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New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine, I know
Summary: the title says it all.


At the party at the office Robert misses Kevin the first. He asks where Kevin is and after a bit of looking around, they notice he is not there anymore, until one of the secretaries gives them the answer. Kevin had to pick up Scotty at the restaurant, so he left early. Robert smiles, that makes sense. He’ll probably see Kevin tonight at Nora’s anyway. He lifts his glass and reminds all those working for him not to drink too much tonight…


At the restaurant the chef is running around frantically. Busy, busy, busy. He looks around. Somehow he regrets haven given Scotty the night off. It’s only fair, he guesses, because Scotty worked more in this kitchen than anyone else this year, but he misses Scotty. No matter how frantic it would get, Scotty always had this calm way of dealing with it, that would also make the others less panicky… But Scotty is not here, he has to deal with the panic himself.


At Nora’s, everyone wonders where Kevin and Scotty are. Nora apologizes for them. Scotty wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his friends and Kevin had agreed. Though it’s only natural that Kevin also considers Scotty, now that they are married, their presence is missed by all the others. Somehow, a party without them is not the same.


At Jordan’s apartment the drinks are served and everyone wonders where Scotty and Kevin are. Jordan laughs. Doesn’t everybody know how it goes with married couples and in-laws? Scotty called to say he had to spend the night with his mother-in-law… The general consensus is, that this is what you get for getting married. It takes away your freedom. But they all raise a glass to the two missing men, though at this point, they’ll raise their glass to anyone, if it means they can drink.


At exactly midnight Kevin and Scotty’s neighbors give their rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”. The house is filled with family and friends and they consider themselves lucky, that their upstairs neighbors, a gay couple, are not in. They can be as loud as they wish. They laugh and sing and drink champagne. They will continue to party until early in the morning no doubt….


At Kevin’s loft it’s remarkably quiet and dark. Except in the bedroom, where Scotty thrust into Kevin and Kevin’s moaned words make no sense at all. Scotty holds on to Kevin, pushing him nearly into the mattress. It is a bit rougher than Kevin is used to, but Scotty drives him nearly insane, so Kevin is not complaining.

He pushes back, his hard cock trapped between mattress and his own body, Scotty is heavy on him and he barely has the chance to do something, only to undergo the lovemaking at Scotty’s pace and speed. But he loves it when Scotty takes control like this. He begs for more, he wants it faster. The loud moan on top of him signals Scotty is very, very close and he feels Scotty’s teeth scrape the skin on his shoulder.

A shiver runs through him and it proves to be too much for his body…He surrenders to this overwhelming feeling as the orgasm finally hits him. He is vaguely aware that Scotty rolls off him, giving him some breathing space. He slowly turns on his side, so he can look at Scotty.
That was amazing.” He says.

“I swear I heard fireworks go off this time.” Scotty smiles, as the fireworks outside illuminates their room with green and yellow and red.
“Yeah, me too…. Thought I heard a choir of angels singing.” Kevin jokes. And Scotty starts to laugh.
“The neighbors weren’t that good….. Was I?”

“You?…. You were terrific.” Kevin compliments his husband with a sweet smile. “So? Any regrets about not spending New Year’s Eve with your friends?”
“None whatsoever. Did you miss your family tonight?”
“Not at all. Told you this was the right thing to do.” He grins and Scotty cannot help but agree. No better way to start the new year than with a nostalgic sex-romp.

The end

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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