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random word generator: obligation

the random word generator: obligation

By Marea67
About: Rebecca
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


Rebecca checks herself in the mirror. The dress is cute and very black. Justin will love to see her wear it, she’s sure of it. She adjusts her earrings. It will be a Walker dinner … at Sarah’s… one of the obligations of being someone’s girlfriend. She sighs. That is not fair. They are not an obligation, it just depresses her to realize that she is no longer a Walker.

Through Justin she’s still close to them, true. And everyone has tried their best not to be mad at her for Holly’s lies, to accept her relationship with Justin and keep seeing her as a member of the family, but sometimes she feels they are trying too hard. It seems forced. The harder they try to keep her inside, the more she feels like an outsider.

Especially now the relationship with Holly is slowly getting better, she feels like she had to weigh her words more carefully. At the same time she loves them. She loves their unity and their way of trying to embrace everyone. Look at tonight. Sarah throws a nice little family get-together, to celebrate Scotty’s career. How nice is that?

She is slightly worried about the ‘friend’ Justin invited for Saul. Somehow it would seem to her, that if Saul wanted someone, he was quite capable to find one himself. What worries her even more, was the fun her mother had and Rebecca fears that Holly might be right about this dinner blowing up in Justin’s face. And she dearly hopes that that will not happen.

For Justin is so enthusiastic about the idea. He wants to see his uncle Saul happy and she sincerely hopes this Paul will turn out to be a nice guy. She knows she’s bias about this, but hooking Saul up with someone you met at an NA meeting? She cannot say anything to Justin about her worries. After all, he also goes to NA meetings. And she doesn’t want him to think, that she thinks less of him. She knows he fights a war on a daily basis.

“Wow! … You look great.” Justin says, stepping out of the shower. She smiles at him.
“Do you like it?”
“Love it.” Justin replies, almost undressing her with his eyes. “If.. uh… you don’t want to go? We could stay home you know…” He wraps his arms around her, moving suggestively to make her understand that he wasn’t thinking of a game of ‘go fish’.

“No, Justin. We are going. We promised Sarah. We can’t let Scotty or Kevin down.”
“Sheesh, you make it sound like some obligation…”
“It’s not.” Rebecca says thoughtful. “It will be a pleasure.” Justin smiles.
“Let’s get ready then…”
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