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quick read fanfic: Good walls.

Good walls.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: R.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: does every story have to be about something?
Extra: during 3.09

“What a dump.” Scotty cannot help but say. He and Kevin are in the last bedroom of the house Nora bought. “Can I just say that I’m glad you sold it to your mom, and that WE don’t have to live here.”
“I agree.” Kevin bought this house for Scotty without Scotty having a say in it and he still feels a bit foolish about it and, yes, he too, is glad that Nora still wanted it.

“Well, at least the walls are strong.” Kevin says, tapping on one of them with his knuckles, before turning around and leaning against it. Scotty moves closer to him.
“That’s for sure.” He says as he places one hand next to Kevin’s head and then the other on the other side, ‘trapping’ Kevin between his arms.

Kevin is not very impressed, he merely grins and letting his hands slip under Scotty’s shirt, he pulls Scotty closer until Scotty’s lips are on his and Scotty’s body is against him. Scotty laughs softly and Kevin can’t help but join him, because it so good to just be together. Their kiss deepens even more, but they get disturbed when a voice at the door says:

“Can’t you guys just get a room?” Scotty stops kissing Kevin, but doesn’t turn to Justin.
“I think they just did,” Scotty can hear Saul say. “They just forgot to close the door.” Scotty smiles down on Kevin’s face. He can’t look away from those blue eyes, that beg for more, than has been given so far.

“Yeah, why don’t you close the door on your way out? And give us, say, 10 minutes?” Scotty asks in low voice. A blush spreads across Kevin’s face. There’s a little sniggering behind their backs from Saul and Justin, who don’t believe that Kevin and Scotty will actually do something, but Kevin has seen the look in Scotty’s eyes and he knows they will.

The door gets closed, it’s quiet in the room again and Scotty smiles:
“Now, where we again?”
“Somewhere here, I believe.” Kevin replies, pulling Scotty closer to him and offering his mouth to another kiss and now Scotty's memory comes back to him too.


When Kevin and Scotty come down the stairs, about 20 minutes later, there is a smug smile on both their faces. Saul shakes his head and Justin can’t help but grin. Nora sees them come into the room and annoyed she asks:
“Where have you two been?”

Her question is greeted with sudden laughter from the four men and she immediately knows why. “Oh, you two.” She scolds, not really sincere, “Get to work. You’ve wasted enough time.” But when she turns away, she can’t help but grin, happy that Kevin found someone, who makes him feel comfortable enough to have some dirty fun in his mother's house. 

The End
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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