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Fanfic: A Valentine Blizzard 06/06

A Valentine Blizzard 06/06

By Marea67
Rate: Working up to an NC-17 (Hopefully)
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Valentine's coming up and neither Kevin nor Scotty are looking for love.
A/N - Corona-virus is too depressing so I've kicked that one out of my story. :)
Not sure if it will be finished on Valentine's Day. The boys keep circling around each other too much, I think they need a firm push in the back. ;)
And allow for some "artistic freedom' where the story might be incorrect with weather-patterns and geography. It's not a documentary but a fluffy story. :)

This was not the ending I had in mind, but due to personal circumstances (I've lost my mother-in-law due to the Corona-virus)
I just couldn't finish the story as I wanted. My heart is not in it anymore. I had planned to write some more, but now I've just tied up the story to give it a fair ending.

Scotty moans and stretches a bit. Something woke him up from his sleep. He opens his eyes when he hears a clanging sound, but then he relaxes. It's probably Kevin.... But there's a hand on his belly that is not his... it's Kevin's. So if Kevin is here what is that sound? ... Another not so loud bang, like a door closing. He can hear a mumbling sound.

"Kev! Kevin, wake up! There's someone in the house!" Scotty shakes Kevin awake.
"Whah? What are you talking about?" Kevin asks grumpily.
"There's someone ... In the house..." Scotty repeats.
"Don't be ridiculous. No one has the key to get in.." Kevin reasons.

His words are immediately contradicted by a thud and a voice.
"What the...?" Kevin sits up as a man walks in.
"Whoah! Can't you at least cover up?" The man immediately bitches.
"Well, sorry, I didn't exactly expect you to crash this place." Kevin bites back.

The man takes a look at Scotty.
"That your boyfriend?"
"..Mom know?"

"Is that teh Scotty that's mom's been going on about?"
"He is. Can't you speak in full, grammatically correct sentences? I wouldn't want Scotty to think you're an idiot." The man looks at Scotty, then at Kevin.

"If he wants to date you then he's the idiot." He shrugs. "Wait till mom hears about this."
"Tommy, wait, there's no need...." He planned to say 'call her', but then he hears Tommy yell towards the kitchen and Scotty realizes that this is Tommy, Kevin's older brother. Probably the only one in Kevin's family he hasn't met yet.

"Mom! Kevin is here! With his new boyfriend! That Scotty you've been going on about!"
"I hate you." Kevin says.
"Love you too, bro." Tommy grins.
"Mom's not really here, is she? You're just clowning around."

The door swings open and Nora walks in, only to see Kevin and Scotty sitting there on the couch turned into bed. Her face lights up.
"I knew it! I knew that if I'd get you two here, it would change everything. Didn't I tell you boys that?" She asks Tommy.

"Only, oh-I-don't-know, a couple of hundred times as we were driving up here." Tommy answers sarcastically.
"You guys?" Kevin asks with a worried face. The door swings open once more and this time a younger man walks in. Scotty immediately recognizes Justin, Kevin's younger brother.

Kevin groans.
"What are all of you doing here?" He asks, clearly not impressed, while Scotty feels downright awkward, because he's completely naked under the blanket and he wishes everyone would just go away so he could at least get dressed.

"Mom was 'concerned' about the 'house' and the 'blizzard'. " Justin makes quotation marks in the air.
"As if. All she wanted was for you two boys to end up banging each other on Valentine's Day." Tommy says, but he winks at Scotty.

"Tommy, do you really have to be so rude?" Nora scolds.
"Excuse me? You're dragging Justin and me up here to 'check on the place', knowing full well that Kevin is here to have some fun with his boyfriend, and you interrupt them in whatever-they-were-doing-naked, but somehow I'm the one who's rude?" Tommy wonders.

As if Nora only now notices the clothes, including underwear, on the ground, she looks at the 2 men on the bed. She hesitates and then decides.
"You two better get dressed. I'll make a pot of coffee and some warm up the bread and we'll have breakfast. You have 15 minutes. Justin, Tommy, help me get the bags out of the car."

Silence falls as she leaves with her two other sons in tow.
"That was a... rude awakening?" Scotty tries. Kevin shakes his head.
"What the hell is wrong with my family? ... I'm so sorry about this... We'd better get dressed... "

"Yes, I think so too." Scotty agrees, slipping out of bed, giving Kevin a glance at his naked body, before putting his clothes back on.
"Still wanna be my boyfriend?" Kevin asks with a small voice. "Now that you've seen them in action?"

Scotty turns to Kevin and kisses him on the lips.
"More than ever... But we really need to talk about boundaries with your family."
"Good luck with that one." Kevin mumbles.  He gets out of bed to get dressed as well and he wonders what possesses his mother to push Scotty and him so hard.

In fact, thinking back, his mother had been constantly on his case about how sweet Scotty is, and how cute. And when he finally broke up with Brad, she had immediately assumed that it was over Scotty. She had been somewhat surprised to find out that it had been over Brad's cheating and not over Scotty.

When Kevin and Scotty enter the kitchen it is comfortably warm and it smells of fresh coffee. Nora takes some croissants out of the oven and the 3 Walker boys immediately try to make a grab for them, but Nora lifts the croissants over their heads and gives Scotty first choice.

"Sorry, they are normally not this rude to guests." She apologizes, the boys roll their eyes, but say nothing, which only makes Scotty more amused with them. They are like a well-oiled machine, each brother anticipating the action of the next and playing a game only they know the rules to.

"Thank you, mrs Walker."
"Nora. Please, call me Nora."
"She's been dying to say this for 5 years." Tommy reveals. Scotty shoots Kevin an uncertain look, but Kevin is seems as surprised as Scotty is.

"Really?" Kevin asks, looking at Tommy and Justin, because they don't seem to be joking.
"Mom's been convinced that you and Scotty were 'meant to be' from the start." Justin seems to agree with Tommy.

"Well, you can't blame me. I've always known Kevin to be meticulous in what he does. Then suddenly he decides to hire a man, on the spot, someone with no experience at all and I thought that it was weird. He said he took only one look at the man and he instinctively knew that he could trust him.

And I couldn't believe that. That had only happened to him once in his life. Usually Kevin is very guarded and want to see who he's dealing with.  He's always been like that. Take some time to get to know someone... but no, not this time.... Then he told me that the man's name was Scotty and I thought 'No way!' and I asked for Scotty's last name.

Kevin told me it was Wandell and then I knew.... I just knew. It was meant to be. It was fate that brought you two back together."
"Back together?" Scotty asks. Kevin and he exchange another look, but Kevin shrugs to signal he has no idea what his mother is talking about.

"I do remember that you were being weirdly interested in Scotty from the start. Asked about his parents and where he came from. You were never interested in my assistants before. And suddenly you came to my office. You're the one that started pointing out how special Scotty was?"

"Oh, dear, you really have no idea, have you?" Nora asks Kevin, but without waiting for an answer she turns to Scotty. "Who are your parents?"
"Wally and Berta Wandell." Scotty answers promptly, too confused to avoid talking about them as he usually does. Nora flinches.

"Right." She says. "I forgot about that." She takes a deep breath. "Wally Wandell was former business-friend of my husband William. I knew of him and his wife, but we only met when I was 7 months pregnant with Justin. Justin was my 5th child. You were your mother's first..."

Scotty opens his mouth to say something, but Nora quietly places her hand on his wrist and she shakes her head.
"... I know what I'm saying. I'll get to Bertha later. Your mother's name was Andrea and she was the sweetest woman ever.

She and I really bonded going through those final 2 months together. Eventually you were born 8 days earlier than Justin. Your mother was still in the hospital, due to complications, when I entered to give birth to Justin. She was so happy with you, so proud of you. She radiated love."

Scotty's eyes fill with tears. He doesn't understand what is going on, but he immediately believes Nora. Nora bows her head and takes a deep breath.
"Wally came to pick Andrea and you up from the hospital. He was so happy too. I can still the three of you walk away....

Two days later we heard the news. Wally's car got hit on the way home. Wally was badly injured, Andrea was dead, only you got away without a scratch. Wally was in no state to take care of you. I had already planned to come here. Spring was coming, I'd only have Justin with me and Kevin, who was still too playful to be in kindergarten all day. My mother would take care of Sarah, Kitty and Tommy.

So I could be here, where I always felt the most comfortable. Our neighbor, Mrs Wilson, would help me a few hours a day, cleaning up and keeping an eye on Justin and Kevin, so I could get some sleep. I had their telephone number and they could be with me within 5 minutes in case of an emergency.

I even taught Kevin their number, so he could call if anything would happen to me. To take the pressure of Wally, and because I somehow felt I owed it to Andrea, I suggested to Wally I'd take you with me, Scotty. I was feeling good and saw no issues in taking care of 2 babies. And Kevin wasn't the most difficult of my kids.

William drove Wally up here to show him everything would be just fine. He needed to see for himself where you'd be. When he saw the space we had, that I was feeling fine, that everything was good enough to take care of you and that we were prepared for emergencies, he could forgive himself for leaving you with me.

Kevin was sulking, upset that he had share me with not only Justin, but also some unknown baby. You, Scotty, were crying a lot, probably missing proper human contact with your mother dead and your father too injured. So both you and Kevin were both rather cranky.

I still remember William carrying you into the kitchen - Wally couldn't even properly carry the basket - and he put you on the table. You were crying, Kevin was annoyed by this and he angrily looked into the basket and you two took one look at each other. You stopped crying, you seemed stunned, you made a little noise and suddenly you smiled.

You took one look at Kevin and you smiled at him... The change in Kevin was stunning. He caressed your little cheek and from that moment on Kevin was your shadow, wherever you were, so was Kevin. He would constantly keep an eye on you. He didn't care much about taking care of Justin, but you.... for you he'd do anything..."

"Hey, thanks, bro." Justin mumbles.
"I don't remember any of this." Kevin says.
"Well, you were just a kid... Anyhow, eventually after about a month Wally was feeling strong enough and he tried to raise Scotty by himself.

But between work and trying to take care of you, things didn't go as it should and though your grandmother tried to help him, it wasn't enough. Holidays came up and he asked me if you could stay with us for a few weeks. We brought you back here and once more Kevin and you were inseparable. It was actually kinda cute to watch. He really doted on you.

Wally decided that he needed a break. He went on a cruise to put things into perspective, to find out what to do next, to reconsider if he should not sell his business and take a day-job, so he could be there for you... And on that cruise he met Bertha, who was a mother of 3 children. Two sons and a daughter.

She really worked hard at getting to him and before Wally knew it, he was married to her. He craved a normal family-life. He thought she'd make a good mother for you. It was Bertha who suggested that Andrea should not be mentioned again and that you'd be better of thinking that she was your mother.

Wally at first didn't agree, but after talking some more, he went along with Bertha on this. After a few months Wally called us, asking William and me if we would mind taking Bertha's kids and you with us for 2 weeks, while we'd be up here, so he and Bertha could have a proper vacation/honeymoon.

We said it was okay. Bertha's kids were of Tommy and Kitty's age. We were used to take more kids with us. Friends of our kids were always welcome and we've had many of them up here. So far, I hadn't really met Bertha, but I took one look at her and I just didn't like here. And that was even before I met her children, the spawn of Satan...""

Scotty can't help but laugh at Nora's words. Yes, 'spawn of Satan' would be a good way to describe his brothers and sister.
"They were the most entitled, snotty, obnoxious brats I've ever met." Nora says with so much horror that it brings a memory to Tommy's mind.

"Not those kids that Sarah, Kitty and I ended up fighting with? I remember that the oldest of them had shoved Kevin up against the wall and he laughed when Kevin started crying, calling him a little wuss for crying. I saw the blood on the back of Kevin's head and yelled at him to apologize to Kev..." Tommy says and Nora nods.

"What happened?" Scotty asks.
"What do you think? He told me to shut up and Kitty told him to take that back or he'd regret it. He laughed at her, so she punched him so hard in the face that she broke one of his teeth.

Then the other 2 came at us and it was 3 against 2 and Sarah stepped it to even the numbers. I don't remember exactly what happened, but one of them ended up in the hospital..."
".. The other boy. Broken nose. Never been prouder of you, Tommy." Nora nods.

"It's nice knowing you stood up for me. Thanks." Kevin says.
"Y'welcome, bro." Tommy shrugs. "It was our pleasure. We couldn't stand them. We tried to be nice and polite, but after 5 days of trying to be kind to those rats, we had had it! And when we saw him shove you, we just saw red. It was so unfair!"

"Of course, Bertha made all sorts of drama and that was the last time we saw you. Or Wally. It was really sad actually. Kevin loved you so much. And Bertha had the audacity to tell my 7 year old son that he should never have kids, because he would be the worst father ever.

Damned! Kevin was only 7 and he worshipped the ground you played on. She had no right to be so mean to him." Nora's voice trembles with anger and that's when Kevin too remembers the woman who had stood over him and who had said those malicious words.

"I'm sorry." Scotty apologizes.
"We had only known you for about 2 years. You loved being here. You learned to walk here. Kevin helped you up a thousand times. The two of you would have so much fun."

Nora sighs. "Then we never heard from you or Wally again. Until Kevin told me about hiring you and I remembered that first time you two met. It took one look and you two had forged a bond for life, or so it seemed. I often wondered what had happened to you." Nora's voice is so sweet that Scotty looks at her.

"Thank you for your story... Things are starting to make sense to me now... Bertha was not my mother... Those kids were not my brothers or sister... Wow.... That changes everything.

She always made me feel like I was less than the others. She'd always love them more than me and I never knew why. I always felt like a huge disappointment to her, she didn't want me around, she just... didn't love me... I tried so hard to be a good boy, to be nice, to be polite, to be helpful, but I was never good enough.

I was 16 when I figured out for myself that I was gay... I was so confused, even toyed with the idea of suicide... Eventually, after two years, I gathered all my courage and decided to talk to Bertha, who I thought was my mother..." Scotty's eyes fill with tears. Now that he knows that Bertha is not his mother, he can no longer talk about her as if she is.

"She was mean. She said that she'd always known that there was something wrong with me. She told me to get out of the house. I remember just standing there and wondering how she could send me away. I said 'You're my mother' and then she looked at me coldly and said that, no, she was not.

She didn't say anything else. Didn't explain anything. Just said that she's not my mother and that my siblings were not my brothers or my sister... I thought she meant that she no longer wanted to know me. It never occurred to me that she was just telling me the cold hard truth. That she never gave birth to me..."

Tears fall quicker and quicker. Kevin gets up to sit next to Scotty and put an arm around him to comfort him. Nora nods silently, compassion in her eyes.
"I knew she was a cold calculated person... I guess that made a further relationship with your father difficult as well?"

"We never had much of a relationship. He was nice, but he was always working. He had no idea what she was really like."
"He does now." Nora says, with a little smirk. "He and Bertha got divorced 10 years ago. He's been looking for you for quite a while."

"Really?" Scotty is dumbfounded by this bit of news.
"Yes, he thought you had ran away because you were 18 and you wanted to rebel. He had no idea that you had come out to Bertha, or why you left. He just figured if he'd make sure that there was enough money in your account, eventually you'd come back.

And you used the money for quite a while and all of a sudden, you no longer did, that's when he got worried and put a PI on your case, but you had vanished into thin air...?"

"I was lucky. I bought a lottery-ticket, just for the heck of it, and I won nearly 50 thousand dollars, so I no longer needed his money. I went back to school, it got me my first job and by the time I was 25 I had a steady job, a boyfriend and there was even still some money left.

I was careful, but I just never managed to stay in a job or in a relationship. I was always looking for something, I just couldn't seem to get it. I was never satisfied. There was always something missing."

And Scotty suddenly sees that that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction disappeared the first time he had walked into Kevin's office. He had known instinctively that he was where he belonged. He looks up, stunned with this realization. His eyes meet Nora's and she smiles lovingly, as if she knows exactly what he just figured out.

"When did you talk to my father?" Scotty asks.
"Last night." Nora answers without taking her eyes off Scotty. "I contacted him about a year ago. We've talked a couple of times these last few months. He would love nothing more than to see you again, but he fears that you hate him."

"I don't." Scotty immediately answers.
"I thought as much. You're not that kind of a person to hate on someone." Nora says. Although Justin and Tommy are interested in the story it hasn't stopped them from systematically get rid of everything remotely resembling food.

Having watched his brothers at work, Kevin suddenly wonders.
"Have you been driving all night to get here this early?"
"No, we took a hotel room in the valley last night. It would have been too risky to move on. We got up early this morning though." Nora answers.

"How long will you be staying?" Kevin now asks.
"Probably just one night. We want to go over the house to see if everything's alright and leave again tomorrow morning if there are no big problems. We both have to get back to work." Justin replies thumbing at himself and Tommy.

"I could stay a few days." Nora suggests.
"No, you cannot." Tommy immediately shoots down her idea.
"Mom! Kevin and Scotty could some ... privacy?" Justin suggests.

"Oh.. I just thought..."
"Mom, I didn't ask for anyone to come here in the first place. Scotty and I still have to work and I think we need to deal with everything we found out. On our own time." Kevin emphasizes the last few words. Nora gives up.


Scotty leans against one of the posts and watches as the snow slowly starts to fall again.
"I hope it won't get much worse than this, otherwise, as much as you might dislike it, Tommy, Justin and I will be stuck here a lot longer." He hears someone say. He slowly turns around.

 "That's alright, Mrs Walker..." Scotty can see how she gives him a warning glance over her glasses. "... Nora... I don't mind. I don't necessarily want to see you go."
"Good. I've been through an old photo-album, which was still here in this house, and look what I found..."

She hands him a photo of a young woman holding a baby, behind her Scotty immediately recognizes his father.
"My mother?" He asks. Nora nods. He stares at the face of the young woman, there's something familiar about her, he can recognize some of his own features in her face.

"Why don't you keep the photo? It's obviously of more value to you than it is to me." Nora says. "I don't want to meddle in your affairs, but .. can I give your phone-number to your father? He would love to speak to you. And I know that you were tremendously hurt by his choices, but he never meant to hurt you.

He was a lonely man, who had lost the woman he loved. He was alone with a business to run, a household to keep afloat and a baby to raise. He met Bertha and thought he made the right choice. For himself, but also for you. He wanted you to have mother. Someone who'd raise you. Maybe she wasn't the best choice after all, but his intentions were good."

Scotty thinks it over. He can understand Nora's reasoning, but he still hasn't forgiven Bertha or his father.
"No. Please, don't give it to him. I'm not ready. Maybe getting there eventually, but not now." He shakes his head. He can see that Nora accepts this without further arguing.

She place her hand on his hand and squeezes it gently as if to give him courage, then she turns away to go back inside and Scotty has to stop her.
"Nora? Maybe you can give me his number? So I can call him when I'm ready?" He offers. She smiles sweetly and hands him a little note with his father's number on it.


"I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted." Kevin says while throws his sweater on his bed. Scotty and he had decided that they would sleep together in Kevin's bedroom this night. Together they had gathered all of Scotty's possessions from the guest-room and put them in Kevin's room.

"Me too." Scotty walks over to Kevin and carefully lets his hands rest on Kevin's shoulders. "Are you sure you want this? You and me? Are you really ready for a relationship with me?" Scotty wants to know.
"Apparently I've been ready for 40 years, since I met you when you were a few weeks old."

"Well, there is that." Scotty laughs. "But aside from your mother's insistence that we were meant to be, do you feel the same?" Kevin places his hands on Scotty's hips and pulls him closer.
"I think I do." He kisses Scotty's lips.

"No, I'm correcting myself here. I'm actually confident that I want you." Kevin kisses Scotty again and this time Scotty's arms are around Kevin and Kevin enjoys the strong, hot body that moves against his own. They slowly undress each other. Scotty enjoys the way Kevin caresses his back. He moans as Kevin’s hands move even lower down and pulls him closer to his own body.

They caress and kiss, touch and move against each other, until their actions become more frantic and the need for satisfaction comes closer. Scotty pushes Kevin down on the bed and Kevin lets Scotty take charge of the love making. The last bits of clothing fall on the ground and this time Kevin doesn't feel as self-conscious as he did the last night.

He's more than ready to let Scotty explore his body some more. Scotty raises his head to look down on Kevin. He can’t believe how beautiful Kevin is, right there underneath him, on his back, his dark hair in sharp contrast with the lighter blue of the pillows. His blue eyes filled with lust and desire. His lips swollen from the many kisses.

“You’re so going to get it.” Scotty teases sweetly.
“Promises, promises.” Kevin challenges and it’s all Scotty needs. Letting go of all further restraint, he surrenders to his passion. His lips leave Kevin's and he starts to move down Kevin's body.

Kevin’s eyes close and when Scotty looks up he can see the pure ecstasy on Kevin's  face when Scotty starts to caress his cock and then Scotty too has to close his eyes to not see the need in Kevin. A slight hesitation in the caress, makes Kevin open his eyes, just in time to see Scotty bow his head and let his tongue slide along Kevin’s cock.

Kevin’s breath hitches, he closes his eyes. There’s a little stuttered sound as Scotty’s mouth starts to explore him more boldly. If it is at all possible, Scotty can feel Kevin get even harder, his hips slowly starting to roll with the gentle sucking. The sound Kevin makes is something between an astonished sigh and a longing moan.

It signals to Scotty that his actions are not unwanted. So Scotty takes Kevin in even further. Kevin's fingers slide into Scotty’s hair and not too forcefully he pushes Scotty’s head down.
“Please,…” he whispers

There’s nothing but Scotty’s lips, his tongue and the soft touch of his fingertips. Kevin cries out Scotty’s name, begs for release and finally he knows that he has to push Scotty's head away, but the hand in hiss hair is ignored by Scotty.

“Scotty, I can’t…. I can’t….” Kevin stutters as he fights to control himself just a little longer, so Scotty can pull away, but Scotty's only answer is take Kevin even deeper in and, no longer able to control himself, Kevin gives in to this overwhelming orgasm that rushes through him. One last thrust and then there’s nothing but the free-fall.


For a little while the only sounds you hear is the heavy breathing now that Scotty is finally satisfied as well. Then there are the whispered words filled with sweetness and their soft laughter as they enjoy the after-glow in all intimacy. Scotty rolls back on the bed. The sheets are so cool against his skin and he enjoys the feeling of it. Kevin puts an arm around his waist and Scotty runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair.

"You know, this is not the worst vacation I've ever had." Scotty smiles sweetly.
"No, me neither. And to think I almost went on a honeymoon with a man I wasn't really in love with." Kevin chuckles, before turning to Scotty. "I'm in love with you though."
'You are?" Scotty asks, slightly surprised.

Kevin doesn't immediately react, he seems to be in deep thought and then, out of the blue, he says:
"I love you." The words come with so much ease to Kevin.
"And I love you." Scotty replies.

He knows with every cell in his body that this is the truth. Their next kiss is filled with tenderness and love. Both know that they still have a lot to learn about each other and that it will not be easy, but they are willing to take the chance.

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