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random word generator: time

the random word generator: time

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


There was a time when he wouldn’t sit here in his office, still infuriated with Holly’s and Tommy’s latest decision. He sympathizes with Sarah, but he wonders more and more if it is not time to let go. He sighs. The decision is hard to make.

There was a time when all this was fresh and new. When William and he had worked long days to get Ojai on the road. When Nora would make endless stacks of sandwiches for them and where he would sit with her and William at the kitchen table discussing business.

There was a time when he watched Tommy grow up in this company. When Tommy started at the bottom of the ladder, in the warehouse, stacking... He had watched Tommy become a man, become a husband, become an business man.

There was a time when he nearly keeled over with astonishment that William sent away their legal advisor and hired Kevin instead. Kevin, just starting as a lawyer, could need the help, William figured, and Saul was probably the only one who ever saw the proud smile on William’s face when he talked about Kevin.

There was time when Sarah joined the company and Saul loved having her there. Sure, Tommy was great in his job, but he lacked a certain vision that Sarah had. Sarah brought new ideas, new means, new blood. To Saul it really felt like family.

Then came the time after William’s death, when Saul could no longer keep William’s secrets. The funds, Holly, Rebecca... He watched Holly manoeuvre herself into the family-company, but he remained a gentleman. William hurt Holly too....

Then came the time when Holly managed to take Tommy away from Ojai and the company started to feel less like family, but it still was. He wanted more and he felt that Sarah was too careful..

Then came the time where he, Saul Holden, nearly destroyed Ojai. And Sarah and Nora had to do some serious begging to get help. Saul shivers, because he had not realized the impact that Holly and Tommy would have on Ojai. He thought they would be a family-company again...

Then came the time Kevin got fired and Saul knew Kevin’s heart was broken and he knew why. In a time when William and Kevin no longer talked because Kevin had come out, William had extended a thin line to Kevin and at least they could talk about the business. Some moments when they could still be father and son.

Then came the time that he watched Holly really take over. And Tommy was helping her. He saw that Sarah no longer enjoyed her work, neither does he. But this morning when Tommy and Holly had smugly decided to change the name of this company, something shifted in him. He had had it. The printer finally gives him what he asked for. His letter of resignation... He’s leaving.

It’s time......
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