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random word generator: morning

the random word generator: morning

By Marea67
 The Walkers in general
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.
Summary: Another day starting for the Walkers.


There is something about the sun, early in the morning, coming into her room, that calls to Nora: Wake up! Get up! There are things to do! Time to enjoy! But this time Nora ignores the call, she turns her back to the sunbeam entering her room and her sleep. Her arms hugging her pillow, she dreams of William and of memories long gone, but her dream is a good one and she doesn’t want to wake up.

Unaware of her mother’s dreams Sarah switches off her alarm. She knows, she knows, the kids are here, no sleeping in..... She has to get up. Kids need to go to school, preferably fed, with brushed teeth and clean faces.... Then Kyle and Ethan demand her attention. Greenatopia is beginning to look like something... at last.... but... oh, five more minutes of sleep... puh-lease?

Kitty lies wide awake, with Robert in her arms. Her fingers caress his hair, keeping him asleep and comforted. She doesn’t need sleep to dream, to dream of her baby. The child she will hold in a few months. She wonders if it will be a boy or a girl. And what name to give him or her. Robert moans softly. She smiles. She loves him so much and with a child her happiness will be complete.

In another part of town, Tommy looks at his child. He knows that he wanted Kevin to be the father and he always had the idea Elizabeth was his. Was it the soft curls he knew Kevin had, when his hair was longer? Was it only wishful thinking? He runs his fingers through her hair and smiles tenderly. He can never get enough of looking at this little miracle of nature. A look at the clock tells him it’s time to go to the office and reluctantly he leaves his daughter’s bedroom.

The alarms go off. First Kevin’s, then Scotty’s. Scotty makes an annoyed sound and switches it off, turns over and crawls closer to Kevin. It’s the same story every day. He doesn’t want to let go of Kevin, but Kevin has to go to work, but before that he will re-set Scotty’s alarm to a time more convenient for Scotty. But until that moment Kevin just snuggles closer to Scotty, their legs entwining, arms around each other, kisses being exchanged, while still being half asleep. Just a few more minutes.

Rebecca’s hand appears from underneath the cover and hits the alarm-button. She misses twice, but eventually the sound is off. Justin now pops up as well. She laughs as his hair stands in all directions and he loves it if she smiles like that, early in the morning. He knows, it can’t stay like this, she needs to get ready for work, but for just 5 more minutes he wants to enjoy her company in this bed.

Another day has begun for the Walkers.

Tags: character - justin, character - kevin, character - kitty, character - rebecca, character - sarah, character - scotty, character - tommy, series - random word generator

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