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welcome to my fantasies
random word generator: receipt 
19th-Jan-2009 12:31 am
kevin/scotty kiss 3.08

the random word generator: receipt


By Marea67    

About: Scotty

Rate: G

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.





Scotty will be the first to admit it. It just happens like that. At the most strangest moments. Like this morning, he is just looking for a pen, he opens the drawer and there it is, wedged between the side of the drawer and a book. Just a little hand-written receipt confirming the payment of 2 wedding-rings.


He looks at it and blinks. His eyes suddenly looking at the ring around his finger. It just seems to belong there now, even though at first it had felt strange. The first few days he had played with it an awful lot. He was just not used to wearing anything on his fingers. But then, it had start to feel good. A constant reminder of the commitment made that stressful, but wonderfully satisfying day.


A day that started with waking up at Jordan’s place, on Jordan’s couch with a hangover the size of ... Canada! But litres of black coffee and a few aspirins later he felt a little more human. Jordan helped him with everything. From getting Scotty sober and clean to getting Scotty’s clothes nicely in the back of the car so the suit wouldn’t wrinkle.


Then Jordan dropped him off at Nora’s where Scotty worked on the catering for the evening. But alone in Nora’s kitchen he began to get worried about Kevin. Where was he? What was he doing? Would he show up? Would he really be there and marry Scotty tonight? What if Kevin got cold feet? What if he changed his mind?


Eventually, he couldn’t take it any longer and he called Kevin, just so he could hear Kevin’s cheerful, sober voice, his longing to marry Scotty tonight.... “I’ll be the one with warm feet.” Kevin said, and for a moment Scotty was tempted to tease that THAT would have been the first time, shivering at the memory of the notoriously cold feet that are usually pressed up against his legs in the middle of the night...


What happened after that was nothing more than a happy blur. Nora couldn’t be more gentle with him if she tried. Her loving hug and her acceptance of him had touched him deeply. He felt so loved and cherished. And for a moment he had longed for his own mother and it had saddened him that she could not bother to be there for him....


And then it had been time to get dressed for the ceremony and he heard that Kevin was in one of the other rooms and he nearly cried with relief. Kevin was really here, it would happen. Kevin and he would get married... The words “devotion” and “affection” were added to their “love” and all he could remember was Kevin’s eyes. His happiness as he stood there opposite of Scotty, without a single moment of doubt....


Scotty wipes away the tear in the corner of his eye. So stupid that one little receipt can awake all these intense memories. He smiles and places it back in the drawer, picks up his phone and he texts to Kevin:

“I love you.” Within 1 minute comes the reply.

“Love you even more.”

The End

19th-Jan-2009 07:04 pm (UTC)
So sweet and lovely!
17th-Apr-2009 10:04 pm (UTC)
So sweet!!
25th-Dec-2010 12:24 am (UTC)
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