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random word generator: arrangement

the random word generator: arrangement

By Marea67
About: Holly
Rate: PG-16
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

The phone rings and she picks up. The voice is warm and familiar, telling her he’s on his way. So, she puts on another dress, puts a bit of make up on her face, brushes her long blonde hair. She picks the perfume she knows he likes best and checks herself in the mirror. And then she looks around her house.

The living-room looks cosy and sunny. She clears away the cups that are still in the sink. In the bedroom she quickly adjusts the covers. She passes by the mirror and turns around in front of it. She looks good. She feels good. And he’s on his way. And he’ll be all her's tonight. All her's.

The car stops in front of the house and she greets him. A smile, a kiss, another kiss. They touch and caress. His hands are in her hair. She knows he likes to run his fingers through them. She shivers as he pulls her closer. He’s aroused, she knows. He always is.

The bed waits for them. His hands slip under her dress and she moans softly, enjoying his touch. It is as usual. They make love. The first time it’s always quick and fast. His strong thrusts make her cry out and she likes to feel him close to her. Inside of her. She loves holding on to him. Remembering to not dig her nails into his skin, because that might show and SHE will find out.

Satisfied they lie beside each other. It is when he starts talking. That he tells her about Ojai. The idea that Sarah came up with, an alteration Tommy wants to add, a file Kevin is working on. She offers an appropriate word of compassion over Justin’s drug-abuse and is amused with Kitty’s latest radio-interview.

Holly never dwells on the thought who’s children they are. She sees Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin as William’s children only. She never thinks about the fact that they are also..... HER’s. The one Holly never wants to think about. She knows a lot about William’s family, but not about HER.

They get hungry and Holly orders in. William likes that, because SHE always cooks dinner, as it should. But right after dessert he smiles and their kiss is a prelude to what is to come and Holly gives it all she has. She moves against him, begs for more, says all the right words. How can she not? She loves him. 

Then, slowly, but surely it gets to be 10 o’clock and William cleans himself up, while she’s still in bed watching him get dressed. He kisses her and tells her he’ll call her soon. Another kiss and then he’s gone. Holly knows he’s going back to HER and Holly is alone again in that empty bed. But then, she has always known this. That is the arrangement they made.

The end.

Tags: character - holly, series - random word generator

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