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random word generator: reader

the random word generator: reader

By Marea67
About: Kevin
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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

Kevin never had a boyfriend before who was such an avid reader as Scotty Wandell. And Kevin doesn’t really mind. There are enough books in his loft who need to be read and Scotty is giving them the honour and attention they desperately need. And much to his own surprise he finds himself reading more often too.

Kevin has learned to enjoy the few quiet evenings they have together at the loft, when they are on the couch and there is music, wine, cheese and a good book. Kevin has always liked books, in the first place because William had not liked them. It was a perfect way to make his father angry. Reading a book was a waste of precious time, that could be spent earning money.

But also because books had been a gateway out of the house he was living in. Books brought him strong handsome heroes on long quests, white knights on fiery horses. Space-warriors battling with weird aliens got replaced by average Joes who suddenly turned out to have special strengths and fought with demons, witches, vampires, monsters, evil kings and dragons.

They brought him poetry and passion, sorrow and grief, laughter and tears. They gave him an insight on painters and sculptors and eventually they taught him the laws he needed to know to do his job... And then he had stopped reading. Just like that. Until a few months ago, he picked up the book Scotty was reading before going to his work.

He had found himself reading a biography on Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas and for some reason he couldn’t put it down. He finished the book faster than Scotty, due to Scotty’s heavier work-schedule and then he had taken up another book. And before he knew it he too was reading before going to sleep, just to clear his head of all other things.

He looks at Scotty sitting beside him in bed. Scotty has a hard time staying awake, but he wants to finish his book. Kevin knows. He smiles.
“Why don’t you finish it tomorrow? You’re exhausted and you can hardly keep your eyes open.”
Scotty seems to like Kevin’s suggestion, but he looks hesitantly at his book. He’s almost done.

“Shall I read to you?” Kevin then asks, knowing Scotty likes the sound of his voice.
“That is a good idea.” Scotty mumbles tired, giving Kevin the book and slipping under the covers and snuggling up close to Kevin. With Scotty’s book in his lap and one hand softly caressing Scotty’s hair he starts to read out loud.

He stops halfway the page and looks down on his sleeping husband. To Kevin he becomes more and more handsome every day as his love for Scotty still grows a bit every day. He tries not to wake Scotty as he lies down as well. He puts his book and Scotty’s away, he is done reading for today. He reaches out and turns off the lights.

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