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Time to say goodbye. part 1

My last fanfic this year. And I wanted to go out with a bang. So, I cooked up something , that will hopefully raise a few eyebrows.

Thanks to all of you who traveled with me through these stories, to all those who commented and to those who read them, but are/were afraid/too shy? to tell me what they thought of it. I hope you all enjoyed them. Here's to seeing all of you in the New Year.

Be careful and with much love,

Time to say goodbye. Part 1

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty/Jason
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Jason goes to Bolivia and spends one last dinner with Kevin and Scotty.


“Hi, come in.. Kevin isn’t here yet, stuck in traffic, but it won’t take long now. He just called.” Scotty says, letting Jason into the loft.
“I feared so, it was very busy.” Jason replies. Scotty takes his coat and hangs it over a chair.
“Dinner is almost ready.”

“Smells good.”
“Thank you, now let’s hope it tastes good as well, huh?” Scotty grins.
“I’m sure, it will alright.” Jason replies.
“Are you ready to leave? For Bolivia, I mean?”

“Yes, I fly tomorrow afternoon. I’m a bit nervous, but I prepared myself as good as I could. Learned some Spanish. Got all my vaccinations.”
“Sounds like you’re ready already.” Scotty laughs and Jason laughs with him. There’s a little sound at the door, signalling that Kevin just arrived...


Jason must agree. Scotty can cook. The food is delicious, the wine is great and Kevin and Scotty are comfortable with him and with each other and so far the evening has been rather entertaining. If the last time, they had sat here, there had been tensions between Kevin and Scotty, this time they act like a couple, married for years and it’s funny for Jason to see Kevin this relaxed.

Sometimes there is a little jealousy creeping in, but as a whole, Jason considers this night far more successful than the other one.. Which is not that difficult to accomplish considering the bad feelings that were on the table last time.... The phone rings and Scotty picks up, he walks away talking excitedly with the person on the line.

“Mario is a friend of Scotty’s...” Kevin explains and Jason nods. They talk about the mission in Bolivia, when Scotty comes back to the table all aglow. Kevin raises an eyebrow in question.
“It’s official...” Scotty says. “Mario and John are a couple.”
“No way! Good for them. I hope it lasts a bit longer than the last one.”

“Kevin, the last one was a disaster and good riddance.” Scotty says uncharitably. “But John is nice and caring, I hope it works out too.” Kevin nods and turns to Jason:
“So. what about your love-life?” he asks without subtlety and Jason nearly chokes on his sip of wine.
“Kevin!!!.... That is rather inappropriate.” Scotty says horrified and Jason silently agrees with him.

“Well, I’m sorry, but I’m interested. I haven’t kept tabs on Jason or something and I’d like to know if he’s happy and maybe found someone....” Kevin explains and Jason smiles. This is the Kevin he remembers, foot in mouth.
“Ahm, no, there’s no one in my life, no one on the horizon, I’m not even remotely interested right now. But I am happy, thank you..... although sometimes the nights are a bit cold and lonely.”

The words are soft and calm, but the loneliness shines through.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty says, not sure if he’s just saying that, because that is what people usually say, or because he still somewhere feels guilty, for being the one Kevin cheated with on Jason.
“It’s alright.” Jason replies. “It makes me feel good to know that Kevin and you found your happiness in each other. Gives me hope for my own future.”

Kevin sits back and watch the kindness between Jason and Scotty and feels weird. He knows he loves Scotty unconditionally, but he also still cares deeply for Jason. There is no real desire to cheat on Scotty, Kevin knows he won’t do anything to jeopardise what he has with Scotty. He knows that Scotty is caring and forgiving to a certain point, beyond that, you’re in deep trouble and he is not about to test Scotty’s limits on this.

But there’s something about Jason’s loneliness.... He shivers and gets up.
“I’ll bring some things to the kitchen.” He announces. Jason wants to help him, but Scotty says they have it under control... so Jason stays seated while Scotty follows Kevin.
“It’s hard, isn’t it? To see him like that.” Scotty asks Kevin, the moment they are out of Jason’s reach.

Kevin wonders if Scotty is accusing him of something, there is a peculiar look on his face.
“Scotty, I’m in love with you. Only you. Yes, it’s sad that Jason is alone, but I can’t help that. I feel sorry for him, but I don’t desire him, if that is your concern?”
“I’m not concerned. It’s just that he is so incredibly ... lonely.”

“Scots, a lot of gay men are lonely, I can’t take care of all of them.”
“We can take care of this one.”
“WE? Scotty, what are you suggesting?” Kevin asks carefully and Scotty seems to snap out of the strange mood he is in.

“What I’m suggesting...? That I should stop drinking wine and get some strong, black coffee.”
“Good suggestion.” Kevin nods, but he wonders about what is wrong with Scotty.
Scotty wouldn’t be able to tell him if he tried. He assumes it’s the alcohol, because he feels weird tonight. As he makes some strong coffee for himself, however, certain thoughts keep going through his mind.


Scotty finishes his coffee. The dinner is over, they’ve talked a lot, and in all, the evening has been great, but the vague feelings and thoughts are not gone.
“Well, it’s been great, but I know you two have to work tomorrow, so I’m going home.” Jason says politely. He doesn’t really want to leave, but with the wine starting to effect him, he feels a bit melancholy at seeing Kevin and Scotty together.

“Sure, no worries.” Kevin gets up and is about to get Jason’s coat, when Scotty knows, he has to take the plunge.
“Why don’t you stay... here... tonight?” Scotty asks and both Kevin and Jason stop whatever they were doing.
“What?” Jason asks, not sure he heard it right.

“Why don’t you stay?” Scotty repeats and Kevin looks at his husband to see if Scotty is joking, but he seems dead serious. Scotty looks back at him, calm, confidently if somewhat challenging, with a smile around his lips and Kevin swallows hard. Scotty is daring him to do it.
“Yes, why don’t you stay here tonight?” Kevin now asks as well and Jason looks at both of them.

“I’m sure the couch is comfortable, but...” he start carefully, not sure if he fully understands.
“Who said anything about the couch?... Why not consider it a going-away gift?” Scotty asks. For a long moment there is a tension between the three men, they don’t talk, the words hang in the air and just when Scotty feels he made an incredible fool of himself, Kevin turns to Jason and says in low, seductive voice:

“Come on, Jason, when was the last time, you’ve been intimate with someone?” His thumb caressing Jason’s cheek. “... been kissed?....” His lips are caressing Jason’s. “... been touched....?” His hand resting on Jason’s hips, pulling him closer. Jason is shocked, one moment he stares at Scotty, not sure of what to do, but when he sees the smile on Scotty’s face, he lets go of his own objections and leans into the kiss.

Kevin pulls up Jason’s shirt, letting his hands slip underneath to caress the flat stomach and strong chest. Then Jason feels hands softly caressing his back, Scotty’s hands. Somehow that makes him even hotter. Kevin’s lips caress his shoulder. There are small kisses moving from his shoulder to just underneath his ear and it feels so good, so soft, so tender, so ... intimate, that it brings tears to his eyes.

None of three men would later be able to tell how they got to the bedroom exactly, but Jason shivers when the cool sheets hit his naked back. Kevin is on him, covering his lips, hand sliding down his chest, slipping between his legs as Scotty takes off the rest of his clothes and Jason is too aroused to feel embarrassed about Scotty seeing him naked.

It’s been too long. He arches into Kevin’s touch, hungry for release and bringing Kevin’s head down for even more kisses. For a moment Kevin lets it happen, but then his own erection is getting too painfully confined. He moves away from the panting Jason, unbuckling his pants with trembling fingers.

“Why don’t you take him?” Scotty asks and Kevin looks up at him.
“Wouldn’t we be crossing the line, if I did that? I can satisfy him in other ways.” Kevin offers and Jason feels a tad bit disappointed, that Kevin is not more eager, but Scotty smiles:
“I think Jason and I both know very well, what you’re capable of... and it’s not like you’re cheating on me. If you want it, and Jason does too, then don’t let me stop you.”

Kevin looks at Jason, who nods slightly and then Kevin agrees as well. Scotty hands him the lube and the package with some remaining condoms, a little smirk on his face. Kevin turns his focus back on Jason. Scotty is watching how Kevin prepares Jason and it’s not only his interest that is growing. Though he doesn’t want to interfere, he can’t help touching himself just to control his own arousal.

Because Jason is on his back Scotty can see his reactions on his face. From the first shock and discomfort to the growing desire as Kevin moves slowly, not to make Jason come too fast. Jason moans softly, starting to push up, wanting more than Kevin gives right now. He wets his lips with the tip of his tongue and Scotty can’t help but finding that sight most arousing.

He touches himself again, but this Kevin notices and he stops moving, much to Jason’s dismay.
“Undress yourself. I want to see you naked as well.” Kevin says in a soft voice.
“I’m not getting involved....” Scotty tries.
“You already are. Take everything off.” Kevin orders softly and Scotty obeys.

Kevin doesn’t know what turns him on more, the sight of Jason underneath him or Scotty beside him. Jason feels like he's trespassing, but he cannot help but peek at Scotty, and, damn, he’s gorgeous. Scotty crawls on the bed, kissing Kevin on the lips. Kevin whispers something in his ear and he nods that he understands. Without much notice, Kevin suddenly focuses on Jason again, who moans in surprise and shock.

Scotty smiles as he lies down beside Jason. He lets his fingers slide over the skin on Jason’s chest and belly, almost not touching it and Jason jerks under the shivers that it provokes. He sees the smile on Kevin’s face and then Scotty’s. Scotty moves closer to Jason’s lips. His mouth hovering just over Jason.

“Yes?” he asks permission and Jason swallows hard and nods, not able to say a word, then Scotty’s lips are on his. Warm, wet, moving softly, but with a certain intensity and he closes his eyes to let himself drift away. With Kevin thrusting deep inside of him and Scotty’s mouth on his he’s lost anyway and when he feels Scotty’s hand move lower and wrap around hard cock, he’s out of control.

He goes over the edge, his hand in Scotty’s hair, while pushing closer to Kevin. It’s too much, too fast, too soon, but it had been too long ago, since he felt this....
“It was too soon, too quick,...” he moans in tears of desperation, having no desire to leave already and go back, but Scotty kisses him softly and whispers in his ear:
“Sssh, we have all night. We’ll take it slower next time.”


No, of course not! Go to part 2
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