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Christmas 2008 part 4/7

Christmas 2008

Part 4/7: Gloria in excelsis deo

By Marea67
About: Walkers, Wandells, McCallisters, Harpers, Whedons, Holdens, the whole clan
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: I love it when a plan comes together....


“You won’t believe what happened today.....” Scotty starts excited as he enters the loft. Kevin looks up, long enough to receive a loving kiss on the lips from his husband and to reply to it by putting his hand at the back of Scotty’s head and pulling him closer to him. For a moment Scotty lets it happen, but then he pulls back.

“Let me tell....?” he begs, his eyes sparkling with joy. Kevin rolls his eyes, He doesn’t want to talk he wants to kiss and kiss again… but Scotty looks like a little boy with a secret to tell and so:
“Please, tell me what happened today…” Kevin replies.
“Guess who will NOT be working at Christmas?” Scotty asks with a big smile.

Kevin gives Scotty a befuddled look. He has no clue what... Scotty… is…. Then the answer sinks in.
“You?” he wonders softly, a look of careful joy on his face. Scotty nods. And Kevin can’t believe it! They will actually have Christmas together!!! “But I thought you said you had to work...?”
“I did! And I was supposed to, but Louis called me into his office this morning.”

Kevin digs in his memory and then it comes back to him. Louis and Andre are the two owners the restaurant. Louis is the man in charge of the kitchen and Andre is more in the background, taking care of bookkeeping and the logistical side of running a restaurant. Louis is also Scotty’s immediate boss.

“Turns out that Louis wants to work at Christmas. He and Andre have broken up. They have been together for nearly 25 years. Can you imagine? They had a huge fight and Andre went back to France to ‘cool off’ and Louis is still fuming here in America. ”
“Ouch, that doesn’t sound too good.”

“If they split up, it will get tough….. But for now they are just mad at each other, Louis wants to work and unleash his ‘creative energy’ and I’m free for Christmas!.... So what will be our plans?” Scotty asks excitedly and the smile on Kevin’s face fades a bit. “Kevin?” A little painful look comes to Kevin’s face and he inhales as he says:

“Mom came with something. …. As an option,… because I first wanted to discuss it with you. A friend of hers has some place in the mountains somewhere and mom wants all of us to go there with her. And I thought that… considering you’d be working all the time and I would be alone here, lonely without you…. I haven’t really accepted anything yet. You see, I told her that, I couldn’t go, because I wanted to be with you. ….

But Tommy and Julia have accepted, as has Sarah, Justin and Rebecca and Robert and Kitty are a definite ‘no’. So… Maybe you can come along?” Kevin suggests. Scotty makes a face, he wanted Christmas alone with Kevin, but… on the other hand. Christmas with the Walkers could prove to be entertaining…

“Which secrets aren’t out of the bag yet?” he asks. Kevin smiles, understanding Scotty’s little dig at how Walker dinners always end disastrously.
“I’m sure mom will love it if you joined us. You know how much she loves you.” Kevin says quietly, knowing very well that Nora is important to Scotty.
That is emotional blackmail.” Scotty says.
“I know.” Kevin grins, kissing his husband sweetly on the nose.

“Hi, mom.” Rebecca says cheerful. Holly looks up, Rebecca’s cheer is aggravating her headache.
“Why are you so happy?” she replies more grumpy than she planned.
“I’m spending Christmas with the Walkers.” She says and Holly’s face expresses her disappointment.
“You will? Why? I thought.. you might want to spend it with me.”

“Mom, you hate Christmas.”
“No, I don’t, I just never felt like celebrating, but I hoped this year….”
“I’m sorry, but I already said yes to Nora.” Rebecca, not very regretful.
“Nora, of course.” Holly says bitter and Rebecca frowns in anger.

“You always claim to dislike Christmas. I can’t remember the last time we spend it together.”
“So, you just accept Nora’s invite and didn't consider that I would be alone.”
“That was never a problem for you before.” Rebecca defends herself. “You just can’t stand the fact that I’ll be having a good time…. With the Walkers.”

Holly looks at Rebecca. She recognizes that the Walkers still have a strong hold on her daughter. She must move carefully to not break the frail relationship they have now. So she swallows her pride and with a smile of regret she says:
“I’m sorry, Becca. I’m tired. You are right. I never cared much about Christmas, … I hope you will at least New Year’s Eve with me?”

“I’ll have to ask Justin first. Don’t know what his plans are.” Rebecca replies, still irritated.
“Naturally. Let me know?” Holly smiles. Rebecca nods and she leaves her mother’s office . Holly clenches her fist. She hates Nora Walker, for being so good in drawing in Rebecca. And there are more reasons to hate Nora….

Bored Saul listens to Ida talk and talk. Something about mrs Jones from no 68, cheating at bingo, always delaying the game, because cards have to be double checked. Endlessly fascinating naturally, he nods again as if she can see him, which she can’t, not that it matters, because she keeps on talking. Oh, he’s used to it by now. He closes his eyes, counts to twenty again and then says:
“Mother… if I may…”

“Sorry, of course.” Ida replies, surprised at being interrupted by her son.
“I just wanted to set time and date with you. I will arrive at the airport on the 24th at around….”
“Airport?... You’re coming here? Again?”
“Mother, when I left, just before Thanksgiving, I told you I’d be with you for Christmas….?”

“If you say so, but I don’t remember…. It’s inconvenient… I’ve .. I forgot… I’ve made other plans…” Ida stammers and then quickly throwing the blame on Saul: “Why didn’t you call me sooner?” Saul’s grip on the phone tightens, but then he let’s go again.
“Do you wish to cancel, mother?” He asks friendly, maybe even hopeful, though he will not admit to himself.

“Yes.... If you can still change your plans.”
“Oh, I can.” Saul says gritting his teeth, but still smiling.
“That is wonderful, dear… Which is good because….” And she starts a long monologue and Saul makes a mental note to call Nora and see what she’s doing with Christmas and if he squeeze an invitation to dinner out of her...

Nora looks from one to the other. Kevin triumphantly and Scotty just with a sweet smile on his face watching Kevin’s enthusiasm.
“…. So you see, we can come as well.” Kevin finishes his story and Nora’s smile is worth the ride over to her house.

“That is great news! It wouldn’t be the same without your two.” She says, smiling more at Scotty, than at Kevin and Scotty shyly bows his head. He is still not used to Nora’s open expression of motherly tenderness towards him, a tenderness that he has missed for so long. It still touches him deeply, when she smiles at him with a certain pride, that he hasn’t seen in his own mother for years.

“Well, let’s see, that makes you two, uncle Saul,…
“… thought he was at grandma’s?” Kevin says swallowing his coffee.
“No, grandma forgot and made other arrangements, you can imagine how sad Saul was about that.”

“Vividly.” Kevin remarks dryly.
“… and then there will Justin, Rebecca, Tommy, Julia, Lizzie. Sarah and the kids, Kitty… oh Kitty! She’ll be there.”
“Really? Kevin, I thought you said they wouldn’t come.” Scotty replies.

“Yes, that is what I thought Robert said.”
“Uncle Jack has the flu, so no visitors for him. There is however one little problem…”
“What?” Kevin asks.
“I thought you wouldn’t come…. “ Nora replies hesitantly.

“But then Kitty called and told about Jack... and how Robert had looked forward to spend some time with not only kids, but also his brother and I agreed to letting Jason come along…. Oh, we’ll just have uninvited Jason….” She says casually, but it shows that it bothers her. Kevin and Scotty look at each other and Kevin shrugs.

“You decide, Scotty. This is one I cannot win.”
“Cannot win?”
“If I say that I don’t mind that Jason comes, you’ll get all jealous. If I have him uninvited, I’ll come across like a big jerk who carries a grudge, which I don’t.... I can’t win this one.”

Scotty smiles and shakes his head, then he tells Nora:
“If Kevin doesn’t mind that Jason is there, then neither do I... and considering that Kevin apparently doesn’t, there is no reason to uninvited him…. but you might want to warn Jason about Kevin and me being there. I have no idea how he feels about everything.” Nora nods, she agrees with Scotty’s words. She is completely happy. Two more days and she’ll have the whole family together.

She screams as she wakes up, she’s in tears, upset, shaking all over her body. Again she leaves her bed and as she walks to her kitchen she turns on every light she sees. In the kitchen she sits down, letting the cool water bottle touch her skin again. She shivers once again. Another look at the clock.

5.28 am. Another troubled night. Another nightmare filled night. She wants to stop dreaming, but she can’t. The dream haunts her every night and she so tired of waking up scared out of her wits. But she has no choice, she needs sleep. She cries softly, but then picks herself up again, gets dressed. There’s no option. She can’t go back to sleep. She'll dream again.

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