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random word generator: cake

the random word generator: cake

By Marea67
About: Justin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


The wedding-cake tastes great, really it does. Justin takes another bit on his fork and watches the crowd gathered in their living-room. It’s an odd mixture of fine suits and more casual clothing. And it makes him grin to see how well everyone seems to get along. Who would have thought that mixing Scotty’s friends and Kevin’s colleagues would actually work?

Standing in a corner he watches Kevin as Kevin laughs and talks joyfully, pride in his eyes, his face beaming with happiness... Justin catches the loving looks passing between Kevin and Scotty. Scotty seems more emotional, but Justin knows that Kevin is as shocked and amazed as Scotty is. 

Kevin told Justin that he didn’t expect many people to come. With their marriage being so short-notice and a gay ceremony too, he wasn’t sure if certain colleagues would actually bother to show up. He had been rather surprised that by Friday he had received only one cancellation. Only one!

On the way to Scotty’s parents, in the car, in the dark, he had admitted to believing that, those he invited would not show up and would Monday come with some vague excuse about forgetting about it, their cat dying or not being able to come to the ceremony for some other reason. Tommy and Justin had a bit of trouble cheering Kevin up after that.

But with that talk in the back of his mind he had watched as Kevin walked into the room and had seen everyone there. The disbelief was clearly on his face and then the shy relief and then Kevin had seen Scotty.... Justin sighs. Sometimes he wishes he wasn’t such as softy and be more stoic like Tommy and then he brushes a tear from the corner of his eye.

The End.
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