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random word generator: congratulation(s)

the random word generator: congratulation(s)

By Marea67

About: Julia, Elizabeth (future fic)

Rate: G

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.





Julia watches Elizabeth, watches as the tip of her little tongue is pressed against her lip, she’s highly concentrated on her drawing and Julia sighs a bit. For all her 7 years, drawing is still not one of Elizabeth’s strong points. She puts a cookie and a glass of milk in front of Elizabeth, gently caresses her shoulder long, curly hair and asks:


“What are you drawing, sweetie?” Elizabeth looks up with a little frown as her concentration is broken. She hands over the picture to Julia. Julia looks at it closely, not sure what to make it. Elizabeth rolls her eyes. Mother just don’t get it, do they? She turns the paper upside down, silently reprimanding her mother for holding the picture the wrong way. Julia still doesn’t see it.


“That is uncle Kevin and that is uncle Scotty.” Elizabeth explains impatiently. Really, does she always have to explain the obvious?

“Oh, now I see. I thought you were making a drawing for daddy, and  I couldn’t see how a drawing of Kevin and Scotty....”


“I made that one for uncle Kevin.” Elizabeth interrupts Julia. “For his birthday.”

“Oh.” Julia doesn’t know what to say, now that she recognizes the word ‘congratulations’ and ‘birthday’ written on the paper. She has an entire folder by now, with all sorts of drawings for uncles Kevin and Scotty. Elizabeth is just crazy about both of them, but above all uncle Kevin.... Sometimes it worries Julia, because Elizabeth seems more drawn to Kevin then to Tommy.


“Will you now make one for daddy?” she carefully asks, but Elizabeth shakes her head.

“He left again this morning without a kiss.” Elizabeth’s voice is accusatory. Julia smiles.

“He probably thought you were not yet awake.” She’s amazed by how apologetic her voice is.

“I was. And he didn’t check.” Julia pouts and unbeknownst to herself she looks more like Kevin then she could ever know. Julia shivers.


She knows that Tommy has noticed the same thing. Elizabeth is showing more and more resemblance to Kevin with every passing day. It’s just there. Sometimes it’s the way she looks at you. Sometimes a remark that is smarter than a girl her age should be. Sometimes it’s in her smile. Sometimes, like now, it’s in her anger.


Julia has noticed that Tommy spends less time with Elizabeth, as if he can’t stand to see his brother in his child. It fills her with sadness, but Elizabeth doesn’t really seem to care that Tommy is not spending so much time with her anymore.

“I sometimes wish that uncle Kevin was my dad.” Elizabeth suddenly says, as if she read Julia’s mind.


“Well, he’s not.” Julia says, harsher than planned, shocked by Elizabeth’s words, suddenly scared and worried. Her eyes meet Elizabeth’s and for some creepy moment it is almost as if she knows that Julia is lying to her. There is an almost benevolent smile on her face. She looks serene and calm. As if she knows... As if she knows...


Julia recognizes the look and the smile. It’s the one Kevin has when he knows a little gossip, that he’s not willing to share just yet... Julia looks away and Elizabeth gently says:

“Maybe I’ll make a drawing for daddy after all.” As if she just changed her mind.


Julia flees to the kitchen, unsettled. She shakes as she puts a cold wet wash-cloth on her face.

“Well, congratulations, Kevin Walker. You have a daughter.” She says softly to herself.

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