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random word generator: again + united

the random word generator: again + united

By Marea67    

About: Kevin/Scotty, from Scotty’s pov

Rate: G

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.




Again Scotty made the mistake of falling in love with wrong one. He should have known. A cater-waiter like him and a lawyer like Kevin. What had he been thinking? It wouldn’t have worked. All he could do now is nurse his broken heart and listen for the umpteenth time at the message that Kevin left for him. His least favourite Martian. Kevin might as well have been one, for Scotty and Kevin come from different worlds, that cannot be united.


Again they meet. Not really by chance, for how many Lawyer-Kevins can there be? But the sparks fly like the first time. They tease, they laugh, they drink, they smile some more. They both look at someone who won’t look away and the looks become touches and the touching leads to an offer, made by Kevin, that Scotty cannot refuse. And Scotty should have known, they come from different worlds, that cannot be united.


Again they were meant to meet each other. And again not really by chance, because this time Scotty deliberately seeks out Kevin. Not for love, not for a one-night thing, but for a judicial problem. And Scotty knows the moment that he sees Kevin, that he is lost. Still in love, but now Kevin is with someone else and their worlds spiral in each other’s vicinity, but they still cannot be united.


Again Scotty is in Kevin’s home. Not as a lover, but as a friend. And they talk, they get to know each other, they share ice-cream and stories, they laugh and start to understand each other. And Scotty knows Kevin is supposed to be in love with Jason, but these last few days that feeling seems to have left, but Scotty won’t fall for that trap. He’s smarter now. Their worlds are close, live side by side, but will never be united.


Again Scotty feels like his body has betrayed him. He is supposed to a friend, not a lover, that is supposed to be Jason's job, with Kevin. And he knows he has to leave, but then Kevin tells him about the break up with Jason and how he wants Scotty to stay. Not as a friend, but as a lover. And Scotty is confused. For he is supposed to know better, right? Their worlds, surely they cannot be united?


Again Scotty is Kevin’s house, now also his. As a lover, as a boyfriend and it feels like he belongs there. He knows that it is wrong because there is so much, that could tear them apart and yet there is so much, that they have in common. After months of worrying about Jason, Kevin made his choice very clear. But Scotty is still worried. Yes, their worlds have found each other, but can they stay united?

Again Kevin is late, and once again he laments about his family and their issues and Scotty listens. Like a friend, like a lover. And then Kevin stops mid-sentence. Never again will Scotty forgets the words that followed, the words of love he longed to hear for so long. And his answer his yes, with all his heart, although he cannot fully believe what he heard. Did Kevin really asked him to see their worlds united?
Again Nora’s house is the centre of festivities. Not an engagement, but a marriage. And they stand together. Not only friends, not only boyfriends, not only lovers, but husbands. They speak of love, affection and devotion. They look at each other and don’t look away. And that night, when Scotty wakes up in Kevin’s arms he knows that his world and Kevin’s have finally been united.


United in their love, may nothing come between them again.




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