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Promises made. Second day.

Promises made. Second day.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty did promise……
Extra: kinda/sorta sequal to promises made


Kevin: “….So, I won’t antagonize them by French kissing you in front of them.”
Scotty: “I promise to make it up to you when they are gone.”
Kevin: “You’d better.”


Kevin knows he shouldn’t say anything, but he’s glad that Bertha and Wally are gone. It’s been a bad weekend and though eventually Scotty’s parents were slightly defrosted when they left, the California sun hadn’t really melted them.
“I know, it’s not nice to say this, but I’m so glad they are gone.” Scotty sighs.

Kevin, wisely, shuts up but sits down next to his husband, he shifts a bit so he can put his head on Scotty’s shoulder. Automatically Scotty’s arm slides around Kevin, pulling him closer.
“I’m sorry, I ruined you weekend.” He says quietly. “It meant so much to you. Where have I been with my head these last weeks?”
“Making partner?” Scotty suggests carefully.

“It shouldn’t have been at the cost of my own partner.” Kevin sighs, Scotty agrees, but doesn’t say anything. He is not really angry at Kevin anymore. They have both been under a lot of stress. Kevin about maybe becoming partner and Scotty about seeing his parents again, but with his parents gone and Kevin no longer considered a future partner in the law-firm, not this year anyway, the tension is suddenly all gone.
All these weeks of pent-up nervousness had reached its peak yesterday and now they both felt completely wrung out. But it’s quiet in the loft. The sunshine coming in through the windows is warm and gentle and they are both too lazy to do something. Scotty simply wants to enjoy the feeling of Kevin close to him, being able to hold him without begin judged.

Scotty smiles as Kevin’s hand slides over his chest, playing with the buttons of his shirt. He opens them, so he can touch the skin underneath.
“I missed touching you.” He softly says and Scotty cannot help but nod. Which reminds him….
“I have a promise to keep.”

“Mhmm? What are you talking about?” Kevin does not want Scotty to go anywhere.
“I’d make it up to you…. About the keeping down the PDA’s…” Scotty reminds him.
“I already figured out that I have forfeited that…” Kevin says a bit sad, but Scotty just smiles and gets up. He takes Kevin’s hand and guides him to the bedroom.

Kevin looks up, hopeful, as Scotty undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt, letting his hands gently caress, Kevin’s chest, feeling the hairs under his fingertips. Kevin closes his eyes. Scotty kisses his shoulder as he frees Kevin’s arm from the sleeve. He kisses the other shoulder and the shirt falls to the ground, immediately followed by Scotty’s t-shirt.

He gets on the bed and Kevin follows him wordlessly. They both lie down on their side. Kevin looks at Scotty with desire and Scotty loves the expectation in his eyes and the way he anxiously bites his lip, waiting for Scotty to take the first step. Scotty raises his hand and gently lets his fingertips come into touch with Kevin’s cheek.

“I love you.” Scotty says enamored and Kevin swallows hard, suddenly shy and Scotty cannot help but be amazed how those three little words can still make Kevin so insecure. He softly whispers an astounded ‘really?’ as if he cannot imagine why on Earth Scotty would love him and Scotty, once again, feels incredibly touched by Kevin’s display of vulnerability. Very few people get to see it and he is one of them who does.

He closes his eyes and lets his lips caress Kevin’s, coaxing Kevin to part his lips and when he finally does, Scotty deepens the kiss. At first Kevin lets it happen, but then he slowly replies to Scotty’s kiss. The kiss is slow, warm, wet, caring and seemingly endless. They only kiss, lips sliding over each other, tasting, playing with each other’s tongue, occasionally a little laughter between them as they tease each other.

Scotty can feel Kevin completely relax, slowly rolling on his back and taking Scotty on top of him, without breaking the kiss too much. A hand on the back of his head, another one in the hollow of his back, Scotty cannot ‘escape’ from Kevin’s arms, but that was not part of his plan anyway. Scotty moves against him slowly, he has no desire to get this over with quickly and fortunately Kevin is not looking for a quick solution either.

Kevin moans softly and Scotty lifts his head, breaking their kiss. He then gently traces the lines in Kevin’s face. Kevin looks up at him, the blue of his eyes seemingly darker and he has a sweet smile on his lips when he takes Scotty’s hand and kisses the inside, from the wrist to the palm of the hand to the tips of each finger, letting the fingertips into his mouth and softly suck on them.

He hears Scotty breath in deeply, almost as if he’s shocked, but when Kevin looks up at him, Scotty’s eyes are closed, he’s silently enjoying Kevin’s tenderness. Kevin continues his actions, until Scotty breaks the moment by getting on his hands and knees over Kevin.
“I want you.” He only says and Kevin shivers, for the look of lust in Scotty’s eyes sets him on fire.

He reaches down and unbuttons Scotty’s jeans. He hears Scotty hiss when Kevin’s fingers touch Scotty’s erection and with a little grin his fingers slide down the zipper even further and Scotty moans softly. Scotty gets off the bed and quickly undresses himself and then he continues to undress Kevin, with Kevin’s help.

Casually letting the clothes fall on the ground Scotty looks down on Kevin, lying on his back, lips parted, blue eyes filled with lust, totally aroused and ready to be taken. He cannot help but swallow hard at the sight of Kevin being this wanting for love-making. He crawls on the bed, between Kevin’s legs, caressing them, as he moves closer to Kevin. His strong hands are almost massaging Kevin’s stomach and hips.

Kevin makes a small sound as he closes his eyes and moves his lower body up into the caresses. Then he feels Scotty’s mouth on him and it doesn’t take long for him to find the rhythm he’s searching for. He has barely adjusted to the delight of Scotty’s lips on him or he feels Scotty preparing him and Scotty’s fingers finding their way inside him.

It is almost too much. He’s caught between Scotty’s wonderful lips and his experienced fingers. And regardless of how he moves, he gets tormented either way.
“Scotty,…. Please…. I’m…” he pants almost unable to control himself. Scotty moves away a bit, to get himself ready.

Kevin doesn’t care much about the initial discomfort. He can handle that, he just wants Scotty to move, to do something, but Scotty only slowly pushes himself inside, a look of ecstasy on his face. Once he’s deep inside Kevin he shivers:
“There is no better place to be, then inside you.” And between his long eye-lashes he sees the victorious smile on Kevin’s face. The smile gets echoed by Scotty as he starts to thrust.

He’s obviously close himself for he doesn’t give himself or Kevin much time. He speeds up very quickly, watching Kevin’s hand curl around his own swollen cock. Kevin closes his eyes. Vaguely Scotty is aware of Kevin’s encouraging ‘yes’, ‘more’ and less articulated sounds. All his muscles tense, but he wants to control himself just little longer before he comes, but then he can see and feel Kevin go over the edge and he loses himself as well.


“So, was that enough gratitude for you?” Scotty mumbles, while Kevin lies in his arms.
“Mhmmm.” Is the rather inarticulate answer.
“Which means?”
“It was most satisfying.” Kevin admits and Scotty gently caresses Kevin’s back. “Are you still angry with me?”

“No, not really, I can’t stay mad at you, you know that.”
“I was kind of hoping on that.” Kevin admits. “Scotty, I do love you and I really wanted to make a good impression on your parents. I want them to be proud of you … and me … and give us a fair chance. I only wanted the best for you.”

“I know, honey. But we were fighting a losing war when it comes to my parents, I’m afraid. They are not proud of me, or you. They have trouble tolerating us. Next time they come to visit, I will certainly do things differently. I was so stressed out about pleasing them, I couldn’t be myself. And you… you were you… just the way I know and love you… and stop trying to impress my family… The only person you need to impress is me and you’re doing a good job….” And to prove that he claims Kevin’s mouth once again.

The End.

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