marea67 (marea67) wrote,

fanfic: Honeymoon road-trip part 1: Friday night

By Marea67
Pairing: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
They should be so grateful for that, because i
f they were, I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be watching
Summary: the title says it all.
Spoilers: Set after 2.16 – Prior commitments
Concerned Scotty listens to the irritated sound of Kevin’s voice.  He hopes and prays that Kevin wouldn’t be sulking the rest of the evening. It’s Friday. The evening will be a long one if Kevin plans to be grumpy and Scotty seriously considers going out alone, if that will be the case. He sighs. This is bad start to a long weekend off. Silence falls and he peeks into the living room to find Kevin sitting on the couch, staring at his phone, which he turns round and round between his finger-tips, his mind very far away.
As if he can feel Scotty’s stare on him, he looks up and finds Scotty looking at him with an inquisitive look on his face. Kevin shakes his head. He doesn’t want to talk about it.
“Is dinner almost ready?” he asks, sounding a bit defeated.
“Almost.” Scotty answers.
“Do I have time to take a quick shower?”
“After dinner?” Scotty suggests. “I’ll join you.” His smile is seductive and gets replied by a smile from Kevin, that suggests that Kevin wouldn’t mind the company…at all.
They eat at the small dinner table and it’s only when Kevin is halfway through the food on his plate that Scotty asks:
“What was that all about?”
For one moment Kevin looks annoyed, then he replies.
“Mom. The usual. Ojai. Sarah. Holly. Tommy…” He sighs and continues: “Scotty, I’m so fed up with it all. It’s been twee weeks since we got married and we barely had some time to ourselves.”.
Scotty knows all about it. He feels the same way, but thought twice about talking about it with Kevin. To Kevin his family is important and Scotty knew that the day he’d marry Kevin, he’d be ‘stuck’ with all those other Walkers as well. It was his own choice and he has grown to love the Walkers, but at this moment he could do with a little less Walkers and a bit more Kevin..
Yet, he squeezes Kevin’s hand, gives him his most genuine smile, that somehow contradicts the automatic reply:
“It will be alright.”
“Yes, I guess…. I’m sorry, I’m not that hungry, I’m very tired.” Kevin then says, pushing his plate away and Scotty nods in understanding.
Kevin feels his muscles relax under the hot water. His headache is slowly disappearing, but his worries stay. Nora is angry at everyone. Holly, Saul, Tommy, Sarah over Ojai. At Julia for coming to Tommy’s and therefore Holly’s defense. In lesser extent Justin and Rebecca for admitting that Rebecca wasn’t William’s. At William about Ryan. At Ryan for existing God-knows-where. And at herself for having stayed with William after she found out about Holly the first time.
Sarah is so tense from having to work with Tommy and HOLLY (Sarah never mentions her name, she spits it out). Tommy is angry at Saul over the deal. Holly and Rebecca are still not talking to eachother and contrary to Kevin’s advice Justin has confessed his feelings to Rebecca. Talk about a mess!
The shower-curtain moves and Kevin begins to smile. No words need to be said. Scotty at first caresses him and then his hands start to move over Kevin’s body with more strength, like a light massage. The moves are sensual, but not necessarily sexual. Kevin turns around, wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist and starts to kiss him, but when Scotty wants to pull him closer, Kevin stops him, just to continue the kiss, making Scotty understand that that is all he wants and nothing more.
For a long moment they just stand there, letting the water wash all the bad thoughts away, their arms around eachother and simply loving eachother’s company. Until Kevin breaks the kiss and the embrace. His hand caresses Scotty’s face and he smiles, before turning around and leaving Scotty alone to wash himself.
When Scotty finally leaves the shower to enter the bedroom, he finds Kevin in bed. Or rather draped on the bed, the thin sheet barely covering his aroused state and Scotty grins as hears Kevin hold his breath. Scotty knows that Kevin likes to see him naked. He gets closer to the bed and then, with a predatorial smile he crawls over to straddle Kevin. Kevin swallows hard, anticipating the love-making that will follow. He reaches up. He wants to feel Scotty, feel the weight of Scotty’s body crushing him a bit. He wants… He wants….
… the phone to stop ringing! Kevin becomes tense. Scotty stiffens above him, but not where Kevin wants it. He swallows again.
“Let it ring.” He says. But Scotty knows him longer then today. He rolls away from Kevin and makes a movement with his arm, giving Kevin passage off the bed. Kevin sighs, grabs his underwear and shorts and leaves the bedroom to find the phone. As Scotty falls back on the bed he hears Kevin answer:
By the time Kevin puts down the phone it’s 10 minutes later. Scotty got dressed in some shorts and t-shirt and is cleaning up the dishes. Kevin spends a few moments just to watch him move. His years as a waiter showing by the way he piles up plates, forks, knives and brings everything into the kitchen. Kevin would have broken half his glass ware by now, but not Scotty. He stacks it quickly and easily and then there are even fewer things left on the table. Kevin quickly gets up. He should help Scotty. And as he brings the last pieces to the kitchen he is greeted with a gentle smile.
“I’m sorry.” he says. Scotty kisses him tenderly.
“Things are very complicated at the moment, I get it. I know your family is important to you. It’s alright. You are not just my husband, but also their son and brother. If they need you, it’s only normal that you are there for them.”
“Yes, but I feel like I’m getting sucked into the insanity that reigns there and don’t want it.”
“You know what? Why don’t we watch one of our DVDs? Just you and me and the couch. If you will be a good boy, I will make some popcorn…”
“I’ll be good.” Kevin pouts. Scotty laughs and with a quick kiss on Kevin’s lips he suggests:
“Pick a DVD?”

Scotty is the only man he knows who can fall asleep during the sinking of the Titanic… No, let’s be honest. He fell asleep during Leonardo di Caprio’s interrogation. But Kevin isn’t really complaining. Scotty fell asleep, using Kevin’s leg as a pillow. And all Kevin has to do is look down to see the face of the man he loves. His fingers run through Scotty’s hair. Tenderly. Scotty smiles in his sleep. And again Kevin is blown away by the love he feels.
He loves this young man so much that he feels his heart might burst. He still gets butterflies in his stomach when he sees Scotty. He feels pride when he thinks of the commitment ceremony and when he remembers that now Scotty is officially his. It is also the reason that it bothers him, that he has so few time with Scotty. He wants to put Scotty first, but somehow never does… maybe because Scotty won’t let him….
He just wished that… that…. An idea comes to his mind… He carefully raises Scotty’s head, without waking him up and puts a pillow under his head. Just as some Welsh guy, named Lowe, is yelling: "Is anyone alive out there?", Kevin switched off the tv to turn on his computer and search the internet. But once he found what he is looking for, he changes his mind. Scotty would disapprove…..
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - honeymoon road-trip

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