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random word generator: drag

the random word generator: drag


By Marea67    

About: Scotty/Sarah, Scotty/Kevin       

Rate: G

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

Summary: drag - slang for any costume, but particularly for clothes which do not match one's gender identity... Oh, really? Now that you mention it...





“Thank you, Sarah. I’m so glad you could help me with this.” Scotty says,  slightly embarrassed at Sarah’s broad smile.

“Oh, it’s nothing. The mere idea of you in one of my dresses has made my day, no, make that my whole week..” She laughs.


She had been surprised to see Scotty on her doorstep this morning, but she let him in, poured him some coffee, but nearly spat it out when Scotty came with a hugely humiliating request. Did she have a dress he could wear? Sarah is rather tall  and he hoped that maybe she would have something long enough to not immediately become a mini-skirt if he puts it on…


After her initial fit of laughter and Scotty’s rather lengthy explanation that it was a engagement party, for a weird friend of his, where the men would dress up as women... the rest of his explanation passing Sarah by as her mind’s eye kept seeing the possibilities, Sarah had looked through her clothes and finally found a longer dress, made from stretchy material so it would fit around Scotty’s chest and still give him room to breathe.


Scotty had to admit the material was soft and comfortable and Sarah had thoroughly enjoyed herself watching Scotty turn in front of the long mirror. Scotty really appreciated that the dress fell just over his knees, though Sarah swore up and down that he had lovely knees, somehow, considering her constant laughing, Scotty didn’t take her serious.


“I’ll bet this will travel through the entire family, huh?” he asks Sarah. But Sarah shakes her head, sticks up her hand and swears:

“I’ll only tell Kitty.”

“Who’ll tell Tommy, who’ll phone Justin, who happens to be at Nora’s with Rebecca so that even Holly will know about it. Sarah? Will you please tell them that Kevin doesn’t know…. yet!”


“He doesn’t know?” Sarah asks astounded.

“No. I wanted to … kinda… surprise him….” Scotty replies slightly nervous and now Sarah nearly tumbles of the bed laughing. There are tears on her face as she tries to imagine Kevin’s face… and she’s still laughing when Scotty leaves almost half an hour later.




Kevin looks at the time. It’s nearly time for Scotty to go. Ronald is a good friend of Scotty’s, even though Kevin doesn’t like him much. Ronald is a bit too artistic, too weird for Kevin’s taste. He’s therefore not at all sad that he is not invited to the party. Still he doesn’t want Scotty to be late either.

“Scotts! It’s nearly time, love!” He yells at the still closed door, waiting for Scotty’s reply, he searches for the remote, as usual.


“Never rush a lady….” Scotty says behind him.

“Well, you’re not….” Kevin starts as he turns to Scotty, then he sees Scotty dressed up in Sarah’s long black dress, some clip-on earrings that Sarah had since the 80’s, just a slight touch of make up on his face  and Kevin finishes hesitantly: “… a lady.” Scotty looks gorgeous or rather… pretty…


Kevin can’t help but stare at his husband who just transformed into someone else.

“Wow.” Kevin eventually says silently. “You think it’s too late for me to become straight?” Scotty laughs out loud and shakes his head.

“It’s definitely too late for me…. Is it good enough?” he asks slightly insecure and Kevin grins.


“That dress doesn’t make your butt look fat.” He says with a laughter. Scotty smiles with acceptance at the remark. “Come here, my love.” Kevin wants to take Scotty into his arms, but now it’s Scotty’s turn, as he pushes Kevin away with a quasi-bitchy tone:

“You’ll ruin my hair and lipstick…. Besides, … I have a headache.”


They look at each other with laughter in their eyes, but then Kevin reminds him it’s time to go. Kevin insists on taking a picture of Scotty, before he ‘gets ravaged by a horde of sex-hungry men’ to which Scotty agrees, with a warning that Kevin just gave him a very good fantasy to play with tonight.


They kiss carefully and with a worried frown Kevin sees Scotty leave. He hopes Scotty will enjoy himself. Then he turns on his computer, and downloads the pictures of Scotty… the rest of the family is probably waiting impatiently to see them. He sighs, nothing stays a secret in this family anyway. If Scotty was wearing Sarah’s dress, then there was a good chance, by now, everyone knows… He picks the best picture and forwards it…. 



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