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welcome to my fantasies
24th-Feb-2009 12:38 am

By Marea67
About: Matthew/Luke (so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't read it!!!)
Rate: PG-13 – Sorry guys, Couldn’t make it any hotter. :(
Disclaimer: I don’t know Mr Rhys or Mr Macfarlane. They belong to themselves. This is just a figment of my over-active imagination, by no means meant to imply anything, or to offend them. I respect them as actors. If they would ever stumble on this story, I can only hope they will as much fun reading it, as I had writing it.
Summary: Would it bother you?
Extra: Please allow some artistic freedom here. It’s my second RPS and it still freaks me out a bit, alright? :-D


It’s eerily quiet on the set, with most everybody celebrating the upcoming short-break, but Matthew likes the silence that reigns. It is usually so noisy and busy here… and now the quiet is very welcome to his ears. He lets his fingers slide over Nora’s infamous big table. He likes to be in “Nora’s kitchen”. It just has a wonderful warm feeling, even now, that it’s empty..

“Reminiscing?” A voice behind him asks. Matthew smiles.
“No. Just enjoying the silence.” He answers Luke’s question without turning around.
“So, there is a persistent rumor going around. Do you know that?” Luke teases. Matthew turns around, leans against the table, before he carefully replies.

“What rumor?”
“That you may be allowed to direct an episode?”
“Ah, the rumors of my death…..” Matthew starts quoting and Luke grins.
“Premature, heh?”

“Well, if there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Matthew then contradicts.
“You’ve lost me.”
“Didn’t even know I had you.” Matthew grins. For one second Luke is inclined to reply with an equally teasing remark, but then he holds back.

He wants information, not some cat-and-mouse game.
“So? Is it true or not?”
“Partially… Ken is considering giving me a chance. So…. With a little luck… by the time we reach season 8.... I’ll be first on the list….” Matthew laughs before he continues: 

“Truth is, I once told Ken that I wanted to direct an episode. And Ken kept that in his mind, but it’s unlikely that I will get the chance, so I’m not holding my breath and just keep my day-job.”
“Smart move.” Luke admits. He follows Matthew to “Robert’s office”.

“Would it bother you?” Matthew asks.
“What?” Luke’s thoughts were somewhere else.
“If I would direct.” Luke doesn’t answer immediately. He wanders over to Kevin’s loft. Somehow it always is a nice set to ‘hang around’. He knows Matthew is not far behind him.

“I don’t know. If they make you the director, I guess, I will simply follow up what you say. I’d be more curious however how Sally, Ron, Calista or Rob will react though.” Matthew shrugs.
“Can’t very well ask them, now can I?” he grins. “They are not here, you are.”
Matthew opens a door, that leads to yet another room.

“I’m not sure I recognize this room?” Matthew says, faking surprise. He can hear Luke laugh.
“It’s Kevin’s bedroom.”
“No wonder I didn’t recognize it. I’m never here. I wonder why they built this part, does it double as Justin’s and Rebecca’s bedroom? Just throw on some other sheets?”

“No. Those two usually do it on the couch.” Luke murmurs in reply, before adding: “I like to think that that is the reason why Scotty spends so much time on his couch… He’s hoping to get as lucky as Rebecca.”
“With Justin?” Matthew now laughs.

“No, with you, silly.” Luke flings one of the pillows at Matthew’s head, but Matthew catches it with ease. “Or rather, with Kevin.” He corrects himself making a clear distinction between actor and character. Matthew sits down on the bed.
“It’s actually comfortable. I thought there would be some plank underneath.” He grins.

“We shot a scene here once. When Scotty threw all those books of the shelve? We had to do it 4 times because, first, I didn’t hit the books right and then they refused to fall….”
“Isn’t that where you said something about throwing a cat?”
Swinging a cat. Yes.” Luke grins now.
“I just remember it sounded very animal-unfriendly.”

They both laugh and Luke sits down on the bed beside Matthew.
“It IS a comfortable bed.” Luke now has to admit. “Well, at least, you’ll know that, when you direct your own episode, you could actually shoot a scene of us in bed.” Luke suggests, knowing very well, that there is not much chance on that. Matthew plays along right away.

He pushes Luke on his back and straddles him and theatrically boasts:
“Yes, I can definitely do that. And I will concentrate on you. My masterpiece. I will make you look glorious! Gorgeous! Delicious!” The exaggeration droops from his words and Luke hiccups with laughter as he watches Matthew make a square using his thumbs and index-fingers and pretend he’s filming Luke. So, Luke pouts in front of the ‘camera’, striking a pose.

“I can so imagine you. I would make some dream-sequence, in black and white, softer focus. Make you really sexy.” Matthew sounds almost serious, then to lighten the mood again. “Something like the divas from the 40s-50s. Marilyn Monroe. Greta Garbo. Joan Crawford.”
“Can we go for Marlene Dietrich. I can do the German accent.” Luke replies, putting on a severe German accent.

“Then why do you suddenly sound so Italian?” Matthew teases right away and that earns him some rib-tickling. Once they regained some breath, Luke looks up.
“I thinks some may be slightly irritated if you lavish so much attention on me.”
“You are ‘my husband’.” Matthew shrugs with a grin. “If I can’t focus on you…. What would be the point?” He places his hands on either sides of Luke’s head.

“I guess a lot depends on whether I’m still there in the 8th season then.”
“I plan to keep you.” Matthew grins. “It’s about time Kevin sticks to one guy and one guy only.”
He lowers his head and places a small kiss on Luke’s lips. Luke just lets it happen, knowing Matthew is only joking around.

But the next kiss lingers a little longer and the third one starts to feel like a real, genuine kiss to him. He gives in to the temptation and replies to it. He has to admit, being stuck between the soft mattress and Matthew’s body is not the worst place to be, but he’s starting to get aroused and that could make things rather complicated.

He breaks the kiss to softly ask:
“Are we still playing?”
“Not sure…. I was just thinking that it’s a pity that this bed is never used.”
“Yes, that is a waste.….” Luke starts, looking up into blue eyes.

The next kiss is definitely not a game. It is soft, gentle and caring and Luke can feel Matthew’s fingers slip under his shirt. He shivers under the touch. They are certainly moving past what they have done as their characters and this becomes unchartered terrain. They usually clown around when they have to do more intimate scenes.

He’s not afraid to touch Matthew and has always been happy that Matthew didn’t mind working so intimately with someone who is gay. But this is some serious blurring of the lines. He knows it’s nothing serious. They are not in love with each other, but it all feels real enough for him that he can no longer ignore his arousal.

And he cannot pretend that he hasn’t noticed how turned on Matthew is. He plans to say something, but instead he shifts a bit, so that Matthew is more comfortable on him. He carefully moves up against Matthew, holding his hands casually on Matthew’s back, giving him every chance to move away or stop, but that does not seem to his plan.

Eventually Luke doesn’t give him the chance anymore. His grips tightens as he moves up closer and pulls Matthew down. Their kiss stops long enough to take off Matthew’s shirt and let it fall beside the bed. Luke uses his body and strength to turn the situation around and Matthew lets himself roll on his back the other side of the bed.

Luke now straddles him, letting his hands caress Matthew’s chest up to his shoulders and then all the way back down, letting his fingers gently slide along the zipper, acknowleding the hardness behind it with a smile when he looks at Matthew, who’s waiting for his next move.
“Are you sure?” he asks.

Any doubt he could have had is wiped off the table when Matthew looks up at him and whispers softly:
“Show me. Show me what Kevin needs to know.”
“Aww, so this is about getting to know your character better?” He whispers back, letting his lips linger on Matthew’s.

“Yes…. Rrrright.” Matthew answers not too convincingly. “Do you mind?”
“No… Don’t mind teaching you a thing or two.” Luke replies and they both laugh softly. Luke’s mouth covers Matthew’s and his fingers unfasten Matthew’s zipper and as Matthew arches up to his hand, they both figure that this is one lesson that they will both enjoy.


24th-Feb-2009 09:19 am (UTC)
Well, I hope you realize that this is perfect for a sequal. I'm just saying... ;)
24th-Feb-2009 09:41 am (UTC)
That was great!! Absolutely loved it!! :)
And I agree : this is perfect for a sequel :D

24th-Feb-2009 12:16 pm (UTC)
Don't be sorry Marea. It was really great. But fact you stopped it at the best part. :D

24th-Feb-2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
Hm... What kind of comment could you be expecting from me, really? ;)

I just hope that this comes with a sequel... :)
2nd-May-2009 05:11 am (UTC) - HOT
This one is HOT! I don't think it matters to me whether it's RPS or not coz whenever I read about Kevin and Scotty, I always have their faces in mind, how they might express the words, the possible gestures, etc. =)
28th-Dec-2009 09:00 pm (UTC)
WOW how about that? I always wondered 'WHAT IF MATTHEW WAS CLOSETED?' thank u 4 putting my fantasy into words. Cheers!!!
28th-Dec-2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
Hee! You're welcome!

As a woman I'm supposed to prefer Matthew to be straight, but Luke is SO cute, I wouldn't mind, if.... Nah, let's keep this in my own wicked fantasy. ;)
10th-Jan-2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
I personally really enjoyed your fantasy. I will admit that i've often pictured this or something close to it. very sequel worthy!!
10th-Jan-2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
Oh, yes, my imagination can be pretty wicked sometimes, but putting it black on white is something different and feels weird.

I respect both Matthew and Luke and I can't get past the realization that they are real people and while it's fun to go for some 'what if...' scenario, I sure wouldn't want to write, say or do something that would offend them.

Though, deep in my heart, I think that if either would stumble on this story and actually BOTHER to read it, they would would look at it with a sense of humor. (Well, I hope so.)

So, I fear that from now on I'll keep my Matthew/Luke fics in my head. ;)
10th-Jan-2010 09:17 pm (UTC)
I can fully understand your reservations. Some times the imagination is a pretty good place to keep things. ;)
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