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fanfic: Honeymoon roadtrip part 2/7: Saturday morning

HONEYMOON ROAD-TRIP Part 2/7: Saturday morning
By Marea67
Pairing: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
They should be so grateful for that, because i
f they were, I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be watching
Summary: the title says it all.
Spoilers: Set after 2.16 – Prior commitments
Sometimes Kevin wishes that the telephone had never been invented. He gets his first call at 8, Sarah, about how Tommy is deliberately making her life difficult. Isn’t there a clause or something that…blah blah…. Kevin tries to explain that he is barely awake and hasn’t had coffee yet, but Sarah is on her soapbox and talks and talks. He tries to keep his voice down, so he won’t wake Scotty any further.
“Why are your whispering?” Sarah asks annoyed.
“Because Scotty is still asleep.”
“At this hour?”
“Sarah, is not even 8.30. It’s Saturday morning. We don’t have kids. Some people like a decent night sleep. Like Scotty… and me.”
“Well, then why are you on the phone with me? Go back to Scotty.” Sarah insists and before Kevin can point out that she called him, the line is dead.
He prepares the coffee. Now that he is awake, he probably won’t be able to fall asleep again, but at least he can snuggle up to Scotty and spend just a little longer in his arms…. He smiles as he looks down on the sleeping Scotty. He places his phone next to the bed, slides under the covers, moves over to Scotty and wraps himself around him. His leg finds a place between Scotty’s legs and in an almost automatic gesture, he puts his arm around Kevin. The long eye-lashes move and Scotty wakes up.
“Sorry, if I woke you up.” Kevin apologizes immediately.
“You didn’t.” Scotty mumbles: “… was that on the phone?”
“… did she want?” Scotty is still half asleep. Kevin sighs.
“To tell me that I should be in bed with you.”
“Yes, you should…. But she called you.”
“Go figure.”
“I’d rather not. I’ve given up on understanding Walkers.”
“I knew I married a smart man.”
“If I were smart, I wouldn’t have married into the Walker-family.”
“Ah, but you did. And why?”
“’Cause I’m a sucker for a beautiful handsome blue-eyed lawyer?”
“You’re… irresistible?” Scotty tries.
“Yes, that too… but how about: because you love me?”
“…. Oh…yeah…now that you mention it… that too….” Scotty replies vaguely, trying to hide his face under the sheets, but the sparkle in his blue eyes betrays his fun.
“Gee. I guess Tommy was right. Sex is becoming rare once you’re married.”
“We’re not having sex.” Scotty protests. Kevin gives him a dirty look and replies:
“At the way you’re going on, you’re not about to get any either.” Scotty laughs out loud now and says:
“Are you sure?” He gives Kevin his most seductive smile. The one that, he knows, will turn Kevin on. Kevin moves his head closer to Scotty’s. Closer and closer he gets to the mouth he desires to kiss… And the phone rings.
Annoyed Scotty rolls his eyes and moves away from Kevin, out of the bed and in the direction of the bathroom. With a glance over his shoulder he informs Kevin:
“You’re phone is ringing.”
If looks could kill, Kevin would be a murderer and slightly more aggressive then he planned:
“Kevin, Sarah has been raising hell since this morning. I can understand she is upset with the changes at Ojai, and she will probably call you later this morning, but…..” Kevin hears the noise in his ear, but he doesn’t register what is being said. He’s feeling a bit tired.
He wants to be in Scotty’s arms and not listen to any more family issues. He want his mouth covered by Scotty’s not by a phone with Tommy’s voice on it. He wants to stop thinking while Scotty’s hands move over his body, not start to think about standard sentences, that he has to utter to calm ruffled feathers. He switches on his computer and stares at the site he was looking at yesterday-evening.
“So, if Sarah calls you, will you tell her….”
“Why don’t you talk to her? She is your sister too, you know.” Kevin bites back.
“But you are the one who might be able to talk some sense into her. As a lawyer…”
“… I have to remind you that it is Saturday and that I will send you a bill for the extra hours I have to work, just ‘cause you guys want to behave like a bunch of children.”
“Did you have a fight with Scotty or something?”
“No. Not yet, but getting there.” Kevin answers irritated.
“If he has such a bad effect on you, maybe you ought to consider divorce. Because you sure have been grumpier since you got married. I told you, that as soon as the wedding was done, there would be no more sex.”
“Well, it’s not …”
“You know what you should do? Try to put some more romance in your life. You know flowers, chocolates,… or whatever you guys have as an equivalent. You know, why don’t you make him breakfast or something… Talk to you later.” Kevin stares at the phone for a couple of seconds. Since when is Tommy the expert on romance?  
In the kitchen breakfast is ready. Scotty made some sandwiches, the coffee is poured and Kevin appreciated the peeled orange next to his cup of coffee. Scotty wants him to eat more fruit and he makes sure Kevin gets it.
“You made breakfast…. I wanted to do that.” Kevin feels guilty, but Scotty shrugs. He is used to it by now, it takes 10 minutes of his time and he knows that Kevin likes it if breakfast is waiting for him. They will at least have that today. Breakfast.
Kevin is halfway his first sandwich, when the phone rings again.
“I’m NOT going to take that call.” He says, but Scotty picks up the small phone and watches the display....
“It’s Kitty.” He says, as he hands over the phone to Kevin.
As usual Kitty comes straight to the point. Mom organizing family dinner, … rather inconvenient, … Kitty has guest of her own at the house…. Jason…you remember?.... Kevin sighs… (Yes, he remembers,...) …. Would it be terrible if Jason were coming to the family dinner?...Kitty didn’t want to see Jason’s feelings hurt… (how nice, what about his feelings?) … Jason feared he would be unwelcome…(nah ‘course not, why would he be?)
“So, is it a problem to you?”
“What about Scotty?”
“Scotty?” Scotty looks up at the mention of his name. “Why would Scotty have an issue with Jason coming to the family dinner?” Scotty mouths the word ‘Jason?’ Kevin nods. “ Besides Scotty won’t be there, he has to work.”
“That won’t cause trouble between you and Scotty? That Jason is here?”
“No, why would it? Just because Scotty isn’t there, doesn’t mean I will jumping on Jason.” Kevin says, his face a display of how gross the idea is to him. Well, at least now anyway.
“You did it before.” Kitty says merciless.
“I am married to Scotty for a good reason. I love him …and I am definitely over Jason.”
“I just….”
“You know what, Kitty? Why don’t we split up the jobs? Let me worry about my husband and I will let you worry about my, long-time ex-boyfriend?”
“ You know, Kevin. I just wanted to make sure that no one’s feelings got hurt. No need to be rude. Whatever issues you and Scotty have, work them out.” And with that advice Kitty hangs up.
“So-o-o-o, Jason is back.” Scotty sounds very calm and Kevin gets nervous.
“Listen, if you have any issues….”
“No, I don’t.”
“I don’t want you think.. that I might… you know… cheat… or something.”
“I know you won’t.” Scotty says with confidence and Kevin studies Scotty’s face.
“You’re not … being sarcastic? Or something?” he asks hesitantly.
“No, we are married. I know it was a decision you didn’t take lightly and I have decided to have faith in you.”
“Yes. Go and have the family dinner with Jason… I won’t show up with crustaceans this time, I promise.” Scotty laughs. So does Kevin.
“Scotty, do you have any idea how much I lo….” The phone rings.
“I’ll hold that thought.” Scotty smiles and Kevin returns the smile as he picks up the phone.
“Mom! What a nice surprise.”
Nora immediately starts some incoherent story that goes over William’s files, branches out into something about Holly and Tommy, tries to find root in Ojai, but by now Kevin is lost in the forest of words, sentences, breaks and side-threads in the original story,…. But basically Nora has a question… Kevin gives Nora the required information, as he quickly checks his file and promises his mother to email it to her.
“Honey, is everything alright? “ Nora suddenly asks.
“Ahm, yes, why do you ask?” Kevin is caught off guard by her question.
“You sound so irritated.”
“Well, it is Saturday morning and all I have been doing…..” Kevin begins, but Nora cuts his sentence short.
“Honey, I’m not going to interfere between you and Scotty …. Every marriage has it’s up and downs. It’s only natural. Just be nice to Scotty, you can sometimes make such a fuss over nothing at all…” His mother’s words irritate him.
“Mom. Scotty and I are alright.”
“I can understand that you don’t want to talk about it….”
“Mom!! Scotty and I do NOT have relationship problems.” Kevin yells. A little smile curls around Scotty’s mouth.
“Of course you don’t, honey.’’ Nora says in her mother-knows-best voice before hanging up.
Scotty looks up at the frustrated sound Kevin made.
“So now we have problems in our relationship?” He asks, amused.
“Yes. Tommy and Sarah don’t talk to eachother. Mom hates Holly. Kitty and Robert have my ex staying at their house for a few days. Everybody is calling me and somehow it is all my fault in the end and WE are the ones with troubles in our relationship?”
“Life sucks sometimes.” Scotty replies philosophically, while folding his shirts, that just came out of the dryer. Kevin start to help him, but Scotty stops him.
“Did you send that file to your mom?... Before she calls… again.” He asks, rolling his eyes at the ‘again’.
“I think it went through. I’ll check.”
The email has been sent, but Kevin is reminded of yesterday evening, when he searched the net. He looks again. Changes his mind. But as he is about to switch of the computer he returns to the page he was looking at. … takes his credit card and makes his reservations….
Back in the bedroom, he takes his weekend bag and starts to throw in some clothes. Short, shirt, clean underwear. Scotty watches in surprise as some of his own clothing disappear in the bag as well.
“Uh… Kevin?...” Kevin stretches out his hand.
“Give me your phone.” He orders. A bit surprised Scotty hands it over. Kevin places both his and Scotty’s phone on the window-sill.
“These stay here.” He announces. “We, however, are leaving.”
“Wha.. What?! Where?”
“You’ll see. Time to have a short honeymoon.” Kevin smiles. “I made reservations at a hotel.”
“Oh, Kevin. We can’t, you know I can’t afford…” but Kevin places his finger on Scotty’s lips.
“No! Not another word. We are leaving. Now. ”
“But….” Scotty tries again. Kevin however shuts him up with a passionate kiss, which is replied to by Scotty with equal amount of tenderness. They are breathless when the kiss ends.
“Now will you please stop fighting me on this? Just trust me. Please, let me do what is right for us. ” he pleads.
“Alright.” Scotty replies, his eyes sparkling with desire. They quickly lock up and check their bag before leaving to make sure nothing is forgotten.
“ Are you ready?” Kevin asks. Scotty nods. He is excited, because he has no idea where they are going, but Kevin’s happiness over his acceptance makes him curious.
In the window-sill are two telephones, side by side. First one rings for a long time. A little later the second one echoes. They will ring more often today, but no one will hear it, because their respective owners have already left the building.
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