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Tales from the panty - Change of heart

Tales from the pantry

Story: Change of heart


About: Kevin/Nora

Rate: G

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine. I just play with the characters.

Summary: The pantry releases a story of: Kevin and Nora, taking place between 2.08 and 2.09





If Nora’s incessant talking about Robert and Kitty’s upcoming marriage bothers Kevin, he doesn’t show it. He follows her into the pantry, with a box of groceries in his arms. In all honesty he is not really listening to Nora, raving on about how well things will be organized. In his mind, he’s back in Scotty’s arms, last night having been as great as usual.


“Kevin, are you even listening to me?” Nora asks, looking at him over her glasses, before grabbing the eggs and putting them away.

“Not really.” Kevin says honestly, lying to Nora wouldn’t work anyway. She has X-ray eyes when it comes to Kevin’s lies.


“Where were you with your thoughts? I am telling you how sorry I am that Jason can’t be there for Robert and Kitty…. And for you naturally. And you just sit there looking like the cat who just ate the canary. Not entirely in sync with my sympathy.” Kevin sighs deeply. He knows it’s inevitable. He might as well go through it. He puts the box down so Nora can easily take out the groceries at the bottom.


“Mom, I don’t care if Jason is not there…. In fact, I’m glad he isn’t, it would have made things rather awkward.”

“What do you mean?” Nora now asks. Kevin is in such a strange mood that she becomes curious.

“I spoke to Jason on the phone, two days ago.”


“Finally!” Nora exclaims, immediately wishing she didn’t sound so judgmental. She should be more considerate to Kevin’s feelings, but it annoys her so to see her son hurt, because Jason doesn’t call. So he finally did? Good! About freaking time! At least, now she understands why her son is so absent-minded. He’s thinking of Jason naturally.


“I broke up with him.” Kevin continues carefully. Nora’s jaw drops. She had expected anything but this.

“Ah-what?” She stammers and Kevin is slightly amused by his mother’s astonishment. She is really surprised by Kevin’s words and somehow Kevin finds it funny that he can do this to his mother, who knows him so well.


“I still care about Jason, but … I started to realize my heart was no longer in that relationship.” Kevin sounds apologetic and somehow that saddens Nora. Kevin should not have to apologize to her for breaking up with Jason, if that was what he really wanted.

“I guess, it was inevitable…” She says gently. “He didn’t give you much to work with. You tried…”


“Yup. And failed again. As expected.”

“Honey, I’m sure you gave it the best you had. You can’t have a relationship on your own. Sometimes is just better to make a clean break, then to go on getting hurt. You’ll find someone who…” Nora starts, but Kevin cuts her off.


“Don’t worry, mom. I had a good reason, besides the non-communicado from  Jason. I.. “ Oh, God, how will he tell her this? She really likes Jason so much… “I’m trying…. That is to say…. We’re considering… Scotty and I…. I’ve asked Scotty for another chance and Scotty... has not said no.” He finishes his explanation.


Nora shifts through his words, with years of experience with Kevin’s telling her something difficult to him. Then her face lights up.

“You and Scotty?” She asks astounded and she’s smiling hopefully. Kevin nods, an insecure look on his face. “That is wonderful. He’s such a sweet boy.”


“Man. He’s a man. Not a boy. But yes, he’s very sweet. Amongst other things.” Kevin looks so shy as he admits: “And mom…? It’s not official. Scotty is worried that he might be the rebound-guy and that I’ll change my mind if and when Jason returns. It’s all very early and fresh and new and …. We want to take it slow..”


“Then I’m glad you told me.”

“I know you liked Jason very much, but I hope that you will give Scotty a chance… Give me a change. I’m really serious about him.” Kevin looks at her, a plea in his eyes. He’s worried she will not believe his sincerity.


“Give him a chance? Oh, honey, I am most willing to give Scotty all the chances he needs…. I loved him and was sad to see him go… And I am glad that he is back. I just hope that this time it works out for you both. I want you to be happy.”

“I would be happy, if Scotty would be sure about this…. But I’ll give him the time he needs….”


“That is very smart, honey. Well, at least you won’t have to climb over the air-bed anymore…” She laughs cheerfully, knowing that thing has been an issue that Kevin no longer complains about, above all not to Scotty, but it still bothers him. “I mean… I don’t want to pry,….” She’s a bit worried that she made assumptions about Kevin’s relationship to Scotty.


“Of course, you don’t, mom.” Kevin grins, the look on his face contradicting his words, then his smile vanishes. “You’ll hear it through the grapevine anyway… if Jason talks to Robert and Robert tells Kitty, then the whole family will know soon enough. I’d rather you heard from me. … I cheated on Jason … with Scotty… a couple of nights ago.” Kevin shrugs as if it is unimportant.


But Nora knows him better than that.
“At least you had the courtesy to not keep it a secret for 20 years or to have Jason continue to believe that you still wanted a future with him…” she says neutral. Kevin is leaning against the counter of the cup-board, plays with his fingers, not looking at her.


He looks like he used to, when he came home with some bad grade or a torn shirt. She hugs him.

“Are you sure about Scotty? You’ve hurt him before and he doesn’t deserve to get hurt again.”

“I’m sure, mom. From the moment we kissed, it was like something just clicked into place, …” He wants to say more, but is suddenly aware that he’s talking to his mom.


“Good.” Nora says. “Don’t hurt Scotty. Give him time. I thought a year ago that the two of you looked right together. I was sorry to see him go, but it was your choice … and his.”

“So, you don’t hate him? Or me? I thought you really liked Jason.”
“I did. I do.” How can she put this into words?


“For me it’s not an either/or situation. I, as your mother, can like both of them. You, on the other hand, must make choice. And if you had wished to continue with Jason, I would have supported you. But if Scotty is the one you choose, then I will completely support your choice, just as I have in the past… I have no preference.”

He just looks at her with a bright smile and suddenly she’s in his arms. And while she tries to catch her breath in this strong and tight hug, she hears him whisper ‘Thank you’ in her ear.



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