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Time to say goodbye. Part 3.

Time to say goodbye. Part 3.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty/Jason
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Jason goes to Bolivia and spends one last dinner with Kevin and Scotty. Sequel to part 1 and part 2

Hi Kevin, Scotty,

I’ve arrived safely two days ago, but I’ve been too busy and too tired to write. It was a very long trip. The heat is something I need to get used to, as is the language. Everything is so different here in Bolivia. The church is small, but there are a lot of people coming here apparently. My friend and his wife are very friendly with me and explain a lot about customs etc...

I hope to keep you guys posted a bit more regularly then I did in Malaysia :)

Be safe, I think about you two often....



Jason thinks twice and reads his email again, then he presses the ‘send’ button. For a moment he considers how weird it is that within a second this message will appear on Kevin’s computer... He rubs his eyes, tired as he is, he can’t sleep just yet. He decides to make some tea. And with the cup of hot liquid he goes back to his small table.

The laptop is a gift from Robert and a not-so-subtle hint, that he should stay in touch more often. He opens an earlier email he received from Scotty, forwarding 3 pictures of Kevin and himself. Jason chooses the one he likes best and makes it his screen-saver. He smiles when he looks at the picture of Kevin and Scotty and he remembers:.....


....Kevin moans softly when he wakes up again from dozing away in the warmth. He lifts his head, suddenly longing for Scotty. He leaves his side of the bed, Jason’s soft protest can hardly be heard and he falls right back to sleep again. Kevin smiles, climbing back in bed on the other side where Scotty lies...

Scotty wakes up almost immediately. He looks at his husband and manages a little grin, just before Kevin kisses him. Scotty can feel himself immediately getting hard, because at the same time Kevin’s fingers brush his belly ever so lightly. The shocked little sound Scotty makes, wakes up Jason, who just dreamily looks on as Kevin and Scotty kiss.

He’s not envious or jealous, he just watches as lips slide and hands caress, they are touching each other with the confidence of lovers who know each other very well and who know exactly what is appreciated and what is not.

Scotty, eyes closed, moves up against Kevin, no longer wanting Kevin just on top of him, but inside of him. Jason, at first, had no intention to do anything. He’s still tired from their previous love-making, but when he sees Scotty’s lips part with the growing ecstasy, he gets turned on by how available Scotty looks.

He watches how Scotty coaches Kevin’s mouth over his chest to his belly and he has a very good idea of what Kevin is planning to do. There’s a small encouraging moan passing Scotty’s lips and Jason moves a little closer to Scotty, letting his lips come into contact with Scotty’s, who immediately responds to them.

Kevin lifts his head a bit, so he can see Scotty and Jason kissing each other. His warm breath is still on Scotty’s skin. He smiles mischievously and for a moment he does nothing, feeling Scotty’s hand in his hair, trying to get Kevin to get back to kissing him, but Kevin doesn’t give in. Instead he shakes Scotty’s hand from his head and without much further warning, he takes Scotty’s hard cock in his mouth.

Scotty bucks up under the unexpected move, a soft surprised yelp escaping him, making both Jason and Kevin smile. Scotty lets Jason go on kissing him and he just lets Kevin suck gently and deliciously. It is too erotic to not enjoy and so he simply relaxes and lets it all wash over him. So lost in feelings is he, that when Kevin suddenly stops he objects loudly.

Kevin smiles again.
“Come here.” He says softly. Scotty doesn’t want to leave Jason’s arms, but with a regretful look at Jason he listens to Kevin anyway. Kevin whispers something in Scotty’s ear and a look passes between the two lovers. Scotty nods and smiles now also.

Lying on his back Jason watches the quiet conversation between the two, wondering what it’s about. He cannot say anything. He’s already glad he was allowed to participate and be allowed to have sex with both of them. He doesn’t dare to ask for more. He is however surprised when Scotty turns to him and apologizes in a low voice:

“Sorry for the interruption.” He grins. Jason shakes his head. It’s alright with him. He is a bit surprised when Scotty straddles him and remaining on his knees, starts to kiss him. Any protest from Jason is silenced by that warm mouth on his. When he feels Scotty pinch his nipples softly he moans with desire, wrapping his arms around Scotty.

He can see Kevin move behind Scotty and he assumes correctly that Kevin is preparing Scotty, so he just enjoys the way Scotty moves on him, kisses him and caresses his chest, his sides and thighs. Anywhere he can reach. Scotty’s moans get a certain rhythm and Jason is vaguely aware that Kevin opens the package of condoms, though it makes no sense to him, why would Kevin?

Scotty shifts a bit and then Jason feels Kevin take his swollen cock in a soft grip. He moves up, surprised and shocked.
“Shhh.” Scotty hushes and calms him. “It will be alright.” He whispers against Jason’s lips. Jason doesn’t expect Kevin to use the condom on him, slowly unrolling it and gently squeezing and caressing the hard penis in the process.

Jason moves up towards Kevin’s hands, but then Scotty shushes him again. Scotty braces himself and Jason’s eyes grow wide as he realizes what Kevin and Scotty are doing. Then he feels himself enter Scotty’s body.
“Scotty!” Jason sighs surprised as Scotty lets himself sink further down. Kevin moves away a bit, this is just between Jason and Scotty now.

Jason’s hands move to Scotty’s hips, encouraging him to start moving and Scotty obliges. Jason responds in ecstasy. It all just feels right. He holds on to Scotty, softly whispering his name, encouraging him to go on, he thrusts up. Scotty pushes him back down on the bed. Their love-making becomes more frantic as Jason unleashes his passion.

It’s hot, tight, made easy by Kevin’s hands and Scotty lets Jason get away with the lack of returning some sweetness back to Scotty, because he can see that Jason is not acting with inconsideration, but is lost in desire. He watches the face of a man experiencing a delight he doesn’t often indulge on himself and somehow Scotty finds it flattering that Jason lets go of his own boundaries like this. With him.

Kevin is amazed by how easy it is for Jason to give into Scotty, knowing that it would always take quite some nudging to get Jason to have sex. Not that Jason wasn’t good at it, or shy, or inexperienced, he just needed a lot of encouragement. At the same, he grins, Scotty easily broke Kevin’s own defences too, so maybe he shouldn’t be surprised.

He can hear, by the strangled moans coming from Jason’s lips, that Jason is close. Scotty is focused on Jason and not paying much attention to his needs. And Kevin shakes his head. No, that will do. He’ll have to take care of Scotty in a bit. He just waits and watches as Jason’s muscles start to become more tense.

Jason knows he’s close, so close, but he isn’t willing to give up the delicious feeling of making love, his muscles hurt, his body screams for release, but it’s not enough. He wants so much more. And that is the moment that Scotty bends down, kisses him just underneath his ear. Letting the warm breath caress Jason’s skin, while at the same time his hand slides between them over Jason’s chest, sliding over sensitive spots that make Jason arch up underneath him.

Jason is only aware that Scotty whispers his name close to his ear. For a second time seems to stand still as he goes over the edge. He pushes himself inside Scotty as deep as possible, letting go of himself with a cry....

Scotty can feel Jason relax under his hands and watches his chest go up and down while he’s trying to catch his breath, they are both sweaty from the exertion and then Jason slips from Scotty's body. Scotty is exhausted.

He stays on his hands and knees, trying to catch his own breath again. Scotty himself is unsatisfied, as now Jason starts to realise too.
“I’m sorry. I should have...” he starts, letting his fingers slide down Scotty’s chest.
“Shh, it’s alright.” Scotty lifts his head and smiles. “It’s okay.”

That is when he feels Kevin’s hand on his back. His body jerks under the touch. And Kevin pulls him up and into his arms. Scotty can feel Kevin’s strong chest against his back and smiles as he relaxes under those familiar caressing hands of his husband.
“I’m too tired.” Scotty says quietly and Kevin nods, kissing Scotty’s neck.

He lowers Scotty on the bed and Scotty rolls on his back. Kevin takes place between his legs. Scotty relaxes completely when Kevin enters him. He knows he doesn’t have to take care of Kevin, just let Kevin do the work. But making love with Kevin has always been about being together in the love-making. And he doesn’t realize it, but after the first few thrusts he starts to automatically reply to Kevin.

Kevin watches Scotty slip away to that little place where there’s only ecstasy and nothing else. Scotty is tired, he knows, and therefore it’s easier for him to let go. His first movements were slow and deliberate and meant to drive Scotty close to the edge. But now, his thrusts come faster, are shorter and he starts to seek his own satisfaction as well.

His hand curls around Scotty’s cock. Scotty responds with a soft cry as his now over-sensitive body begins to react to the many impulses he gets. Scotty doesn’t know what to do, push up or move away. He’s on that line where pain and pleasure are too close to each other. He wants to let go, but just can’t because it would hurt if he would.

Jason realises the point where Scotty is at and covers Scotty’s mouth with his own, while softly caressing Scotty’s belly. The sudden touch and shift of focus is too much for Scotty. With a loud moan he comes all over Kevin’s and Jason’s hands and as he moves frantically against Kevin he takes Kevin with him into a free-fall.....


.... Jason lifts his head. He must have dozed off thinking about Kevin and Scotty. He smiles as he closes his lap-top. It’s quiet in his room and he’s tired enough to go to bed now. He undresses, washes his face and brushes his teeth. Once in bed, he picks up his bible and starts to read, like he always does, but his mind wanders to Kevin and Scotty ....


... It’s time to say goodbye and they know it. After a good breakfast the intimacy between them three is broken. It’s broken on purpose, knowing that they have to break out of their little cocoon and get back to the real world.
“I’ll check if there’s anything left in the bedroom.” Kevin says and with a little look at Scotty, he leaves them alone.

Jason and Scotty look at each other with indecision, until Jason smiles. Scotty smiles too, but then he says calmly:
“You know, last night was nice, but ... it doesn’t change anything. Kevin is mine and I’m not sharing him any further than what happened last night.”

“That’s alright. I’m not contesting anything. I’m grateful for what you allowed to happen. I know that Kevin wouldn’t have slept with me if weren’t for you. I’ll cherish last night, but ... I think I’m also moving on. I already gave closure to Kevin and me and after last night, I... I finally have peace with it as well. It was unreal but right.” Scotty nods at Jason’s words.

Kevin comes back in.
“Nothing left behind.” He replies.
“Oh. That’s right. You asked me for some pictures of Kevin and me. I found some. I will put them in an envelope. I’ll be right back....” Scotty leaves Kevin and Jason alone.

Quickly Kevin turns to Jason.
“Jason, last night was nice, but ....” he starts quickly and nervously.
“I know. No re-runs.” Jason laughs, holding up his hands. “I already heard the speech from Scotty. He made it very clear that...” he stops.

He suddenly feels that “you belong to him” would make Scotty sound very possessive, which was not the way Scotty had sounded to him, nor had he acted like that last night. It had been more a statement that Scotty clearly had drawn the line, a line Jason had accepted.
“... I belong with Scotty. I love him.” Kevin states simply and Jason nods.

Scotty comes back into the living room with the pictures.
“They are from our marriage. I hope that is alright with you? I don’t mean to rub it in or something. It’s just.... there aren’t that many pictures made of us together, but there were on that day.”

“No, it’s fine with me.” Jason smiles, accepting the envelope. It’s time to say goodbye. They know. Jason has a plane to catch that night and Robert will take him to the airport. This will be the last time they will see each other in a long time. Jason hugs Kevin first, he’s the closest to him physically.

Their hug is warm and caring. Jason lets go of Kevin. Their eyes meet and Jason moves a little closer to Kevin to kiss his lips, just briefly. Scotty quickly looks away, for it is intimate, but even Scotty recognizes it’s just a bit of tenderness and it’s not meant to be erotic or even to dismiss him.

“Goodbye, Scotty.” Jason says now and Scotty looks up. Jason takes Scotty’s face between his hands and also gently kisses Scotty’s lips. “Thank you.. For everything.” His voice is soft and Scotty just nods, taken aback by the sweetness of the kiss. Jason turns around to open the door. Once he’s crosses the threshold last night will be only a sweet memory.

He takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulder. Kevin and Scotty both smile at him, Kevin’s arm is around Scotty’s waist and Scotty’s arm around Kevin’s shoulders and he returns the smile. And he leaves. The door falls close behind him. It is a definitive sound, but at the same time it just feels right.

“If God closes one door, he opens another.” Jason reminds himself and as if to prove that, the door of the elevator opens and Mrs Berriman steps out. She’s a bit surprised to see him and he greets her, quickly getting on the elevator. The last thing he sees, as the door closes, is her astounded face and as the elevator goes down, Jason starts to laugh out loud.


Jason has a smile on his face due to the memory... He fluffs his pillow. He sighs and covers himself with the sheet. It’s too hot for blankets. Then he turns off his light. The moon shines on the picture of Kevin and Scotty above his bed and with their faces on his mind, he finally finds his well-deserved sleep.

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