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random word generator: Silence

Random word generator: Silence

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.
Summary: Takes place at the hospital during 3.10

All he can do is hold Scotty close in his arms. In this hospital bed, where there’s just Scotty and him. He understands that Scotty is scared, that Scotty doesn’t want to hear about law and documents, but to Kevin it feels like he’s taking care of Scotty. He must do this, because if anything happens to him, he wants Scotty safe and secure. It makes him more calm.

And when he leaves this room tomorrow he needs to know that he has done everything in his power to provide for Scotty. To Kevin, all that matters is to know that Scotty will be alright. He already talked to Justin, Sarah, Kitty and Nora when he found the opportunity.

They all immediately emphasized that nothing would happen to him, and he was grateful for their trust, but he needed their promise, that IF something bad would happen to him, that they would be there for Scotty, support him and be the family he doesn’t have.

Justin had been the first to immediately agree to be there for Scotty, Sarah had scolded Kevin for even asking it, of course, Scotty would get all the support he needs, even when he doesn’t want it. Didn’t Kevin know ‘us Walkers’ by now?

Kitty had looked at him as if he had suddenly grown two heads. She had heard a lot of stupid questions before, but this one took the cake. Scotty would not be able to get rid of Robert and her that easily.

He didn’t dare to ask Tommy, Tommy had enough on his own mind with Lizzie. But Nora said she was sure that Tommy and certainly Julia would be there for Scotty, no worries. Julia is such a sweetheart. He can hear Scotty sigh, signalling that Scotty is still awake. And again Kevin feels guilty for worrying Scotty like this.

In the silence Scotty can hear Kevin breathe. He can also feel it against his back. He feels Kevin’s arms around him. Strong arms. His safe place. The place where everything is always right somehow. Tears sting behind his eyes. He wants to cry, but has to be strong for Kevin, he doesn’t want Kevin to know how scared he really is.

Scared to lose the man he loves more than he thought possible. The Walkers, and Nora in particular, are there for him, he knows, but they are not Kevin. It is Kevin's arms he wishes to be in. It’s Kevin’s voice he wants to hear. Kevin’s smile he wants to see. He sighs in the dark. He can feel Kevin’s grip tighten around him as if hold him even closer.

“Get some sleep, love.” He hears Kevin say.
“You should talk.” Scotty replies to him softly.
“I’ll be doing a lot sleeping tomorrow...” Kevin jokes. “I’m worried about you. Go to sleep and stop worrying me.” He orders.
“Yes, boss.” Scotty says with a smile and he can hear Kevin chuckle behind him.

When 10 minutes later the nurse on duty comes to check in on Kevin, she finds both men sound asleep in each other’s arms. She shakes her head. It’s actually against the rules... But they are both so peaceful in their sleep. She checks her watch. She’ll have to wake them up in two hours anyway... and she decides to leave them alone and together in bed. They both need their rest.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - random word generator

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