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Happy now? - Part 9/12

Happy now? Part 9/12

By Marea67
About: Scotty/Alex Grodin (original character)
Rate: R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters or Kevin & Scotty, but Alex is mine
Summary: A ghost from Kevin’s past returns.


Scotty wakes up with the worst possible headache and with the notion that something isn’t right. “Something not being right” could have something to do with the fact that he cannot move his hands or feet. He swallows the nausea away, trying to remember what happened, but he doesn’t seem to get any further then pasta. He needs to make pasta for Kevin.

Kevin is coming home and Scotty needs to get up. He tries to move and moans as his head hurts and his wrists too. Slowly looking up he realizes he’s on his side, on his bed, his mouth is taped off, there’s blood on the pillow, his hands are tied up above his head. And because he cannot move his feet either, he assumes they are tied up as well.

But the real severity of his situation sinks in when he hears a voice say:
“I’m sorry if your head hurts, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard, but I had to be sure that you were knocked out. You do understand that, don’t you?” Alex’s voice is apologetic. “I know it hurts now, but in a little while you will not be hurting anymore.”

Somehow there’s something very ominous in the calmly spoken words. Scotty tries to lift his head but behind him hears: “Don’t do that, honey. Alex is going to make it all alright soon …. “ Scotty gets turned on his back. “You are heavier than I thought, you know. Carrying you here was hard…. I hope you’re comfortable?” Scotty shakes his head. Alex smiles, straddling Scotty.

But then his smile vanishes to be replaced by sadness.
“I didn’t count on this. Kevin and you screwed up my plans pretty good… I mean, all I wanted was to see Kevin one more time. So I posted outside Nora’s house and then I followed him here. Then I needed to talk to him. That was stupid of course.” His fingertip traces Scotty’s face.

"Because I fell for Kevin all over again and I should stay away from Kevin for his own good. It was hard enough to get Ben to stay here a bit longer. The selling of his yacht was a gift from heaven.” He caresses Scotty’s cheek with the back of his hand. “I didn’t expect him to be married. And then married to someone as handsome as you. You are beautiful, caring, loving, .... just like Kevin….”

Scotty feels fear grab him by the throat. Alex shifts on the bed and lies close to Scotty and Scotty can feel Alex breath in his neck: “And you smell so nice.” He coos and Scotty’s skin crawls. “Kevin must like to hold you close and touch you.” His hand proceeds to undo the buttons of Scotty’s shirt, slowly and deliberately. “I bet that he knows how to please you, doesn’t he?”

His hands slide possessively over Scotty’s skin. “Tell me, Scotty, what is it you like? Do you like his mouth on you?” The zipper of Scotty’s jeans comes undone.. “Or do you prefer to be inside of him? Warm and tight..” Alex’s hand closes around Scotty’s cock and Scotty’s closes his eyes tightly.

He recites ingredients for dinners in his mind and he tries desperately not to respond to that hand that moves up and down in a slow, sensual touch. “Or do you get on your knees for him?” Alex now asks, lying close enough to Scotty for Scotty to feel Alex’s arousal against him. Scotty starts to tremble. He is frightened of what Alex will do.

“Or do you want him inside you? Hard and ready?” Alex whispers in Scotty’s ear and with a little moan Scotty’s restraint falters. He gets aroused at the thought of Kevin inside of him, making love to him. Alex laughs. “You fight me and yet the mere mention of Kevin inside you turns you on like a light-switch. Good.

It is good that Kevin is the one who turns you on and not someone else.” The compliment comes in the wake of Alex taking away his hands from Scotty’s body and he straddles Scotty again to button up his shirt and close Scotty’s jeans. Scotty seems to have provided 'proof' of his love for Kevin. Alex pouts. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t play with something that belongs to Kevin.”

And for some reason Scotty can remember Kevin saying: “He would hurt objects not people.” If Alex is starting to see him as a thing… “Tell me. Does he make you breakfast in the morning in the weekends?... No, I’ll bet you are the one making breakfast. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to wake up in Kevin’s arms. He’s the sweetest ever. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Scotty nods. “Of course you do, that is why you married him, why you love him. It is what we have in common. We both love Kevin. Now lie still. You have a cut just above your eye. It is bleeding and we wouldn’t want Kevin to find you like that, now would we?” He holds up a wash cloth and says:

“There’s some iodine on here. It might sting a bit. … See, isn’t that better?.... All the blood gone. It will be a bit of bump, but that doesn’t matter anymore soon.” Scotty wonders what he might mean. “You see, soon enough, Kevin will come home and realize I’m here. He’ll be happy to go away with me. But you know…

There is one thing that will keep him here and that is his obligation to you. But once he realizes that there’s no obligation left….” Scotty’s eyes grow wide with terror. Alex moves away once again and Scotty watches how Alex puts some tablets in a glass of water and start to stir it. He shakes his head. It’s starting to dawn on him what Alex is doing, but he cannot accept his own thoughts.

“Pretty good stuff, you know. Knocks you out within minutes… Makes you sleep for hours. It’s how I survived my days with Ben. Ben slept a lot of his time away….” Alex laughs. Then he returns to the bed and removes the tape.

“Here, drink this.” Alex holds a drink close to Scotty lips, but Scotty turns away. Alex’s face becomes determined. “Drink this!” He orders and presses the glass against Scotty’s mouth. Scotty manages to turn his head again, but it’s getting more difficult to escape Alex’s hands. Alex’s face turns to anger and he hits Scotty across the face.

It momentarily breaks Scotty’s defense and Alex pinches Scotty’s nose close so Scotty cannot breathe. It forces Scotty’s mouth open and Aex pours the drink between Scotty’s lips. In his position Scotty cannot defend himself, Alex is too strong for him.  He HAS to swallow the drink if he wants to breathe.

The taste is bitter, like that of an aspirin, but Scotty has no other choice and when Alex finally releases him he has taken in most of the water with the dissolved pills. He gasps for breath. His lungs are burning and his stomach protests. He tries not to panic but he feels that does… Immediately he feels the tape back on his mouth.

Alex watches Scotty fight. He admires Scotty’s spirit. It’s useless of course. The pills will have him asleep in less than 5 minutes and with the amount he’s had, he’ll simply sink into oblivion and never wake up. The look on Scotty’s face changes to panic when he starts to realize what is happening to him.

Scotty feels himself get heavier and heavier. His head hurts, his throat is dry and he’s tired, so tired…. He stops struggling the ropes, tries to recapture his breath, but it’s getting difficult to breathe. And it’s so hard to keep his eyes open… His looks at Alex. He doesn’t want to die! Tears of frustration and fear fill his eyes.

Alex feels sorry for Scotty. He really likes him. He knows he should leave, he hates it when someone dies, it’s usually such a terrible sight, but he doesn’t want Scotty to die alone. Kevin would not appreciate that. So he gets back on the bed and takes Scotty into his arms.

“Hush, baby, don’t fight so hard." He soothes. "Just go to sleep. Just close your eyes and sleep, honey. I will stay and make sure that when Kevin finds you, you will be as pretty as you are… I will lay you down so you’re comfortable, so that you will seem to be asleep, just like Sleeping Beauty. As if you will dream for a hundred years, waiting to be kissed by your handsome prince….”

His voice is soft and frightfully calming and Scotty is losing the fight. Alex softly caresses Scotty’s cheeks, closes his eyes…. Scotty’s breathing becomes slower and more superficial. He opens his eyes one more time and sees Alex’s sad smile.
“I’m sorry. So sorry.” He says to Scotty and Scotty can no longer panic, he’s too tired.

Alex can feel Scotty relax in his arms, Scotty’s has given up and Alex cries softly as he caresses Scotty’s face one more time. He removes the tape gently as if to not hurt Scotty. He presses his lips to Scotty’s. He knows that Scotty loves Kevin too. They both do. He cradles Scotty in his arms, Scotty is still breathing. but very little.

With Scotty in his arms, he starts to gently rock back and forth a little as if he’s in a rocking chair. A nursery rhyme comes to him and with a gentle voice he starts to sing:
“Hush little Scotty, don't say a word, Alex's gonna buy you a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing, Alex’s gonna buy you a diamond ring…..”

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