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Happy now? - Part 7/12

Happy now? Part 7/12

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, and Max Carter (original character)
Rate: This part: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters or Kevin & Scotty, but Alex is mine
Summary: A ghost from Kevin’s past returns.


“You’re not serious?” Kevin’s shock is so apparent that Scotty places a hand on his back. Inspector Max Carter look at Kevin. He knows Kevin from high-school. They were in the same class, never really friends, but not enemies either. Just that for Max and his friends it had seemed “not-done” to hang out with someone who was openly gay…

That was then and Max’s own attitude and views of life have changed. He isn’t in the least bothered by the little gesture of love Scotty shows Kevin.
“I’m glad you came to tell me this, Max.” Kevin says, his eyes still big with shock. Max only nods in acceptance and then replies:

“When I heard the name of Alex Grodin and recognized his picture, the first name that came up to me was that of Kevin Walker. The two of you were inseparable…. Kevin, I hate to have to do this, but I have two questions. Why did you drop the charges of theft against him? And can you give me more information on Alex? When did you last see him?”

Kevin looks at Scotty and Scotty gets up to pour some coffee. He calmly offers Max a cup as well and he, in this way, gives Kevin some time to gather his thoughts. Max waits patiently. Kevin is a lawyer. His experience with lawyers is that they are usually considering how to answer. Kevin sighs after the first sip.

“Alex... I hadn’t seen Alex in 17 years. The night he stole my money, was the night he disappeared out of my life…. Until last week. He suddenly showed up at this loft and gave me back my money…. Which is why I dropped the charges…. We, as in Scotty and I had dinner with him and his partner Ben last Saturday evening, more on Ben's and Scotty's insistence, than my own.”

“How did they seem to you?” Max now asks. Kevin shrugs.
“I hadn’t seen Alex in 17 years, like I said before, but he still had that mischief about him. He was enjoying himself and I think Ben did too.” Kevin replies.
“They were ready to have some fun time.” Scotty chimes in. Max gives them a questioning look.

“They planned a short trip with the yacht, then a trip to Rio and then to Europe.” Scotty explains. Max whistles in appreciation.
“Just like that?”
“Ben had sold his company and was willing to support Alex, considering the circumstances.”

“They were both diagnosed with cancer. Don’t know the details, because Ben didn’t want to talk about it. And neither did Alex.” Max nods in understanding.
“Kevin, I hate to have to ask you this, but…where you and Alex romantically involved once?”

Kevin shakes his head. He can feel Scotty looking at him and so he concentrates on Max.
“No not really. We…. That night he left, we got spaced out drunk, he suddenly confessed his love to me and we had sex…. It was meaningless…. And the next morning he was gone with my money. It was completely meaningless.” He repeats, more to himself than to Max.

Max understands that Kevin was hurt by the betrayal, but he also sees the tenderness between Kevin and Scotty and he figures that Kevin is better off. Alex was never a trustworthy person to begin with.
“Kevin, do you know something about his family?”

“No, not much. His father died when his house burned down, his mom ran off. I think he once told me she lived somewhere past San Francisco, but that was over 17 years ago and it could be just my imagination or my own interpretation of something he told me. I don’t know. We never discussed his family. He had a grand-mother, but she passed away 10 years ago.”

“What do you know about Ben?” Max now asks.
“Nothing, never met him before until Saturday and even then it was just a few hours. We talked a bit, but nothing deep and meaningful, more casual chatter. He owned a company, sold it and with that money, and what he had saved, he could lead a good life…..” Kevin answers.

“So, basically, they seemed happy, in love and caring….?” Max sees how Scotty frowns, while Kevin replies with a tired yes. “You don’t agree, Scotty?” Max studies Scotty’s face, finds it expressive, the young man in no fool and seems to have an eye for details.
“It’s nothing that would hold up in court, or even… I don’t know, It’s just a hunch.”

“Go on.” Max encourages.
“I don’t think they were ‘in love’.”
“Because…?” Max is now interested. He sees an annoyed look on Kevin’s face and Scotty struggles with the answer. He keeps in mind that Scotty warned him it might not be substantial.

“Ben was gay, but Alex wasn’t…. and I know I can’t prove it, but I am absolutely convinced that Alex was in this relationship for the easy life-style…. He cared about Ben, looked after him, I think he genuinely liked him, but he wasn’t ‘in love’ with him. I’m not judging Alex on whether it is right or wrong. If that was their arrangement, then it’s none of my business.” Scotty says.

“Kevin, would you agree with your husband’s opinion?” Max turns to Kevin.
“Yes…. I’d better.” He laughs quickly, but then more serious continues: “I’m not sure. When Scotty told me that Alex seemed in love, I found that odd. But he seemed to be at first, but, like Scotty said, I don’t think he actually was 'in love' either. I think this relationship was more about mutual benefit.”

Max understands the difference, but this also means that Kevin and Scotty provided no reason to assume anything else beyond a terrible accident. He gets up.
“Kevin, I’m sorry about Alex. I know he once meant a lot to you.” Kevin and Max shake hands and Scotty walks up with Max to the door.

“Scotty, if anything comes to mind that might be important,… here’s my card.. call me.” He gives Scotty his card and Scotty studies it for a moment. Max cannot help but feel that there is something he’s missing, like he’s not asking the right question or not conveying the right feelings, but something feels ‘off’ with the conversation.

“I will.” Scotty promises. But once the door closes behind Max, Scotty throws the card on Kevin’s desk and turns to him.
“Why didn’t you tell him about what Alex told you? That he killed his father.”
“Does it matter now?” Kevin asks in return and Scotty becomes frustrated.

“He works for the police, maybe he can find out something. Maybe….”
“I don’t want to know anymore. Scotty, I just lost someone who once meant a great deal to me. Who had a tough life and who told me something, when he was drunk. Something I don’t believe in, something I cannot imagine him doing. He is dead….

Whatever he did… IF he did it…. Which I don’t believe… it doesn’t matter anymore. Am I supposed to ruin the reputation of a man, who already didn’t have much of a good name, with some story that I cannot prove, at a time when he cannot defend himself?” Kevin is upset and Scotty turns away.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. It’s your friend, but this whole thing is so weird…..” Scotty wraps his arms around himself as if he’s trying to protect himself. Kevin gets up and takes Scotty into his arms.
“I know.” he says softly, kissing Scotty’s lips. Scotty replies to the kiss, before holding Kevin even tighter.

“I’m sorry, I should have been more considerate about your feelings for him and your past with him..”
“But you’re right to question me. I feel like I should have said something. I need to think it over.” Kevin offers as an apology of his own and Scotty smiles, holding him close.


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