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random word generator: whim

the random word generator: whim

By Marea67
About: Saul/Henry
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


When Saul came back from the restaurant, still sulking, he sees Henry waiting for him. Saul just melts. Henry is so attentive to him. And he loves every moment he can spend with him.
“What’s wrong, Sauli? You look angry.” Henry asks innocently and 5 minutes later he wishes he had not asked the question...

Saul unleashes his annoyance with regard to the e-vite and Kevin’s reaction. Henry listens patiently. He has never seen Saul like this before. He always seems so composed and now his voice is raised and there’s a fire burning in his eyes. It is fascinating to watch. Henry cannot help but wonder what kind of family it is, that can have such an effect on Saul...

Oh, he heard a lot about them. Saul’s sister, Nora, is very important to Saul. As is his gay nephew, Kevin. Not that Saul has a favourite niece or nephew, he just mentions Kevin, and Scotty, more often than the others. And after weeks of hearing Saul’s stories, Henry has to admit that he is very curious about Kitty, Robert, Sarah, Tommy, Julia and Justin to name but a few of the names he frequently hears.

“So? If we’re invited, why don’t we just go?” he asks Saul and Saul falls silent.
“What?...” Saul seems shocked. “You mean to tell me that you actually would like to go to my niece’s baby-shower?”
“Sure. Why not? I mean, Kevin and Scotty will go as well. We’ll suffer together.”

Saul sees the laughter in Henry’s eyes, as he takes Saul’s hand and presses a kiss to it.
“What’s the point of coming out and not enjoy it?” Henry asks mischievously.
“And you’ll come with me?” Saul can still not believe it.
“If you like, it will give me a chance to meet some of your family members....”

And so Saul acts on a whim, which is so unlike him, but somehow Henry brings it out in him. He reconsiders his decision several times but eventually gets the gift he bought for Kitty. At the door of Nora’s kitchen he turns around to Henry and asks nervously:
“Are you absolutely sure?” Henry only smiles and nods. They hear the chatter in the living room.

“Hi, sorry, I’m late...” Saul tries, but he gets shushed until Kevin sees Henry and gets what is going on. He stops whatever they’re watching and shyly Saul introduces:
“Everybody, this is Henry. Henry, this is everybody.” And as everybody greet Henry with warm smiles and welcome words, Kevin catches the huge grin on Saul’s face. His uncle looks so happy.

Tags: character - saul, series - random word generator

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