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1.09 mistakes were made part 2

This was the first story I wrote for  episode 1.09 during the '39 steps' but it was too long and I didn't have the heart to cut corners, so I wrote another story for 39 steps, but I wanted to show you this one  as well. I still like it.

1.09 Mistakes were made part

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Sorry, ran out.
Extra: I’ve given the soldier Kevin met at the bar the name Nick. It makes it a bit more personal than ‘that soldier I slept with last night’ and it’s easier to type. :-D


They stopped at a gas-station, and watched Tommy make a run for the men’s room. Sarah hands over some coffee to Kevin.
“Attack of the killer taco.” Sarah grins pointing in the direction Tommy took.
“By the smell of the taco, it was not exactly a sneak-attack, but a massive pre-meditated attack…. Told him it was wrong.”

Sarah nods. Yes, Kevin had complained about the taste and smell and he usually has a good nose for it, but Tommy had merely laughed at him. Of course he hadn’t laughed the last mile and a half and he was probably not laughing now either.

Kevin watches the dust twirl in the breeze and he sighs. It’s hot and he wants to go home. They have good news about Ojai, a letter for Nora from William and Kevin had his one-night affair, the first one in a long time. And he feels bad. It should have been good. Nick had been a good lover, that wasn’t the point, it was just…..

“Are you alright?” Sarah asks.
“Perfect.” Kevin answers.
“You looked like you just lost your best friend…. Thinking about Nick?” she teases.
“Not so much.” Kevin puts on his sunglasses and for a second Sarah saw his eyes were all wet.

“Scotty? Were you thinking of him?”
“No.” Kevin sounds hoarse.
“Liar. Call him.” Sarah suggests.

“Why not?”
“He made it clear he wants nothing to do with me. Ever again.”
“If you love him….”
“I don’t.” Kevin denies, not very convincingly.

“Again: Liar.”
“It won’t make a difference if I did. He doesn’t want me.”
“Why not?”
“Doesn’t matter.”

“Kevin, you do the same thing as you did then, with Hank. No one knows why the two of you broke up. You were happy with him one day and the next it was over.”
“Doesn’t matter why. It’s over, it’s over. Done with.” And suddenly his jaw locks, Sarah sees that stubborn look on his face and she knows this look since... forever. Kevin closes the lines of communications.

“Do you want something to eat? I think I’ll get something to snack.” he asks.
“No, thanks.” She replies, shaking her head. Kevin shrugs and as she watches him walk away. Nice suit, dark hair, blue eyes, with confidence and pride, she is reminded of what she always knew to be true, that her brother is handsome, funny, charming, cynical and loving,…. And terribly, terribly lonely.

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