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random word generator: dots

the random word generator: dots

By Marea67
About: Holly/Rebecca/Tommy/2 unnamed co-workers at Ojai.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


“Wow! That dress has dots…” Rebecca is stunned as her mother walks into her office, wearing a black dress with large, brightly yellow … whatshallwecallits? “Maybe you stop playing paint-ball before you go to work?” she suggests.
“I thought the dress was rather cheerful.” Holly replies, looking down. She loves the dress. She even has matching large yellow earrings.

“Yeah.” Rebecca says doubtful. “That is one way of looking at it.” And she takes the file from her mother’s hand and proceeds to file it. Holly, feeling a bit unnerved by her daughter’s reaction leaves the office again, bumping into Tommy around the corner. Tommy, usually not the most attentive person when it comes to noticing what others are wearing, takes a long look at her.
“That is…. Yellow!” He comments and Holly feels annoyed. Is everyone picking on her dress today?

“I like the dress.” She defends herself.
“Fine for you.” Tommy replies. “Whatever makes you feel comfortable.” But in his mind he knows that, if Julia would ever wear something like that, he’d make her take it back. That and the earrings. But Holly is her own woman and he has no right to tell her what to wear or not.

When she passes the front-desk, she hears a bit of giggling, but when she looks around everyone is busy studying their papers… Maybe this bright dress was not such a good idea after all. She lets her shoulders drop. It’s not easy to find things that are still colorful and cheerful. And her love for bright colors is hard to satisfy.

Once around the corner and out of sight, she hears one of the girls say.
“Oh, my God! I wouldn’t want to be found that dead in that dress.”
“Keep your voice down. She’ll hear you.” Another one answers.
“Nah, she’s long gone to her office. For one moment I’d thought she would start to work as a clown at the hospital or something. Just add a red nose..”

Her colleague laughs and uncharitably replies:
“That would require her to have heart, no?”
“Oh, you.” A small slapping sound is heard and then there’s silence and Holly slinks back into the ladies room. She looks at her own reflection in the mirror.

From her long blonde hair, her blue eyes and the wrinkles in her face, to the curves she still has, the dress accentuates every one of them and she straightens her back… she looks good. The others are so wrong. She is obviously a step ahead of them. And she does have a heart, it’s been broken plenty of times. And she has guts. And a large chunk of stocks in William’s company…. She smiles at herself, straightens her shoulders. She’s ready to fight again.
Tags: character - holly, character - rebecca, character - tommy, series - random word generator

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