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random word generator: odds

the random word generator: odds

By Marea67

About: Scotty/Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in. Follow up to random word generator: inevitable, questioning and essence


What were the odds on that? Kevin is really curious to know. He came back home late that Friday night, only to walk in on a peculiar scene. Scotty is on the couch. In itself not a strange thing. Scotty sits there more often. It is the sight of Jason on the chair that is looks unreal. Kevin sees the glasses on the table. Jason’s is almost empty.

“Jason.” He acknowledges, putting his briefcase on his desk.
“Kevin.” Jason is equally polite. Kevin gives Scotty a quick kiss, feeling a bit embarrassed by Jason’s sudden presence. The question is in his eyes as he looks at Scotty and Scotty smiles apologetic.

“I asked Jason out, when you and Robert didn’t show up. I mean, why would we have that ruin our evenings off. So I went to dinner with Jason and then we saw the musical you insisted I buy tickets for...” Scotty explains casually. Kevin frowns, not sure he likes his husband’s answer.
“The two of you went out?” he recaptures. Scotty nods. Kevin turns to Jason, who nods as well.

“Wow.” Kevin says, not really impressed. Well, he IS actually impressed by what Scotty and Jason just did, but he’ll be damned if he shows it. He has to remain casual. Jason however notices the drop of temperature in the room and after a quick look at Scotty he gets up.

“I have to leave.”
“Oh, don’t leave on my account. You and Scotty are having such a great time.” Kevin immediately curses himself, because he hears how annoyed he sounds. Again there’s a look passing between Jason and Scotty, something that bothers Kevin more than he can say. Since when are those two suddenly so close?

“No, seriously, I have to leave.... It was nice seeing you again, Kevin.” Jason nods at Kevin as he moves towards the door. Scotty is behind him in two steps and Jason says to him: “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I learned some things I didn’t know before and I am grateful for you honesty.”
“You’re welcome.” Scotty nods.

The door closes behind Jason and Scotty leans against it, keeping an eye on Kevin who just returns from the kitchen.
“Is he gone?”
“Yes, he is.... There was no reason to be rude to him like that, you know.”

“Whatever happened to the ‘I don’t want you to see him anymore’. Does this only apply to me, but not to you? Is this how it will be from now on? You can talk to him whenever you want, but if I would run into him, it will of course be a reason for a jealous tantrum?” Scotty is taken aback by Kevin’s anger, not understanding where it’s coming from.

“No.” He answers calmly. “I’m not going to throw a tantrum over Jason anymore. I trust you, I trust him and I trust my own judgment. I can because I now have faith in you... In me... In us.” His entire being radiates confidence and Kevin feels his anger fade.

“Now you’re even channelling, Jason, with your ‘faith’.” He mumbles, not completely ready to give up. Scotty frowns, slightly irritated.
“I’m sorry we didn’t solve issues with a shouting match or a food fight like the Walkers are accustomed to.....”

“Oh, the cold-shoulder-let’s-not-talk-about-it-Wandell-way was the solution?” Kevin immediately returns, remembering the chill he got from Wally and Bertha.
“No, Jason and I tried a more civilized approach...”
“Duel at sunset?”

“That would involve guns, too Republican... No, we talked to each other and we listened.” Scotty sighs. “Kevin, I love you. I don’t want to fight. I just wanted to make it easier for all of us... You know, if no one crosses the aisle, nothing gets done?” Scotty tries with a little smile. “I’ve done my part and Jason did his.... And now I’m off to bed. I’m tired....” Putting action to his words, he turns around and goes straight to the bedroom.

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