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happy now? - part 1/12

Happy now? - Part 1/12

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, and Alex Grodin (original character)
Rate:  G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters or Kevin&Scotty, but Alex is mine
Summary: A ghost from Kevin’s past returns.


When Scotty opens the door to the soft knocking sound, he sees before him a man. The lines on his face betray that he’s older than he seems. His hair falls in soft curls around his face and he’s quite handsome actually. His hazel-brown eyes look at Scotty with intelligence and curiosity, as if he’s surprised to see Scotty in this loft.

“Yes?” Scotty asks.
“I’m sorry… I’m looking for Kevin? Kevin Walker?” The voice has an unmistakably British accent.
“Just a moment…. Kevin!! It’s for you.” He yells in the direction of the kitchen. Kevin, a towel in hand exits their kitchen.

“Who is it?” he whispers as he passes Scotty, Scotty shrugs, he hasn’t asked.
“He’s asking for you. I assume he’s a friend of yours?”
“I don’t have friends.” Kevin mutters, but then he moves closer to the door and as he opens it further, he starts with a “How can I ….?

But the ‘help you’ gets stuck in his throat. The man at the door apologetically starts:
“Kevin, I’m so sorry… I came here because I wanted to see you and … talk to you… explain to you…..” Whatever he planned to explain to Kevin, his words gets cut off as Kevin slams the door closed with considerable force.

“We have work to do in the kitchen.” He says calmly to an astonished Scotty.
“Kevin?” Scotty asks, wanting to know what is going on.
“There was someone at the door….”

“Yes, and now the door is closed. And he’s still outside.”
“You can’t do that.” Scotty says quietly, not understanding what is going on with Kevin. Kevin doesn’t appear angry or upset or something.
“Yes, I can. All you do is give the door a bit of a push so that it gains momentum and falls in the lock. It takes a little practice, but once you get it….”

“Kevin, I’m not an idiot, don’t tread me like one.” Scotty’s voice is irritated. “You slammed a door in the face of man who wanted to talk to you. That is rather … rude!”
“Is it?” Kevin fakes shock and surprise and he seems to mull over Scotty’s words for a moment or two and then he opens the door again. The man is still standing there.

“I’m sorry.” Kevin says calmly to the man. “My husband here thinks I’m rude for slamming the door in your face. He is a very kind, caring person. He doesn’t know that as impeccably dressed, articulately spoken and well mannered as you seem, Alex Grodin, underneath that thin layer of gorgeous veneer is the soul of a worthless piece of shit.”

Kevin doesn’t raise his voice, doesn’t yell, his voice is oddly calm, which only seems to enhance the deep hatred, that he doesn’t even bother to cover up. Scotty is shocked. He has never seen Kevin hate anyone before. The man, Alex, seems equally taken aback, but not as much as Scotty. It’s almost as if he’s sorry to realize that his worse fears have come true.

“Kevin….” Alex tries, but Kevin shakes his head. He is not yet finished.
“Scotty doesn’t know that your package may be nice, but you’re a fake, a fraud, a lying bastard and a ruthless thief. And you didn’t even have the courage to face me, you ran away like the coward you are.”

Alex doesn’t even try to contradict Kevin. Again he opens his mouth, trying to get a word in.
“Kevin, if you would just let me talk to you…”
“No thanks! We have nothing left to say. I want you OUT of my life and that of my husband. Out of this building …. Or I’ll call the police.”

“Based on what?”
“I don’t know, Alex, but I’m a lawyer and I have friends who are lawyers. If I put my mind to it, I will be able to come up with something…. Or maybe just remind the police that there’s still a file on you… from when you stole from me.”

“That is why I came to talk to you…”
“What? You came to give me back the 5.000 dollars you stole?” Kevin is sarcastic, but Alex hands him a thick envelop.
“… With interest…” Alex replies.

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