marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Anything she can do...

Anything she can do…

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty, Robert
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S, just play with the boys
Summary: … Scotty can do better.
Spoiler: not long after 3.11 and based on a song I love: YouTube:  John Barrowman & Ruthie Henshall


Everyone in the office is away for lunch, except Kevin. Scotty promised him he’d drop by, so Kevin waits impatiently, because he’s very hungry. Kevin just takes a new file, when he hears a voice at the door.
“Hi.” Kevin looks up with a smile at the sight of his handsome husband standing in the doorway, dressed in jeans and a red t-shirt, he has not seen before.

“Finally! Lunch!” he says.
“Are you talking about me? Or about these?” Scotty wonders, as he holds up a brown paper bag. He closes the door and enters the room further, still holding the brown bag in plain sight.
“Both….” Kevin’s eyes hungrily follow the bag, but then he says. “You, of course.”

“Oh, good.” Scotty teases. “Because these ..” and he throws the sandwiches on the desk. “… are going to have to wait until after this.” He takes Kevin’s tie and gently pulls it to angle Kevin closer to him and capture his lips. He presses Kevin closer to his desk and Kevin is trapped. He forgets his hunger as he lets his fingers run through Scotty’s hair, pressing his body closely to Scotty’s.

Scotty smiles as he steps away, grabs Kevin’s hand and guides him to the couch in his office. He lies down on his back and Kevin covers his body with ease.
“You know, since you told me about that dream about you and Julia, and how you found it hard to erase that thought from your mind, I thought I’d give you some other memory of you, your office and your couch.” Scotty explains, raising an eyebrow to convey the message.

The big grin on Kevin’s face gets even bigger when Scotty continues:
“For I’ll bet that anything she can do, I can do better.” Kevin enjoys the rhythmic movements Scotty makes underneath him and pushes Scotty down even further, his hands slipping under Scotty’s t-shirt caressing the warm skin and Scotty shivers and moans softly against the mouth that covers his.

Hungry for more of Scotty, Kevin unbuckles his jeans and lets the zipper slide down. Scotty arches up as Kevin discovers, to his pleasure, how aroused Scotty is and he smiles down on his husband’s beautiful face as he continues to stroke and please Scotty with the strong, but gentle touch he knows will make Scotty come in no time.

He lifts his head a bit to see Scotty enjoying himself with closed eyes and parted lips. His breathing is superficial and Kevin loves the desire that is clearly written on his face. He slides off the couch, on his knees and Scotty feels Kevin’s warm mouth quickly descend, but he’s still surprised to feel Kevin’s lips on his hard cock. He jerks up under the touch and Kevin laughs quietly.

Scotty forgets what he came here to do. All that matters is Kevin’s tongue driving him to insanity and the way he softly caresses Scotty wherever he can touch him. Scotty’s fingers find grip in the couch. He gives a small strangled sound as he gets closer and closer. He wants to push Kevin’s head away, but Kevin holds on and Scotty just lets go of all restraints…..


Robert enters the office earlier then he planned. He was supposed to have a longer lunch, but his lunch-partner got called away. He’s about to enter this office, when he hears a soft moan. He approaches Kevin’s office, from where the sound came and he sees the door is not completely closed (obviously Scotty didn’t put enough weight against it) and he can see Scotty on the couch and Kevin on the floor and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they are doing.

For one moment Robert is tempted to just barge in and scare the hell out of Scotty and Kevin, but then he changes his mind. He quietly closes the door properly and grabs a sheet of paper, writes down something and with some tape, he sticks it on Kevin’s door. With a huge grin on his face he returns to his office.


Kevin has to agree that this lunch was most satisfying to both of them. Scotty smiles sweetly at him as they finish their sandwiches with very little talking, enjoying the time they are together. But eventually Scotty has to recognize that it’s time to go. Official lunch-break is almost over... In the middle of the room, they kiss long and passionately. Scotty quickly adjusts Kevin’s tie and shirt and is ready to leave.

Some staff-members have already returned and they giggle a bit as Kevin and Scotty leave the office. They know Scotty, though he usually doesn’t stay long and Kevin never closes the door to avoid any wrong ideas. Scotty feels a bit uncomfortable under the staring looks and he turns to Kevin. That is when he sees the large white paper on the door, that hadn’t been there before.

He points at it and Kevin turns to read it, as there is some more giggling going around and now even Robert steps out of his office. In Robert’s clear handwriting it says:
“Do not disturb under any circumstance… Kevin is busy…. Doing something …. With his husband.”
Kevin turns back to Scotty, for a moment mortified, but he sees Scotty bite his lip and trying to hold his laughter.

In front of everybody Scotty kisses Kevin quickly on the lips and with a huge smile on his face he crosses the office and lets everyone just stare at him. At the door he turns back to Kevin and simply says, loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Don’t worry, Robert’s just jealous ‘cause he’s not getting any.” Scotty winks and lets the door fall closed behind him.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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