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random word generator: position

the random word generator: position


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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.




They are both on their bellies, lying in the grass. They put their snails they found in the right position. The race is about to start. The sun is hot, but cold lemonade is close-by in long glasses. There is a smell of freshly mown grass in the air, but it is not in their little corner of the garden, but with the next door neighbours.


They made a little course for their snails and positioned side by side, the snails start to slowly move once the sticky fingers of two eager children let go of them.

“Mine is going to win.” The boys says.

“Never!” The girl replies with certainty.


They poke the snails with straws and try to manoeuvre them in the right direction. They are both laughing at each other. With these wonderful sunny summer holidays it’s nice to just be together, while mom is in living room and daddy is working. Their eyes follow the snails.

“See, mine will be first.” And the boy watches his sister enjoying herself at his expense.


He pokes his own snail again and finally it seems to understand where it must go...

“You haven’t won yet...” He now grins victoriously.

“Go on, Speedy.” She encourages. “I’m going to call him Speedy.”

“That is silly, calling a snail Speedy.”


“Well, it sure makes him run faster.”
“Maybe it’s a she...”
“Then I will call HER Speedy.” His sister replies without missing a beat. He laughs and notices too late that he got distracted and her snail goes first over the make-shift ‘finish’.  


“You did that on purpose.” He smiles. She nods with a huge grin and he shakes his head. But fair is fair. She and her snail won the race. So he congratulates her and suggests another race. She needs to think it over, worrying her snail may be tired. He laughs at her. She’s such a girl sometimes. Annoyed she looks at him, never wanting to hurt any animal. But they never come to a decision about a fourth race.


Because all good things come to an end and their ending comes when the kitchen door opens and Ida walks into the garden, yelling at them:

“Saul! Nora! Get inside right away and wash your hands. How many times have I not told you not play with these dirty animals! Wait until I tell your dad!” She crushes the snails under her shoes and rubs her shoes on the lawn and follows her children inside.


The END.

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