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random work generator: lectured

the random word generator: lectured


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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.





Alright!! Alright!!! He considers himself lectured!! Once again! Kevin fumes at the thought. Angrily shifting gear he drives away, too fast, his mind still on this afternoon’s conversation. Conversation? No, it was not a conversation, it was a lecture from the almighty Robert McCallister and as Kevin watched Robert tearing into him, he was reminded of Jason.


Jason had had the same knack to get Kevin to react to something and then give an entire tutorial on  why Kevin was wrong and every time Kevin start to argue back, he would either leave the room like a drama-queen or kiss Kevin, terminating all further discussion. Kevin had always preferred option number two, because that would mean having sex and option one would only be a cold night alone in his bed.


And this afternoon Robert had left the room, slamming the door and Kevin figures he should only be grateful that Robert did not go for option two on the list of “Shut a Walker up the McCallister-way”. Kevin prefers Robert giving him the cold shoulder. Snuggling up to Scotty is about all the hotness he needs in his bed right now.


For a moment, the thought of Scotty puts a smile on his face, but it disappears fast. He wonders once again why Robert bothered to hire him. Robert told him he wanted someone to argue with him, but there is no argument when one party walks out of the room after having said his piece, giving the other no chance to come with some countering.


He should just quit. It’s not like he needs this job with Robert. He really hoped that he could accomplish something, but lately he feels even more frustrated then when he worked as a lawyer. There he could understand the practical side of the law not always matching with the emotional side he was dealing with, but  working for Robert makes less and less sense.


His phone rings and he sees it’s Robert. He lets it ring, until he hears Robert leave a message:

“I’m sorry you left early. We need to talk some more about this tomorrow….” Kevin switches off the sound, not willing to listen to Robert any longer. He’s had his share for today. The phone rings again and this time he picks up straight away.


“Hi, sweetie, please tell me you are home. I need  you.” He begs. He hears his husband gentle laughter on the other side, promising him he’ll be there when Kevin gets home and he urges Kevin to hurry up, dinner is almost ready. He hears Scotty’s “I love you” and he smiles as he switches off his phone. Maybe he should reconsider Vicky’s idea about the bonbons after all.


The End

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