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random word generator: shade

the random word generator: shade

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


She rarely indulges herself like this, but today it’s too hot to do something important, so Nora just enjoys sitting in the shade of the trees in her garden. It’s hot in the sun, but here in the shade the little breeze is just enough to make it pleasant. She pours herself a glass of lemonade and continues in her book.

But the book doesn’t hold her interest and eventually she gives up. And she stares at the glistening water. She had to fight William for quite a while to get her swimming-pool. She always wanted one and once they financially could afford it, she had started her campaign to get it… It had taken her seven months, but there it was. Her very own swimming-pool.

She had never imagined the joy it would bring her. She can’t remember the many kids, friends of her own children, she had fed here. Cookies, candy, ice, pancakes, birthday-cakes and of course the gallons of lemonade poured here… She remembers laughter, screaming girls as the boys chase them and throw them in the water.

She remembers the barbecues, later on, when the kids were older, and when after a day of sunning and swimming by the pool, they would eat at the table, in the shade of high trees. William or Tommy would be in charge of the barbecue. Food and wine on table, the tall stories they’d tell. Tommy, Kevin and Justin pelting bread at each other. She smiles.

She happily moves away from the memory of the sorrow it brought, when William died in it. She sighs deeply. She would rather remind herself of a hot summer afternoon, when he had seduced her by the pool and when they had made love in the shade. He had whispered how much he loved her and she had been so proud to be the woman who awoke all these feelings in him…

A tear escapes from underneath her sunglasses. She had been a fool to believe William, she know that now. But it had not all been bad. She had been happy with him as well and maybe she should hold on those memories. And focus on other memories of the pool. Like when William and she had caught Sarah and Joe skinny-dipping in the middle of the night, they had both been so embarrassed and she and William had laughed about it for weeks.

She remembers walking in on Kitty here with one of her boyfriends, kissing like mad, Kitty was only 15, as was he… ‘t Was the last time she saw him now that she thought about it…. Then she grins at the memory of catching Tommy and Julia in the act, thinking they had the house to themselves with William and Nora at a fund-raiser… with a lesser smile she remembers Justin with some vague girlfriend, she shakes her head, better not remember that, he’s so much better off with Rebecca.

She opens her book again and looks at the bookmark. A nice drawing with hearts, birds and rings. She looks at the pool again and she is reminded of what she saw last week, when she came home earlier than expected. Kevin and Scotty in the pool. She had heard the noise in the garden and had looked at them.

She had heard the carefree laughter from Kevin, the one she used to hear when he was 15 years old. And, from the window upstairs, she could see with how much love Scotty had looked at her son. How he took her son into a strong embrace. One hand behind Kevin’s head and one on his back. Careful, protective and tender.

The kiss had seemed to last forever and she had just stood there with tears in her eyes. For it reminded her of her and William, and how she once believed herself safe and loved in his strong arms…. She suddenly shivers. She should not compare. Kevin is not like William and neither is Scotty. The relationship they have is a different from the one she had with William.

She sighs again, it’s nearly 6 o’clock, she’s not hungry, maybe she should just make a sandwich for herself tonight. Or an omelet. Something easy to make. A glass of wine or maybe just some tea. She could make herself a nice little tray to take outside to the garden, get another book and have dinner here in the shade of the trees…. Yes, that’s what she will do.

The End
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