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Because it's freezing cold in Holland and I needed something to warm my ... hands....


By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty

Rate: NC-17

Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.

Summary: It’s hot outside… and inside too.


The bathrobe is still glued to his wet body as he enters the bedroom, he had planned to get dressed in at least some shorts or something and watch some tv, but seeing his husband lie on the bed, on his belly, naked, reading a book, Kevin changed his mind instantly. It’s very hot outside and both of them are glad they don’t have to work today.

Scotty opened all the windows of the loft and kept the curtains closed, but it was just no use. The heat is oppressive and making the clothes stick to your body with every move you make. But the warmth seems to have a very interesting effect on Scotty's sex-drive. He just loves to make love to Kevin when it is this hot and Kevin is not complaining. Well, not really.

“Scotty, I just took a shower.” He whines. Scotty looks up from his book.

“I heard that. And that was not a shower, that was a steam-bath.” Scotty corrects Kevin.

“Yes, and I’m all clean and then I walk in here to find you like this. What am I supposed to think?” At Kevin’s question, Scotty’s gaze moves from Kevin’s eyes further down.

“I can see what you’re thinking.” Scotty replies with a grin. He calmly pushes himself up on hands and knees and crawls over to Kevin’s side of the bed, where Kevin is standing. His movements purposely slow, because he knows Kevin is watching him. He looks up at Kevin, who’s really towering over him now and grins as he carefully presses his lips to the skin of Kevin’s belly.

Kevin doesn’t know what has a bigger impact on him. The lips on his skin or the hand that curls around his cock about a second later. He holds his breath with audible sound and he only remembers to exhale when his hand is in Scotty’s hair. Scotty’s many kisses make these popping noises in the silence of the room.

Kevin bites his lip, pushing Scotty’s head further down, until he feels Scotty's breath on him. He expects Scotty to make a move, but instead Scotty merely teases him with a few well put small kisses, before pulling back, tugging at the bath-robe and watching it slide off Kevin’s shoulders and drop to the floor.

He moves a bit backwards and motions Kevin with his finger to join him. He watches as Kevin gets on the bed, then he takes place between Kevin’s legs. He can see the anticipation on Kevin’s face. He gives Scotty an uncertain smile. Scotty melts when he sees that smile, amazed that Kevin still doesn’t get how hot he is, lying there on his back before Scotty.

“Close your eyes.” Scotty’s voice is low and sensual. Kevin doesn’t think twice. He expects Scotty to seduce him, tease him, kiss him… But Scotty doesn’t waste time, making Kevin arch off the bed when he feels Scotty’s warm mouth on his waiting cock. He’s a bit surprised by Scotty’s change of strategy, but doesn’t really mind when he feels Scotty’s hand move between his legs.

Scotty is preparing him and, in all, he moves faster than Kevin is accustomed to. But Kevin is not complaining. Due to Scotty’s delicious mouth and experienced fingers he is not capable to form any articulate words. or thoughts. But the noises he makes are all the encouragement Scotty needs, until he suddenly decides that Kevin is ready.

Kevin’s disappointed “No” makes him smile. Then Kevin can feel Scotty carefully come inside of him. Scotty notices how Kevin relaxes after the first discomfort. He tells himself to take it slow, to make Kevin wait, but the heat makes him more eager for sex and it feels too good and all he really wants is to just fuck Kevin straight through that bed, if necessary….

He tries to control himself but he speeds up quicker than he planned, thrusting into Kevin, vaguely aware of Kevin moaning and begging for more. He peeks at Kevin’s face. His eyes are closed, his lips parted, the little noises falling into rhythm with Scotty’s movements. Kevin is completely lost in his desire and Scotty just loves to see him like that.

Turned on even more by the sight of Kevin deeply enjoying their love-making Scotty pushes even harder. Kevin follows him straight away, wanting to be even closer to Scotty, wanting to feel Scotty even deeper inside him although that is physically just not possible. Scotty’s mind registers how Kevin’s hand moves down his body and Scotty knows what is coming.

For suddenly there’s a shocked noise from Kevin, followed by a shudder running through him as he holds his breath and tightens around Scotty. There’s a disappointed moan from Scotty because Kevin’s reaction takes Scotty over the edge as well. He keeps thrusting as shivers run down his back, when Kevin’s fingers softly caress his sensitive skin.

Scotty falls back on the sheets, completely satisfied and unable to make another single movement. It takes a while to recapture his breath, but then he looks at Kevin, who’s grinning at him.

“Wow.” Scotty says with admiration and Kevin starts to laugh.

“Now I need to take another shower, because I’m sweaty and sticky... again.”

“Why bother? I’ll only get you dirty... again.” Scotty shrugs.

“You will?.. When?” Kevin teases.

“Don’t worry, if you keep looking at me like that, it will be sooner then you want. You’re so hot.”

Kevin slowly turns on his side to kiss Scotty’s shoulder.

“No. I’m just grateful, that you want me.” He corrects Scotty. Scotty tenderly kisses Kevin’s lips. They stay quietly in each other’s arms on the bed, naked. That is best place to be on such hot day anyway.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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