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random word generator: door

the random word generator: door


By Marea67    

About: Scotty

Rate: R.

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.





He puts the canvas bag with groceries on the floor and is about to put the key into the keyhole, when he stops. Scotty looks at the front-door of their loft... Yes, theirs. Kevin’s and his. He has stood in front of this door so many times before and now... It’s weird how sometimes the most normal things can suddenly seem so.... different.


He remembers the first time he looked for this door, the nods in stomach as he looked at the numbers, knowing that he came here to say sorry for being rude and not sure if Kevin would accept his words of apology. He remembers the surprise on Kevin’s face, the softening of the lines as he said his well-rehearsed words. And Kevin smiled.


“We’re doing that not look away thing you like so much.” Kevin’s words went straight to Scotty’s heart as Kevin came closer and kissed him oh, so softly on the lips. And by the time Kevin broke their kiss, he owned Scotty’s heart.


Scotty smiles and shakes his head. Where is he with his thoughts? He quickly enters the loft to put the groceries away, but as he returns to the living room, he cannot help but glance at the door. And he can feel his cheeks burn as he remembers being crushed against it. His mouth eagerly searching for Kevin’s as Kevin moves against him.


He knows where this is going, but it all feels so good. And he cannot believe that, for once, he’ll actually get lucky on Valentine’s day. And with the man he loves more than any other. He offers himself freely, he begs for more and, from here, it is but a few steps to the bedroom, where he holds on to Kevin’s pillow as Kevin’s mouth leave a trail of kisses on his back, while his able fingers prepare Scotty for what is to come.....


Scotty turns his look away from the door. He shouldn’t think about that Valentine’s Day anymore. He searches his pockets for his keys, but when he puts the keys in their right place, he stares at the key that he found under the mat, so many months ago. Just when Scotty realized his life had reached its lowest point, Kevin came to the rescue and gave him the key to the door of his loft.


He found the key under the mat, as Kevin promised, but once inside, Kevin was not asleep yet. They had laughed and looked at each other nervously. They knew each other so well, and at the same time they acted like complete strangers. But the airbed was good, the blankets were warm, the sheets were clean. And Scotty remembers how grateful he was for Kevin’s friendship.


A friendship that blossomed into a marriage. A wedding-day that prompted Scotty to carry Kevin across the threshold of that very same door. And almost on cue he can hear the key in the door and it opens and his husband comes in. A loving smile appears on Kevin's face as he sees Scotty standing near the desk. Scotty smiles back at him, knowing any moment Kevin will kiss him.

“Is everything alright? You seem so distracted.” Kevin asks before kissing Scotty.


“I’m fine, it’s just that I suddenly realised how much I love our door.” Scotty says with a grin.

“Our... Door?” Kevin repeats slowly, not entirely sure what to think of Scotty’s words... “Good. You just gave me an idea of what to give you for your next birthday...” He mumbles raising an eyebrow and Scotty start to laugh.


“Aww, Kev, it’s not nice to spoil the surprise, now I already know you’ll buy me a door of my own....” he pouts, his eyes alight with fun.

“Ha! That’s what you think! I actually know a place where they have a cute, matching windows....” Kevin replies, almost, but not entirely succeeding in sounding serious.


“I know a better gift.” Scotty replies, pushing Kevin back until he’s against the door.

“Really?” Kevin manages to tease between kisses and softly starting to move closer up to Scotty, letting his fingers caress Scotty’s back.

“This...” Scotty replies, his own slipping between Kevin’s legs as he whispers: “Gift-wrapped!”


The End.

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