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By Marea67
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: does every story have to be about something?
Extra: Takes place during 3.09, after Kevin/Scotty leave Nora’s house that evening.


“All I need now is a long, hot,... verrry hot shower.” Kevin says as he throws his keys on the table.
“Go on ahead, I’ll join you in a few seconds.” Scotty replies, quickly looking through their mail.
“Promise?” Kevin begs and Scotty looks at him and smiles just long enough for Kevin to steal a quick kiss from his husband.


Kevin bows his head to feel the hot water go down his back and calm his aching muscles. Everything hurts. How could he have let his mother talk him into this? He should know better. He really should by now. But he then stops thinking like that. The hot water feels so good, he closes his eyes and just enjoys as the pain lessens.

The shower curtain moves behind him and, for a moment, there is the colder air outside the shower that hits his warm skin. He shivers, not sure if it the cold air, the soft hands slowly moving from his waist to his belly or the hardness poking him from behind, which signals to him that Scotty has more in mind then just washing off the dust.

He smiles, as he moves his body against Scotty’s. Scotty has just enough time to kiss his ear, before Kevin turns in his arms, wraps his arms around his husband and replies to the kisses with equal passion and hardness. Scotty pushes him back and pressed between Scotty and the wall, Kevin undergoes Scotty’s rhythmic movements without much complaint.

Kevin’s hands are massaging Scotty’s back and caressing the painful spots, which is not easy considering Scotty is taller than him, but he relies on his sense of touch more than on his eyes. But eventually Kevin breaks the kiss and moves down and Scotty watches him go down on his knees. He closes his eyes and tries to figure out which is hotter, the water on his back or Kevin’s mouth on him.

It doesn’t take long for a winner to emerge. It’s definitely Kevin’s lips. He moans as Kevin drives him closer to the edge.
“Kev....” he begs softly and Kevin knows Scotty is close, so he stops, but lets his hand softly caress Scotty’s cock not to lose too much momentum.

He shoves the curtain aside and pushes Scotty to the bedroom and on the bed. It is a little wrestling-match that Kevin wins with ease (or is it Scotty who concedes too easily?) Scotty, on his back, closes his eyes and enjoys the touch of Kevin’s fingers on his, still wet, skin. He hears the drawer being opened and shut, followed by Kevin’s hands touching him, preparing him.

He peaks at Kevin’s concentrated face and closes his eyes again. He can’t help but let out a small moan of pain as the first thrusts are not as gentle as he is accustomed to and he hears Kevin apologize between breaths:
“I’m sorry... I’m so sorry... I want you so much.”

Scotty shakes his head. It’s alright with him. He tries to relax under Kevin’s softly caressing hand and not long after the first painful moments, Scotty is lost in the ecstasy that Kevin brings him. He no longer thinks about the initial discomfort or his aching muscles. He just pushes up against Kevin’s body, wanting to feel Kevin as deep inside him as possible. And Kevin happily obliges.


They are nothing but a satisfied, tired and lazy tangle of arms and legs. Wrapped in each other’s arms, in the middle of the bed, covered by the duvet, but the sheets still wet with the water from the shower and the result of their love-making, they want nothing more than just be together.

“Do you have any idea how much you turned me on today?” Kevin eventually mumbles slowly.
“Considering our ‘acrobatics’ a few minutes ago, I have a good idea.” Scotty grins.
“That was just the tip of the ice-berg.” Kevin says and Scotty lifts his head a bit.
“If that was just the tip, I’m not sure I am physically and emotionally able to handle the rest.”

Scotty can feel Kevin laugh and he makes a mental note that this is the last time he will let Nora Walker talk him into giving up his day off, especially if his day off coincides with Kevin’s day off. Next time they have a day together, Scotty will kidnap Kevin and take him to place where he can spend all his time lying in bed like this with Kevin, because that is actually far more satisfying and less painful on his muscles.

The end.

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