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Don't look away


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters
Summary: What happened after Scotty got yanked into Kevin’s loft in 1.05


“We’re doing that ‘not look away’-thing again, you like so much.” Kevin says.
Scotty gives him a shy smile. He now feels a bit stupid for having been so open. Obviously Kevin doesn’t feel the same way…
But Kevin, by now, knows what he wants, he moves forward and he gently kisses Scotty’s lips.

Scotty is shocked and thrilled. When the kiss gets broken, he hears Kevin say;
“Hi mrs Berryman…..” He waves at the neighbor and turns to Scotty and says: “Okay, thanks.” And slams the door in front of Scotty!

For a moment Scotty doesn’t know what to do. Should he knock again? Should he leave? What was ....? But the door swings open and he hears a teasing "Just kidding." as Kevin takes Scotty’s hand and pulls him into the loft.

Scotty has no idea what he expects the loft to look like. Alright, maybe some modern, office-like design, cold and impersonal, or maybe exactly the opposite. Lots of stuffy old books and lots of heavy wooden furniture…. He does not expected the comfortable couch, the vivid colors, the amount of knick-knacks in the room (Scotty figures Kevin must have a cleaner, no way he’s dusting off everything himself).

The books on the table seem to indicate, that either Kevin has a broad range of interests or buys every book in the top 10 list every month, just to look fashionable. There in the middle of the room, Scotty stands, looking expectantly at Kevin, but not daring to make the first move. Kevin smiles a bit sheepishly.

“Coffee?” he asks breathlessly. “I also have tea, beer, wine, brandy….”
“Coffee will do.” Scotty replies, still a bit confused. In his small kitchen, Kevin makes coffee with trembling fingers. He hasn’t had another man in his loft for quite a while and he’s terribly nervous about it.

He returns to his living-room to find Scotty looking at his books.
“I read a lot.” Kevin sounds almost apologetic, as if it is a crime to read. Scotty shrugs.
“I love reading too. Though I usually can’t afford to buy them and have to wait until I can read them from the library.”

“If you want to borrow some of my books…..?” Kevin says enthusiastically, but then his voice trails away and less happy he continues: “They may not be your taste.” Scotty frowns. Is Kevin implying he’s too stupid to understand the books about art, for instance?
“Why do you say that?” he asks, trying to keep his voice neutral.

“I usually don’t meet guys, who like the same things I do.” Kevin replies quietly. Scotty nods, feeling a little calmer. Then his eyes notice a cover.
“This is a book on the work of Esscher.” He says. “I love his work. It’s so weird, so simple, yet so complicated. Fascinating.”

Kevin smiles shyly and then nervously starts to blab:
“If you want you can read it. It’s a very comprehensible book, that doesn’t lose itself in too much explanation. I thinks art-books sometimes gets so long-winding that you forget to simply enjoy the art.” Scotty nods again, he knows the feeling. He wishes he could come up with some intelligent thing to say, but his brains seem frozen. God, he feels like such an idiot.

His silence makes Kevin even more insecure.
“I used to have a boy-friend who owned an art gallery, that sort of art that makes you wonder, what it is that you’re supposed to look at? Where someone has to explain the innermost pains of the painter, but in reality it just looks like the artist’s wife got mad at him and threw a bucket of paint at his head, but she missed him and hit the easel instead.” Kevin jokes.

And Scotty starts to laugh and his warm laughter goes straight to Kevin’s groin. Scotty is so handsome when he laughs and Kevin’s heart just misses a beat. Suddenly terrified that Scotty will notice his arousal and laugh at him, he stammers, pointing over his shoulder to the kitchen.
“C…Coffee, I think it’s ready.” And he flees Scotty’s company and back to safety of his kitchen.

There he gives himself a mental pep-talk. Stay calm. It will be alright. The two of you kissed and he didn’t run away screaming. It will be alright. Kevin Walker, stop acting like a virgin! He quickly puts the coffee-cups on the tray, along with spoons, milk, sugar, everything. He takes a deep breath and walks back into the living-room, where Scotty looks up.

He can see that Kevin is not comfortable and somehow that amuses him.
“Relax…” He teases. “I won’t bite,…. Not unless you insist on it anyway.” He jokes, but the smile he gets from Kevin is rather watery. Neither Kevin nor Scotty sit down, they just look at each other. Quietly.

Kevin opens his mouth to say something, but his throat is dry. He only wants one thing really and that is be close to Scotty again. Scotty however is  still in the middle of the room and not making any motion to sit down. He watches as Kevin fidgets with his hands. Kevin looks like someone about to make important speech and then discovers he brought his grocery list instead. Panic-stricken!

For a moment he wonders if he should suggest to Kevin that he should imagine Scotty naked and just do his speech, but then Scotty realizes that seeing Scotty naked might be more troublesome for Kevin than holding an impromptu speech. The thought of that makes him grin.
“Come here.” He invites softly, reaching out to Kevin.

Kevin crosses the room in two, three steps, but face-to-face with Scotty he no longer knows what to do. He hears Scotty hold his breath and he looks up to him. His lips parting he can see how Scotty closes his eyes. That boy has long eye-lashes Kevin notes mentally, moving closer to Scotty.

He carefully kisses Scotty on the lips, but then immediately moves his head back as if he fears that Scotty will not welcome the kiss. Scotty exhales, smiles and, cupping Kevin’s face, he kisses him in return. Kevin can feel Scotty’s lips slide over his. He dares to put his hands on Scotty’s shoulders again.

Hesitantly Kevin responds. God, it has been SO long ago that he has really been kissed by another man. Scotty deepens the kiss without hesitation and Kevin just follows the wordless request. There is no other touching except for their lips, Kevin’s hands on Scotty’s shoulders and Scotty’s fingertips on Kevin’s cheeks.

Someone is moaning, but Kevin doesn’t know who it is. His hands slide from Scotty’s shoulders to his chest, under Scotty’s arms to his back, pulling Scotty closer. Scotty replies by wrapping an arm around Kevin’s neck applying a little pressure, crushing Kevin’s lips in the neediness of their kiss.

That kiss seems to last eternally. Kevin knows he has to stop for lack of oxygen, but it’s too good to be in Scotty’s arms like this. Holding on to that strong, young body, pressed up against his own and feeling that hardness that proves to Kevin, that Scotty is not entirely unmoved either. By the time Scotty’s lips leave Kevin’s, Kevin is too lost in all the feelings, he thought long forgotten.

He blinks now the kiss had ended, looking at Scotty with big eyes, wanting so much more, not daring to suggest anything, unable to come up with any smart lines or teasing. But his hands seem to have a good idea, he watches them slowly slide open the zipper of Scotty’s vest. Kevin does it carefully. He expects at any moment that Scotty will tell him to stop, but he doesn’t.

The next hurdle is Scotty’s green t-shirt. Just to be sure Kevin looks up, seeking permission to go on. Scotty nods almost invisibly. The silence between is so tense that Scotty can barely breathe as he feels Kevin’s fingers snake under his shirt and slowly take it back up with his hands. Scotty lets Kevin take off his shirt. It falls to the ground.

With Scotty now half naked before him, Kevin feels obliged to do the same. He lifts up his shirt, wishing strongly that he had spent more time at the gym so that he looks better, but seeing Scotty’s appreciative look he smiles almost shyly. Scotty places his hand at the back of Kevin’s head and forces Kevin’s mouth closer to his.

He teases Kevin a bit by letting his lips caress Kevin’s then pulling back. But Kevin wants the kiss too badly to be teased for long. He wraps his arms around Scotty and kisses him passionately. It seems to take forever in Kevin’s mind before he feels Scotty’s hands on his back, pulling Kevin tighter into his embrace.

They just stand there, in the middle of the room, lips touching, tongues playing, running out of breath, unable to let go of each other. Long, deep kisses that leave Kevin begging for more. Scotty so wants to explore other parts of Kevin, but he’s afraid that if he stops kissing him, Kevin will tell him to stop and he doesn’t want that. So he just keeps kissing Kevin, until he can’t take it anymore.

“…bedroom…?” is all Kevin hears before he realizes what Scotty is asking.
“Is it not too much, too soon?” Kevin worries.
“Don’t you want me?” Scotty asks in return, letting his finger slide along the zipper of Kevin’s jeans. He can see Kevin shiver under the gentle touch.

“ It’s not that I don’t want you. I don’t want you think that….” Kevin tries, but Scotty kisses him again and Kevin’s resolve and concern fade away.
“Trust me. I am not thinking….” Scotty smiles mischievously. Kevin looks up at him, expectantly, biting his lip as he tries to reach a decision.

“The… ahm… the bedroom is over there, through those doors.” He finally points out and Scotty smiles. “Are… are you really sure about this? I mean, we don’t have to….. I don’t want to pressure you….” Scotty silences Kevin with another kiss and he slowly pushes him backwards towards the bedroom.

Neither Kevin nor Scotty will ever be able to tell how exactly they managed to get into the bedroom and find the bed, but the fact remains that they did. Kevin is the first to be aware of the bed behind him and he sits down, letting his hands slide along Scotty’s body and letting them rest on Scotty’s belt, before he unbuttons the jeans.

Scotty looks down and sees Kevin kiss his stomach as the buttons come undone. Kevin’s hands pull the jeans down and a little later Scotty stands before him, naked. For one moment Scotty can still fill Kevin’s lips on his skin, but then, without hesitation he feels them around his cock and any doubt he may have had about Kevin’s experience is gone.

Scotty closes his eyes and moans with pleasure as Kevin’s mouth, his tongue, do their work, his fingers running through Kevin’s hair, encouraging him to go on. For one moment he dares to look again, but seeing Kevin’s lips on him is almost too much, too hot to handle.
“Kevin.” he sighs loudly, withdrawing with regret, but he’s not ready just yet.

When Kevin looks up at him, he expects Kevin to show the same shyness as before, but instead his look is provocative.
“Too good?” he asks with a devious little smile and Scotty nods in agreement. He doesn’t mind admitting that Kevin’s mouth on him was very hot.

“I want more.” Scotty utters, as if he’s out of breath, wishing he didn’t sound so eager, but he cannot help it, he wants Kevin. Right here and now! Kevin nods and lets himself fall backwards on the bed, he shifts a bit to be in a good position and then Scotty comes on the bed, crawling closer on hands and knees.

Kevin’s own jeans and underwear join Scotty’s on the floor. For a few seconds Kevin is self-conscious, aware he’s older than Scotty, not as well-trained… and very naked… But seeing the unwavering desire on Scotty’s face, Kevin forgets everything and spreads his legs a bit. He cannot wait, he wants Scotty so badly.

Hovering over Kevin’s body, supporting himself on hands and knees, Scotty doesn’t get on top of Kevin immediately. Holding Kevin’s head steady between his hands, he kisses Kevin’s lips first. As the kiss deepens, Kevin arches up to him, wanting more of Scotty on him, but it is not until he feels Kevin’s hands on his back, gently forcing him down, that Scotty gives in.

And then Kevin is underneath Scotty. And it is for the first time in a long time that Kevin can feel the weight of a man on top of him, crushing him a bit, taking away his breath in a most pleasant way. Scotty intensifies the movement of his body, now that he is completely covering Kevin. Kevin enjoys the hard pressure against his cock.

His breathing becomes louder as he pushes back up against Scotty, to show how much he appreciates Scotty’s actions. Kevin’s careful reply sizzles through Scotty. He leaves Kevin’s lips to kiss his throat, his shoulders and Kevin squirms underneath him. He moves more frantically.

Now, no longer afraid to touch Scotty, his hands start to explore Scotty’s body, especially the strong back he likes to caress. He can hear Scotty sigh under the touches. Scotty moves back to Kevin’s mouth, letting his lips move over Kevin’s, not fully completing the kiss. Kevin’s soft “Oh.” as he quietly begs for a deeper kiss turns Scotty on like nothing else can.

The question is inevitable, but still Scotty hesitates to ask it.
“Kevin, do you have some protection?”
“What?” Kevin tries to come down from cloud 9, but it’s not easy with Scotty’s mouth against his.
“Protection?” Scotty repeats and it slowly reaches Kevin’s brains.

“You want us to….?” His eyes are big as he dare not finish the question. “I… I don’t know…. I haven’t had use for that in a while.”
Frantically he tries to remember where he kept it and if he still had something. Scotty, however, smiles.
“Never mind, there are other ways.” And he leaves Kevin’s lips to concentrate on Kevin’s nipples.

Surprised by the sudden change of action Kevin jerks underneath Scotty, uttering a noise that sounds something like “Njjjjgk”, that makes Scotty laugh against the skin of his belly and now Kevin grins too as Scotty looks up at him.
Lots of other ways.” His hands slide firmly around Kevin’s cock, touching the soft velvet-like skin.

Kevin pushes his head back against the pillow and Scotty could swear that he hears Kevin mutter “Oh, boy.” And amused Scotty lets his hand start to move, squeezing gently, trying not to make Kevin come. He kisses Kevin’s belly and the sighs coming from Kevin make him understand that it’s a very welcome action.

"Scotty, please." Kevin begs and Scotty knows what Kevin wants. He lowers his head and is about to take Kevin in his mouth, when Kevin suddenly says loudly: “Stop! Wait!”
Stunned Scotty releases Kevin immediately, thinking he did something wrong or that maybe Kevin doesn’t want to do this after all.

“I know! I remember!” Kevin says with a grin of victory on his face. He rolls to his stomach and leans over the bed to get something from the lowest drawer of his nightstand, unaware that he’s giving Scotty a very good look on his naked back, although Scotty’s attention slowly moves further down, making him bite his lip, with an appreciative grin, because Kevin certainly looks good.

When Kevin comes back up, he shows the lube and the package of condoms, only then does he realize that maybe Scotty doesn’t really want it and is happy with how they are making out now..
“… unless you changed your mind?” Kevin asks giving Scotty an option out..
“No, I haven’t. I still want to be with you.”

Scotty lets his fingers slide along Kevin’s spine. Kevin, still half on his stomach, gets on his knees and Scotty takes the tube and the condoms. He swallows, because it suddenly feels unreal. He can’t help it, that his breathing becomes more shallow. He’s preparing Kevin and he knows what to do and how to do it.

At the same time it feels like it is the first time. Scotty is still intimidated by Kevin and to have Kevin like this before him messes with all the images he has of Kevin. But when he feels how Kevin starts to respond to his fingers, Scotty knows that he needs Kevin. He needs to be inside Kevin. He doesn't want to wait. Grabbing Kevin’s shoulders, he pulls Kevin up, so that Kevin’s back is against his chest.

“I want you so badly.” He moans, nibbling at Kevin’s ear, Kevin lifts his arm to behind his head to force Scotty to kiss his lips.
“Take me.” Kevin whispers, getting back on his hands and knees, lowering his head and trying to relax for what is to come.

Slowly, carefully, Scotty pushes inside. Kevin’s breath hitches, there’s a shocked little moan and Scotty is not sure if it’s from pain or pleasure or both, but he really cannot care about it. Kevin feels hot and tight around him and he knows he’s not far from losing himself. He starts to move and feels the immediate reaction from Kevin.

Scotty is trying his best to not come too quickly. Kevin’s moans come in a known rhythm and Scotty can see him grip his pillow tightly. Kevin is ready and surrendering, bracing himself against the thrusts and Kevin’s eyes are closed, a look of delight on his face. Scotty knows he can’t keep going on much longer.

His hand slides underneath Kevin, between Kevin’s legs and the sudden touch on his cock proves to be too much for Kevin. Scotty can see him throw his head back. There’s just a loud moan and then Kevin goes over the edge. The last thing Scotty is aware of is the shock that runs through Kevin, because that sets off Scotty as well..


Kevin looks up when Scotty comes out of the bathroom, looking a bit embarrassed. And Kevin fears that, with the most immediate wave of passion gone, Scotty feels that he made a mistake. He curses himself for being so needy in this. He should have waited, given Scotty more time, but he wanted Scotty so badly.

Scotty sits down on the bed, suddenly not knowing what to do. Should he get back in bed or should he pick up his clothes and leave? At the same time Kevin looks up at him, not sure what he is allowed to ask for. He really would like it if Scotty would come back and hold him, but what if Scotty doesn’t really like to cuddle?

They both laugh nervously at the strange situation they’re suddenly in.
“Ahm, if you want, you could come back in bed?” Kevin suggests.
“Do you want me to?” Scotty asks.
“Only if you want it too.” Kevin replies hopeful and Scotty slips under the blanket… on the other side of the bed…. Miles away from Kevin.

“You… Do you like to cuddle a bit afterwards?” Scotty now ventures carefully, not sure if he understood Kevin correctly.
“Yes… But if you don’t like it, it’s okay too…I don’t want you to feel like I’m pushing it….” Kevin rattles on, worried that he’s assuming too much too fast.

But Scotty shakes his head. Looking at each other they both start to giggle.
“Well, we have THAT well talked through, haven't we?” Scotty jokes and he moves closer to Kevin and wraps an arm around him. He can feel Kevin move into his arms . Their lips meet and their kisses are long, languid and tender.

“Scotty?.... Are you now exclusive to me?” Kevin has to ask that question and Scotty smiles.
“Yes, Kevin, if you want me to, I’ll be exclusively yours.” Kevin lets his head rest on Scotty’s chest. And he smiles as he caresses the smooth skin under his fingertips. He, Kevin Walker, has a boyfriend ….

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