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random word generator: revealing

the random word generator: revealing


By Marea67

About: Sarah, after 2.12

Rate: PG-13(-ish)

Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.





Isn’t this dress too revealing, she wonders, turning from one side to the other in front of the mirror. Sarah can’t make up her mind. She hasn’t worn that dress in years and she was actually amazed it still fit her, but it’s tight, it’s low-cut, it’s black, it’s sexy and it screams ‘take it off me and have mad, passionate sex with me’.


Which is exactly the message she wants to convey to Graham tonight. It’s official. They have a date tonight. For about 5 days, after the night in the karaoke bar, she felt guilty for having slept with  Graham. It was cheap, it was the wrong moment, they were not in love, he works for her, it was too soon to go dating, it would confuse the kids,…


Oh, she thought of every excuse, she could come up with, but the bottom-line was: she still wants him and she wants him tonight. In her bed, inside of her. And this dress would have to convince him of that too. She brushes her hair and tries different ways to put it up using clips, but eventually decides she likes it better without anything in it. She wants Graham to be able to run his fingers through her hair.


She puts on her eye-shadow and lipstick and watches herself closely. It’s been a while, since she put on make up for a date. Not the obligatory lines around her eyes and the dash here and there to look professional, but to apply it to seduce. The last few months Joe had lived in this house, she hadn’t felt attractive anymore. She no longer felt the need to be pretty.


But now, there was Graham, who flirted with her and made her feel all giggly, like a sixteen-year old on her first date. He would look at her and not see a CEO, not a mother, not a wife, not a sister, but a woman, a beautiful, sexy, seductive woman. He gave her the feeling of being wanted, not to talk to, not to solve issues, but just to have fun and to have hot sex with.


That night after the karaoke, when she went home with him, he had kissed her, touched her, caressed her, re-discovered places she thought were long abandoned by her feelings. She had called out his name in ecstasy, held on to him as he moved inside of her, easily unleashing her passion, the one she believed to be dead and buried after 10 years of marriage. She had felt alive.


She looks at herself in the mirror once again as she puts in her earrings, adjusts her necklace and plays with her tight bracelets. Her fingers are empty. No more rings. Yes, the dress is revealing and it’s what it is supposed to be. Because tonight she wants to remember once again what it feels like to be a woman.


The End.

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