ll be home for dinner. He’s worse than my mom.” Kevin laughs and he lets it follow by a “Hi, sweetie.” as he turns to talk to Scotty. Max looks at Kevin and sees Kevin’s face turn to shocked. Max frowns, suddenly on his guard.

“Kevin. I screwed up. I don’t know what to do…” A voice on the phone cries and it’s from Scotty’s phone, but it’s not Scotty voice. Kevin feels a nausea coming up.
“Who is this?” he asks and while he asks he knows the answer, knows why the voice sounds familiar… “Alex?” he says astounded. Max tenses up.

“Alex? Where are you? Why are you calling with Scotty’s phone?” Kevin doesn’t get it, but Max’s mind works faster.
“Kevin? Where is Scotty supposed to be now?” he whispers. Kevin looks at him.
“Home.” He replies to Max and it is sinking in what is going on.

Scotty is supposed to be home, but Alex is on his phone, he screwed up. Scotty!! Max grabs the first available phone and start to give orders. “Alex, where is Scotty?” kevin yells.
“Asleep, I can’t wake him up.” Alex cries.

Why can’t you wake him up?”
“Oh, Kev, I think I killed him….” Alex’s voice is getting hysterical and Kevin feels the whole world sink from under his feet. Max sees Kevin turn white as a sheet and with the phone close to his ear, he moves over to support Kevin.

“You think your killed him?” Kevin asks weakly and the question makes Max snap his fingers at the first available colleague and wave her over.
“Stay with him, make sure he doesn’t pass out or something.” he barks.
“What do you mean, you think you killed him?” Kevin’s voice is nothing more than a hysterical squeak.

Max moves back to Kevin and in low voice he orders.
“Kevin, I need you! Keep Alex talking. Two police-cars are at your building. Third one on the way. They are going up. Keep him on the phone. Let us capture him.”
“Scotty?” he asks. And Max can hear Alex talk on the phone. He’s sounds on the verge of breaking up.

Max’s hand covers Kevin’s phone and he persuades Kevin, still in a soft voice:
Nothing you can do for Scotty now. I’ve called for an ambulance. They will be there soon too. Nothing you can do right now, except help us catch the bastard who may have hurt your Scotty.” Kevin nods. Catch Alex…

“Alex. Calm down.” He orders with all the strength he can manage. “I don’t understand a word you say. You’re freaking me out here. Where is Scotty? And why are you on his phone?”
“Scotty is in the bedroom. He’s asleep and not waking up. I can’t wake him up. I just can’t and I’ve tried. Kev, I don’t know what to do.” Alex rattles.

“It’s alright, Alex.” Kevin grips his phone with all his might to not scream. “Give me two seconds to think….” Kevin places his hand over his phone and whispers to Max. “Are those officers near our floor?” Max nods. “I’ll send him out of our loft.” Max nods again, that he gets the message and Kevin breathes deeply to sound calm and in control….

“Alex, go to the loft straight across from ours. That is Mrs Berriman. She can help you.” Max shakes his head, not understanding why Kevin says that. Alex might use Kevin’s neighbor as a hostage, but Kevin mouths the word “Bingo!” and Max cannot help but grin in spite of the severity of the case. The lady is off to her bingo-night.

At that moment Kevin hears a lot of noise on the phone. Screaming and shouting, orders being yelled and Alex’s voice filled with sheer panic, a loud bang and then there’s silence, the phone-line gets disconnected. Petrified Kevin looks at Max.
“What is going on, Max? What’s going on?!” Max holds up his hand, he’s still on the phone.

He nods over and over again.
“Hold on. Just one moment….” He says to whomever he’s talking to. “They found Scotty. He’s still breathing but barely. They are waiting for the ambulance… “ Kevin looks still terrified. Max continues on the phone.

“His husband and I are on the way… We’ll be right there…..” He turns to Kevin. “Come on, let’s go.” Kevin follows Max down the stairs. He feels as if he can’t breathe properly. His heart is beating like crazy and he’s scared, so terribly, terribly scared. Scotty is perhaps still alive, but it’s not much to go on….

When Kevin arrives on the fifth floor there are police-men and paramedics. And now it becomes all too real for him. Scotty! He needs to know how Scotty is. He tries to get inside the loft, but an officer stops him.
“Please, this is my home, that is my husband in there, I must see him.” Kevin now cries.

“Let him in.” Max says calmly. But he catches and holds Kevin back at the door between the living room and the small corridor that leads to the bedroom.
“Kevin, the paramedics are with him. Let them do their work.” Kevin watches as they lift Scotty up and put him on a stretcher.

“Is he okay? Is he going to make it?” Kevin’s asks is a small voice. “Please, tell me he’s alright.” his voice sinks to a whisper.
“He still alive. That is all I know for now.” Max answers. He turns to the paramedics. “This is his husband. He needs to go the hospital with the patient….” Kevin turns away, not able to watch Scotty lying there motion-less on that stretcher.

On the other side of the living-room, held back by two police-officers is Alex. Kevin’s eyes meet with Alex’s. He sees the regret and pain on Alex’s face, but he’s will not be persuaded this time.
“Kevin, I’m sorry. Please, forgive me. Please.” Alex cries and Max’s lips become a straight line.
“Get him out of here.” He orders.

Alex now becomes really hysterical.
“Kevin, please!!” He yells, but Kevin turns his back on Alex as the stretcher with Scotty on it passes. He follows the paramedics and doesn’t waste a second glance on Alex. Max watches Alex being taken away. He sighs. It's going to be a long evening.


He blinks. There are lights and sounds. He blinks again. Slowly able to focus more.
“Hey, baby. There you are.” A voice says softly. Scotty looks to his side and he sees Kevin sitting there, tears in his eyes, holding Scotty’s hand against his lips. Scotty knows that Kevin is trying not to cry, but that he’s failing miserably.

“You scared me so much today.” Kevin’s voice tremble.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty whispers, unable to say much. “I’m so tired.”
“They emptied your stomach, but you’re still fighting the drugs in your blood.” Kevin explains.
“Oh.” Scotty closes his eyes again.

It seemed but two seconds to Scotty, but for Kevin another 20 minutes have past, when Scotty opens his eyes again.
“Alex did this to me. He’s alive and….”
“Ssh, the police caught him.”

“How?” Scotty wants to know.
“I’ll explain later. Take it easy for now and focus on getting better, that is more important... I cannot live without you.” Kevin confesses. Scotty’s lips word ‘Love you’ and Scotty smiles when Kevin’s “love you too.” registers with him right, before he falls asleep again.”


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