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Happy now? - Part 4/12

Happy now? - Part 4/12

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, and Alex Grodin (original character) and  Ben (original character)
Rate:  G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters or Kevin & Scotty, but Alex is mine
Summary: A ghost from Kevin’s past returns.


For two days, it’s quiet, but Kevin should have known better. When Scotty is asked to show his face at table 7, he isn’t in the least bit surprised, until he sees who’s sitting there. Alex Grodin! And Alex seems equally stunned for a second, but then he smiles and makes his compliments.
“We didn’t expect this delicious food was made by you.”

Now, Scotty notices the other man at the table. In his 40s and obviously wealthy and sophisticated the man nods at Scotty.
“Ben, this is the husband of friend of mine…. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name then?”
“Wandell. Scotty Wandell.” Scotty replies a bit confused.

“Well, if you’re a friend of my Alex, then you’re a friend of mine.” Ben’s voice is kind and warm and a bit slow. “We will be in town for a few more days. I hope that maybe we can meet? I would love to meet some old friends of Alex.” Alex seems panicked and Scotty isn’t sure if he feels sorry or amused.

“I’m sorry. I think Kevin, my husband, misplaced the card Alex gave us and…” Scotty tries.
“No problem.” Ben says and he hands Scotty a card of the hotel with the room-number written on it.
“I’ll have to talk about this with my husband first.” Scotty then replies calmly, deciding to let Kevin deal with his ‘friend’ in his own way.


“Are we going somewhere?” Kevin asks, when Scotty places the card before him.
“Nope. This is the card I got from Alex. He was at the restaurant tonight….” Kevin nearly jumps up from his chair..
“What?! If he’s stalking you….”

“I doubt it. He seemed rather surprised to see me. The man in his company,… his lover…?... nearly begged me to take an invitation for you and me to meet him and ‘his’ Alex in their hotel-room….”
“That sounds awfully kinky.” Kevin replies with a disgusted look on his face. Scotty smiles.
“I don’t know. He seemed nice enough and Alex seemed rather in love with the man.”

“Alex? I doubt it.”
“Do I detect a little grain of jealousy in there?”
“Jealous? Me? Don’t be ridiculous! No. It’s just that I cannot imagine Alex to be in love with someone. Not for real anyway.”

“Kevin, you haven’t seen him in, what, 17 years? How can you judge that he hasn’t changed?”
“Something about a fox never losing his tricks comes to mind.”
“He could be a different man now.”
“Last time I checked they were still unable to transplant someone’s personality.”

“Kev, he’s older, and maybe also wiser….”
“Yes, love, and you’re too sweet and too naïf.”
“Andd too hopeful?” Scotty now asks with a sweet smile.
“That too…..” Kevin sighs, knowing he’s not going to win this argument. “Alright, we'll go meet Alex.”

“Call them tomorrow and tell them that we wouldn’t mind dropping by. Dinner would be nice.” Scotty tells him and Kevin plays with the card, turning it round and round between his fingers. Scotty caresses Kevin’s hair, knowing that Kevin feels pressured. “I know you have your doubts. Just go there, see if he has changed.

And if not, you’ll never have to see him again. But at least, you’ll know that you made the right decision based on what you know now and how you feel now.” Kevin nods. He can see the logic of this, he takes Scotty’s hand and presses a kiss on it. Scotty bends over him and kisses him on the lips, a little promise of what is to come when they go to bed.

“You’re right.” Kevin sighs, still holding Scotty’s hand. “I’ll call Alex or this ….?”
“… Ben. I will call them tomorrow morning.” Scotty smiles and pulls Kevin up from his chair. He doesn’t break his eye-contact with Kevin, as he pulls him into the direction of the bedroom.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - happy now?

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