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Do you know how much I love you?

Do you know how much I love you?

By Marea67

About: Kevin/Scotty

Rate: NC-17

Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.

Summary: Kevin & Scotty return to Nora’s house after they leave the hotel in 3.11



“Do you know how much I love you?” Kevin says and Scotty turns around.

“I’m not entirely sure I should feel flattered that you’re saying that to my back.” He teases.

“It’s the only time I can. When I see the front of you, I’m too much in awe to say something.” Kevin immediately returns with a smile and a little wink. And now, Scotty has to smile too.


“Can I keep you on painkillers permanently? You say the nicest things to me, when you’re drugged up.” Scotty wonders.

“I’m sure Justin has a few good addresses. All you have to do is ask.” Kevin hears Scotty murmur something like ‘I’ll bet’ and Kevin grins.


“I’m glad we’re back at your mom’s place, even if it’s only for another couple of nights.” Scotty then says, looking at Kevin back in the bed, in the room he grew up in.

“Yeah, me too. I felt a bit ungrateful just running away like I did, but I saw no other option.” Kevin admits, thinking back on how he sneaked out of the house and fled with Justin.


“I’m going back to work tomorrow. That gives me until 5pm to be all husbandly with you and after I’m gone, Nora can be all motherly to you. Seems like a good balance and we won’t be in each other’s way.”

“Oh. Nice. You worked this out together. And what am I supposed to do in the meantime?”


“Suffer.” Is all Scotty replies and upon seeing Kevin’s face he elaborates: “Just be the suffering patient. I’m sure, you’ll be very good at it.” Scotty jokes and if it wouldn’t hurt to lift his arms too much, Kevin would throw one of the pillows at his head. Scotty sees his reaction and chuckles.


“How’s your wound?” Scotty asks and Kevin lifts up his shirt and Scotty can see the wound is healing fine. “Does it still hurt?” Kevin shakes his head, the pain-killer works very well. He yawns and Scotty reminds him.

“You still have to take a shower.”


“I’m too tired…” Kevin does seem a bit sleepy.

“Do you want me to wash around the wound?”

“Please, that would be nice. The ointment is sticking to my skin and doesn’t smell to good.” Scotty nods and gets some hot water and a wash cloth.


Lying on his back, Kevin enjoys the silent way Scotty carefully moves around the wound. The hot water, followed by the fresher air, feels good and it gives him a clean feeling. Scotty’s hands gently caress the sensitive skin, not only around the wound, but also his belly and Kevin holds his breath, suddenly feeling rather aroused by the touch.


Scotty notices as well and tries hard not to smile, letting the cloth now move far more intimately then he originally planned.

“Mr Walker! You give me more and more to wash.” Scotty says with an innocent face, but the little wink he gives Kevin contradicts the innocence.


“I have to say, Mr Wandell, you make an excellent male nurse.” Kevin sighs as Scotty’s hand moves gently up and down and Kevin can only enjoy the sensation.

“Mr Walker, you are my favorite wounded soldier.” Scotty pouts a bit and Kevin, hot and aroused, just wants to pull him down for kiss, but Scotty gets off the bed and leaves Kevin alone.


“Scotty!” Kevin feels a bit shocked that Scotty would suddenly abandon him like that, but Scotty only grins and locks the door of Kevin’s bedroom.

“Wouldn’t want your mom to walk in on us halfway, now wouldy’a?” He asks in a low, sexy voice. Mesmerized by Scotty sudden rather erotic behavior, Kevin merely shakes his head.


He cannot take his eyes of his beautiful husband, who now gets back on the bed, crawls closer and without much pre-advice takes Kevin’s erection in his mouth, making Kevin nearly arch of the bed with a loud moan. For a couple seconds he holds his breath in shock, but then his fingers gently run through Scotty’s hair, begging him not to stop.


It doesn’t take long before he starts to move, wanting more pressure, more friction and Scotty gives him what he wants. He whispers Scotty’s name, encouraging him to go on, his breathing becoming superficial, he wants the release.

“Scotty!” he suddenly cries softly and it’s just enough warning for Scotty to pull away.


Heavily breathing Kevin falls back on the pillows. He can feel Scotty kiss his stomach, his chest, climbing back up to his mouth. His lips part and he loses himself in the tender kiss Scotty gives him.  He feels so relaxed now.

“Mr Wandell your bed side manners are most satisfactorily.” He compliments between two kisses. And Scotty triumphantly says:


“Finally! I found something I can do, and your mother can’t….well, not with you anyway….” Scotty looks so smug, that Kevin can’t help but laugh out loud, immediately grabbing for his wound because it hurts to laugh.

“I love you, you know?” Scotty’s voice is soft as he brushes some of Kevin’s hair away.


Kevin look up at him with a dreamy smile.

“I said it first.” He whispers, “And now I should take care of you.” He lets his hand slip between Scotty’s thighs, but Scotty rolls of the bed and  apologizes.

“I need a glass of water first…” he points at the bathroom, Kevin nods.


By the time Scotty comes back, about a minute later, Kevin is asleep. Not that Scotty had expected anything less, Kevin was very tired. Looking at his sleeping husband he cannot feel anything else, but an amazing sense of pride, tenderness and love. He unlocks the door, before Nora will break it down tonight. He lies down next to Kevin and turns to him. With his hand on Kevin’s arm, he seeks his own sleep. He’s very tired as well.

The End

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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