marea67 (marea67) wrote,

fanfic: pizza


By Marea67

Pairing: Kevin and Scotty

Rating: R.

Summary: Just a little sweet nothing.

Disclaimer: Don’t own the Walker or the Wandell




When Kevin enters the apartment, he is immediately struck by the silence. He puts down his briefcase and a smile appears on his face when he sees Scotty on the couch, in a deep sleep, that has not been disturbed by his coming in. Scotty looks tired and Kevin knows that he works too hard. He can imagine Scotty studying and dozing off. And a closer look reveals the books on the floor and a small notebook, where Scotty writes on, on the corner on the table.


Kevin kneels beside Scotty. He gently caresses Scotty’s face before kissing him softly on the lips. Scotty’s long eyelashes move a bit, but he doesn’t open his eyes. Instead he murmurs:

“You’d better be Kevin, or I am in serious problems.”  Kevin laughs and this, in turn, creates a smile on Scotty’s face. He opens his eyes and Kevin is reminded of how beautiful the color blue can be.


“Are you early or am I late?”

“It’s nearly six.” Kevin replies. Scotty tries to sit up, but his body is still lazy and not in the mood to wake up.

“I’ll make us something to eat.” Scotty says, falling back on the couch.

“You know, why don’t we order some pizza?”

“I can make them.” Scotty shrugs.


“I know… and they are absolutely delicious, but also full of healthy vegetables, fresh herbs and such. And tonight I am really in the mood for an old-fashioned pizza  filled with sticky fat cheese and preservatives and little to no vegetables, one that will make my cholesterol level shoot sky-high.”

“Oh, one of those.” Scotty understands. “And after the pizza?”

“Hot shower, hot sex, cold drinks, early in bed. In no particular order.”


“Multiple choice options? Or do I get to try them all?”

“Every single one of them. And take your time….”

“If I take my time, early to bed won’t be an option…” Scotty reminds him, but that makes Kevin’s smile only brighter…

“Yes, it will. I never mentioned we would get some early sleep.” 

“Ooooh, sounds even better.” Scotty grins.


Kevin quickly places the order and Scotty disappears into the kitchen to make a salad to go with the pizza. He’s adamant about eating his daily ration of vegetables and Kevin cannot complain. Kevin feels better and healthier himself, for eating together with Scotty. He also noticed that he lost weight and looked better due to the fact that he often went with Scotty to the gym. Not to mention that he has no complaints about his love-life. He has not felt so fulfilled in years. And others around him have complimented him upon how good he looks these days.


He follows Scotty to the kitchen, but only to look at him from the doorway. Scotty seems so confident now. Moving with a certain grace that excites Kevin. As if he can feel Kevin staring at him, Scotty looks up and smiles at Kevin. A smile that is immediately replied to with a tenderness that Kevin could never imagine displaying for anyone, but he can with Scotty. He slowly dares to express his love more openly.


“Open up a bottle of wine?” Scotty suggests and Kevin nods and disappears from view. Scotty is still smiling. He sometimes can’t believe how easy things can be between them. If it would be just about him and Kevin, life would be perfect. He enjoys his life with Kevin now that the cloud of Jason is gone. He retrieved all his personal possessions from his friends, where things had been stored. They had to re-shuffle everything in Kevin’s loft to find a place for Scotty’s belongings, what they didn’t need was stored at Nora’s house.


Their home now seems mis-matched, but it has become their place and they both enjoy living here. Scotty no longer feels like a visitor. His bags are permanently unpacked. His toothbrush is next to Kevin’s. His clothes share shelf-space with Kevin’s. His cds and dvds are mixed with Kevin’s. They borrow from eachother where possible and for the first time in a long time Scotty actually feels home.


When the pizza arrives and they are eating, Scotty asks:

“So, what are your real plans for tonight?”

“I have to read a file and make some notes. It looked like an easy case, when I took it, but it turns out to be more complicated. So I need to prepare myself,  before I speak to the people involved tomorrow morning.”

“Mind if I study with you at the table?”

“No, ‘course not.” Kevin replies.


So one hour later, they are sitting opposite eachother at Kevin’s dinnertable. Scotty makes notes in his study book while Kevin works on his laptop. When Scotty looks up, he sees Kevin’s blue eyes fixed on the screen, a frown on his face as if he is very concentrated on his work, he makes some corrections and continues to read a letter in front of him. Scotty stretches his long legs under the table. His feet accidentally come in contact with Kevin’s. There’s nothing but a mere glance from Kevin. Scotty gently lets his feet slide up against Kevin’s. His eyes are still on the screen, but there is an amused look on Kevin’s face as he ‘replies’ with careful nudge of his own feet.  Scotty grins, continues to  highlight some text in his book as Kevin jolts down some words on the papers in his file.


Kevin places his left hand above the file as he is writing and Scotty’s left hand ‘casually’ covers Kevin’s. As if suddenly aware that someone is looking at him, Kevin looks up to catch the look on Scotty’s face, he sees Scotty bite his lip, the smouldering look in his eyes a promise for the evening to come. Right now, Kevin wants nothing more but to get up, walk over to Scotty and kiss him endlessly, but …

“Scots, you are distracting me.”

“Am I?” Scotty asks, the innocence on his face is absolutely fake and Kevin knows it.

“Please, 20 minutes and I’ll be all yours. But let me finish this.” 

“20 minutes?” Scotty’s voice is low and sensual and  seems to vibrate right to Kevin’s groin.

“20 minutes.” Kevin replies breathlessly.


He pulls his hand away from Scotty to type up something and Scotty feels a bit disappointed, but once Kevin is finished he places his hand  right back on Scotty’s. It stays there for a few minutes as they both go on with their work and study, until Scotty becomes vaguely aware that Kevin is moving his hand suggestively up and down his index-finger. Scotty straitens his finger as if it just went ‘stiff’ under the caresses and he can hear Kevin’s soft chuckle.


Finally Kevin closes his file and switches off his computer.

“Done.” Scotty slowly closes his book, he gets up and walks around to  be closer to Kevin.

“We already covered the ‘cold drinks’…” he says, pointing at the wine on the table.”What’s next?”

Kevin plays with the buttons on Scotty’s shirt, he hears how Scotty holds his breath, when, one after the other, the buttons come undone and reveal the warm skin underneath .  Scotty arches into Kevin’s caresses. A small noise escapes as Kevin kisses his stomach and Scotty’s fingers run through Kevin’s hair.


“So, I guess, we go for ‘early to bed’ and ‘hot sex’, right?”

“You mind?” Kevin asks with his hands on Scotty’s hips, pulling him closer.  For one moment Scotty almost stops breathing, because this feels so good, but then he exhales and with an unsteady voice he answers:

“No. Not really, but I was really looking forward to the hot shower….” The hot look he gets from Kevin, makes him shiver. “… but three out of four isn’t bad, I guess.”

“No, it’s not.” Kevin agrees, as he gets up and leads the way to the bedroom.








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