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Time to say goodbye. part 2.

Because it's semisweetsoul 's birthday today. Congratulations! Joyeux Anniversaire!

Time to say goodbye. Part 2.


By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty/Jason

Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.

Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.

Summary: Jason goes to Bolivia and spends one last dinner with Kevin and Scotty. Here's part 1





Jason wakes up from a little bit of sleep to the sensation of hands caressing his chest. Lips on his skin make him arch up into the sweet, popping little kisses. He keeps his eyes closed, fearing it is a dream and if he opens them, he’ll be back in his cold, little room behind the church, alone.


But when the sensation of kissing lips stop and without further notice gets replaced by a tongue sliding up his shaft his eyes open in shock. This is not a dream, someone is .... doing one heck of a good job...

“Well, hey there, sleepyhead.” Scotty says softly, with a smile and Jason smiles in return, slightly insecure, caught between dream and reality.


But when Scotty gently lets the back of his fingers slide from Jason upper-arm, over this shoulder to his cheek it is all too real and it feels too good to be a dream. He closes his eyes again, enjoying the sensations of Kevin warm mouth and talented tongue doing their work and Scotty’s gentle touch adding an unexpected tenderness.


His breathing becomes more shallow, his body is longing for more, until Scotty’s mouth covers his and as he replies to the warm kiss, he feels Kevin stop merciless, leaving him hard, wanting and unsatisfied. He moans against Scotty’s lips and Scotty momentarily stops kissing to whisper a soft ‘sshh’ and then he resumes the kissing.


Jason can feel Scotty grabbing his shoulder and with a bit pulling he makes Jason understand that there’s a change of position. Jason doesn’t ask, he merely follows Scotty, now that he has lost contact with Kevin.  Scotty rolls on his back and he takes Jason with him. Jason slowly turning on his stomach, feeling a bit more in control with Scotty underneath him.


It is strangely arousing to be so intimate with someone he doesn’t really know, it’s like a forbidden fruit you are allowed to taste, for just this once. His hand moves from Scotty’s face to his shoulder, hesitantly further down. It is all uncharted territory for him. Scotty has allowed the kiss, some touches, but they haven’t discussed any boundaries.


But he’s also sure, that if he crosses a line for Scotty, Scotty will let him know, so his fingertips trace a pattern on Scotty’s chest and Scotty presses closer to him, obviously enjoying the touch. Jason breaks the kiss for a second, just to open his eyes and look at Scotty underneath him. Scotty seems rather smug that he’s able to please Jason like that and Jason cannot help but smile.


He’s just about to kiss Scotty again, when he feels Kevin’s hands on his hips, followed by a warm, wet mouth against the skin of his lower-back. He makes a little shocked noise as it was so unexpected and he can feel Kevin smile. Kevin alternates between kissing, licking and letting his teeth softly scratch Jason’s skin, small little bites that send impulses trough Jason’s entire body.


He can feel Kevin hard against his legs and for a moment Jason thinks that Kevin will take him again, but Kevin has different plans. Jason closes his eyes in delight when he feels Kevin’s mouth move up along his spine. His own mouth is recaptured by Scotty’s and Jason just lets the both of them take him wherever they plan to, caught between the two of them, he’s hopelessly lost anyway.


It isn’t until Kevin has reached his shoulders that Kevin shifts position a bit, taking his own weight off Jason and Jason protests softly, but Kevin pulls him up into a seated position, thus breaking the kiss between Scotty and Jason, much to both their disappointments. Kevin smiles, glad that Scotty is starting to enjoy himself in this as well.


He pushes Jason closer, so that Jason’s back is against his chest. He presses his mouth close to Jason’s ear and softly says:

“I think we’ve been very selfish...” At this point Jason cannot even think about thinking..”...see... we are allowed to do this because of Scotty and yet, so far, he is still ... unsatisfied.”


From the corner of his eye Jason can see Kevin gently caress Scotty’s leg. “Don’t you think that is unfair?” he asks and Jason nods, unable to come up with a better answer. Kevin now moves his fingertips on Jason’s chest along to his neck, gently taking his chin and forcing Jason to kiss him.


“I want to see Scotty fuck you.” Kevin then softly says against Jason’s lips.

“What?” Scotty seems shocked at the idea. “Kevin, I’m not... Jason and I... you are the one, who had a relationship with him, not me....” Scotty protests and Jason knows that Scotty is right, but while his mind agrees with Scotty, he hears himself say:


“I wouldn’t mind.” His eyes meet Scotty’s and he sees the insecurity on Scotty’s face. “I wouldn’t mind.” He repeats, clearer and louder, not breaking his eye-contact with Scotty. He's aware that Scotty swallows his protest.

“Then.... who am I to refuse?” Scotty wonders a bit suprised.


Jason stays on his hands and knees, while Kevin and Scotty switch position, wondering if he’s not crossing a line. This is insane, his mind cries out him, but it just feels too good to stop. He feels Scotty caress his back and he shivers with desire.

“Are you sure about this?” Scotty asks, just to be sure.


Though his mind screams ‘no’, Jason’s body presses itself automatically closer to Scotty’s.

“Yeah.” He doesn’t recognize his own voice anymore, so rough with desire. Kevin can see the hesitation on Scotty’s face as he takes the condom. Over Jason back their eyes meet and Kevin gives Scotty a little nod.


It feels weird to both Jason and Scotty, neither of them having had another lover then Kevin in quite a while. But Jason braces himself as he feels Scotty penetrate him carefully. Scotty is very gentle and patient, waiting for Jason to adjust and accept, before slowly thrusting. Jason is used to the making love with Kevin, but feeling Scotty inside him, takes his breath away.


It all feels strangely new and lets his feelings simply wash over him. He is starting to respond, forgetting where he is, who he is with and who is doing what to him, there is only desire. He is vaguely aware of someone begging for more and he fears it’s him, but he can’t stop. The little sounds he makes become in sync with Scotty thrusts and he doesn’t know how much this turns Scotty on.


Kevin just looks at them, astonished at the beauty before him. He knows they are not in love with each other, yet their tenderness and care towards each other is so sensual, that it is arousing to look at. Scotty’s concern and confusion seems to have left him as he is focussing on bringing himself and Jason pleasure and Jason just responds without holding back.


He can see Scotty is close and that Jason will not be far behind him, or maybe even faster than Scotty, all depending on what Scotty plans  to do. But Scotty is not planning anything. His only goal is not to let Jason come too fast this time, to keep Jason begging, for as long as he enjoys that strong body underneath him. His mouth is in touch with Jason’s skin, kissing, softly biting, he encourages Jason to come, but doesn't give Jason enough to do so.


Underneath him Jason’s body is in flames, every thrust, every touch, every little kiss on his shoulder or little bite in his neck, sends electric impulses through his body. He’s so close, but it is just not enough. He begs for more, but Scotty doesn’t give in. Jason's entire body is by now screaming for release.


Kevin watches Scotty’s teasing and Jason’s ever growing desire. He is very aroused, but doesn’t want to come between Jason and Scotty right now. He touches himself, gently stroking. He closes his eyes for just a second, when he feels a warm mouth on him, shocked he opens his eyes to see Jason head between his legs.


His fingers run through Jason hair, wet with sweat. Like a cat Jason moves in to the touch and Scotty suddenly moves faster, aroused by the view of Jason giving Kevin a blow-job right under his nose. He watches the shudder move through Kevin, he wants to push Jason head away. Scotty smiles, letting his hand slip underneath Jason.


Feeling the tremble run through Jason’s body and then hearing him go over the edge, proves to be too much for Scotty as well. It’s just one last deep trust, a desperate moan, he grits his teeth and holding tightly onto Jason he simply lets go as well.


Jason is between Kevin and Scotty again. He feels Scotty’s lips against his neck and shoulder leaving soft little kisses, Scotty’s chest is pressed against his back, while Jason lets his head rest next to Kevin’s, gently caressing Kevin’s chest, sometimes Scotty’s fingers thread with his  to touch Kevin as well and sometimes Scotty just draws little patterns on Jason.


Jason is the first to break the warm, pleasant silence, when he moans:

“And to think that tomorrow I have to sit in some narrow airplane seat....” He can hear Scotty chuckle behind him and he can feel Kevin laugh underneath his hand.

“I’m so glad it’s not me.” Kevin grins, teasing Jason  a bit.


“Well, maybe you ought to enjoy being a this position then, while you still can.” Scotty suggests

“Mhmm, best advice I’ve had all day.” Jason admits. Scotty lifts his head a bit and  he and Jason share a warm smile, before Jason snuggles even closer to Kevin, satisfied with the position he’s in right now...



For those who want to know: There will be ONE more part after this one. Part 3 will be the last. Don't know when that will be though. Enjoy these ones for now. :-D
Tags: character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - k/s/j

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  • Been re-reading some of my old things..

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