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December 26th, 2008

Sort of follow up on: Christmas 2008

December 26th, 2008

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: R
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: The Walkers are still at the house in the Mountains.


Scotty shivers, it has been nice and warm in the bathroom, but not so much in their bedroom.
“One thing that is good about the electricity and heat being back on, we can have a decent hot shower…” he says, drying off.
“I don’t recall it being decent.” Kevin purrs in his ear, drying Scotty’s back, while kissing his shoulder. And Scotty shivers again, but necessarily from the cold this time.

“I mean, having hot water was decent, … not what we did during the shower…” He corrects himself and then with a large grin he continues: “Of course, this does mean that there is hardly any warm water left for the others.”
“Tough, serves them right for all the times, that I had cold water, because it took Tommy, Kitty or Sarah hours to get a shower with their lovers.”

“You’re ruthless.” Scotty laughs, kissing his husband on the nose.
“And YOU love it.” Kevin replies with certainty as he pushes Scotty on the bed and covers his naked body with his own. He pulls the sleeping bags up to cover them.
“Kev… we just had sex.” Scotty whines with a little smile, to show he’s not that serious about it.

“I know… I may be be older then you, my memory still works very well….. ahm, what’s your name again….?” Scotty tickles him in the side and Kevin squirms against him, both giggling now, until Kevin’s mouth on Scotty’s silences them both. Scotty quickly throws himself into the kiss with equal enthusiasm.

Fingers in each other’s hair, lips sliding over each other, tongues exploring, skin to skin, the intimacy between them is warm and soft. Having just found sexual satisfaction, this is about tenderness and being together, rather than arousal and they both just enjoy being in each other’s arms and being capable to love each other freely.

Eventually it is Kevin who breaks the kiss, lifting his head to gaze into Scotty’s eyes.
“This is the most beautiful Christmas I ever had. Only because I had it with you.” His soft-spoken words make Scotty bite his lip and choke up, for they are so sincere and seem to come straight from Kevin’s heart.

“I cannot remember ever having a warmer and more caring Christmas either.” Scotty says, pulling Kevin’s head down for another kiss, but then stopping to look at Kevin’s face, he raises his hand, his fingers following the lineson the face of the man, who holds his heart and with a tender smile he says:
“I love you.” Then Kevin smiles as well and bows his head. No further words are needed.

The end.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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