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Fanfic: A Valentine Blizzard 05/06

A Valentine Blizzard 05/06

By Marea67
Rate: Working up to an NC-17 (Hopefully)
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Valentine's coming up and neither Kevin nor Scotty are looking for love.
A/N - Corona-virus is too depressing so I've kicked that one out of my story. :)
Not sure if it will be finished on Valentine's Day. The boys keep circling around each other too much, I think they need a firm push in the back. ;)
And allow for some "artistic freedom' where the story might be incorrect with weather-patterns and geography. It's not a documentary but a fluffy story. :)


RECAP: Kevin is a lawyer, who just broke his engagement because of cheating. Scotty is his assistant. They were supposed to have their honeymoon/vacation, but, when another lawyer gets fired, Kevin gets an important case. To still get his vacation and put some distance between himself and Los Angeles, Kevin decides to go to the family house in the mountains. He asks Scotty to go with him. For work. And vacation. But barely there, the weather changes for the worse and a huge storm has hit the house. After spending the night together, closer than anticipated, Kevin and Scotty share a kiss, but a loud noise interrupts them.


"It's our other neighbor Mr Wilson...." Kevin says when he sees a huge snowplow make a clear path to their door. Kevin raises his hand in a greeting. It gets a reply from the grumpy looking man behind the wheel, but when the man stops and smiles at Kevin, Scotty understands that the man wasn't so much grumpy, but more focused.

"Kevin! Been a while!" Mr Wilson greets.
"Yes. Haven't been here for a while, especially not in the winter...." He can see Mr Wilson look at Scotty... "Oh, Scotty this is Mr Wilson, our neighbor.. Mr Wilson, this is my...." Kevin doesn't seem to know what to say for a second. ".. Scotty."

Usually he would introduce Scotty as his assistant, but the hesitation makes it clear to Scotty that Kevin is confused. Obviously the kiss had not left him unaffected.
"Nice to meet you, son." Mr Wilson tips his hat. Scotty gives him a grateful smile and mumbles something that sounds like 'thank you' and 'likewise'.

"What brings you here?" Kevin asks, wondering if Mr Wilson needed something. His parents have a well-stocked barn, garage and pantry. In times like these people depend on each other. Maybe something broke and Mr Wilson needed to borrow something from his parents.

"Your mom called the missus this morning, asking if I could clear the path. And you know the drill... what the missus wants done...."
"... gets done.." Kevin nods with a smile. Mrs Wilson is 5 years older than Mr Wilson and quite a tiny woman, but she keeps her husband well under her thumb.

Mr Wilson always complains about his wife, how bossy she is and how demanding, but when he sees her, his face lights up with a glow of undying love and he would do anything for her. And she knows it. They nag at each other, but with a deep love that has grown over the 40 years that they were married.

"Can I offer you something to drink? Coffee? Anything?" Kevin offers. Mr Wilson shakes his head.
"No. I'll take a rain-check on that, if you don't mind. Gotta help Old Steve, who's completely snowed in."

"OMG! Is he alright?" Kevin asks, with concern, as Old Steve is almost a legend in this part of the mountains and with his 80+ years a source of invaluable information.
"Yes. Feisty as ever. He's seen quite some storms... But he knows that there will be a new layer of snow tonight. Not a storm like last night, but lots of snow falling..."

"The weather-station said that the worst is behind us?" Kevin dares to ask.
"That's not what Old Steve says." Mr Wilson replies. "So you'd better be prepared. Get some more wood in."
"I already did that last night. We'll be fine. Thanks for the warning. We'll stay in."

"Would do that if I were you." Mr Wilson tells Kevin. He greets Kevin and then Scotty and turns his engine back on. Kevin and Scotty move back to give him space to turn. As they watch Mr Wilson drive away, Kevin turns to Scotty. The silence between them is awkward.

"Scotty, I hope you don't mind, but I... want to go for a walk. I won't go too far, but I need a bit of time and space to think about a few things and put some things into perspective. I need to clear my head." Kevin explains, as if he owes Scotty some explanation. To Scotty if feels like a punch to the gut.

Of course. Kevin hadn't liked the kiss. He must have felt ambushed. Scotty had crossed a line. This was not suppose to happen. He was probably still in love with Brad. It was all a big, stupid mistake. Scotty wishes that he could put words to his feelings, that he could somehow apologize, but his throat is dry and not a word comes out.

"I'll back before dark. I just need to walk a few things off. Can you take care of yourself for a few hours?" Scotty nods numbly. Of course he can. "I don't think I'll be back for lunch..." That said, Kevin walks away, using the path that Mr Wilson had made. Defeated, Scotty goes back into the house.

He should feel like a stranger here, but the house seems to embrace him like a warm coat on a cold day. Again Scotty can't help but feel safe and comfortable here. The kitchen is warmer than it is outside, even though the heating is still not on. Scotty tries to see if the electricity is back, but the lights stay off.

Scotty continues to the living room where he puts some extra logs on the fire to stir the fire again. Soon enough the fire place spreads enough warmth for Scotty to return to the kitchen and warm up water to make some tea. He makes a sandwich for himself and grabs some cookies.

With a tray with tea, sandwich and cookies he sits down in front of the fire place, where he finishes his lunch is silence, trying not to think about Kevin or the kiss. It's too cold in the rest of the house to do much else. So he tries to read a book, that he brought along, but his mind keeps going back to the kiss. He gives in.

God, it had felt so good to kiss Kevin. It had been the most exhilarating kiss ever. That warm mouth... Just thinking about it turns Scotty on. He tries to get his thought back to his book. Kevin is probably walking around trying to figure out how to let Scotty down gently. It's impossible that he could be actually interested in Scotty.

Sure, he had replied to the kiss, but wasn't that more out of surprise? Or perhaps, and this would be even worse, out of pity? Scotty turns the page, though he hadn't really registered what he just read. Kevin could however have backed away after the first kiss, but he hadn't.

Again Scotty replays the kiss in his head. No, nowhere had Kevin given him the impression that he had disliked the kiss... Scotty closes his eyes. It's warm. There are so many thoughts in his head. He's happy that he had dared to kiss Kevin, but he's worried about the repercussions.

Realizing that Kevin will most likely fire him, he takes pleasure in one thing. Those kisses would be something that would stay with him forever. No one could ever take those away from him again. He lies down on the couch. His eyes are heavy. And slowly he drifts off to sleep, the memory of the kiss on his mind.


By the time that he opens his eyes, he's hungry and he's surprised by how darkness is setting in. He must have slept for a few hours. Then another thought hits him. Kevin! Where is he? Scotty sits up, concerned with the fact that Kevin isn't back yet. What if Kevin got lost? Who should he contact? Where can he find the numbers to contact neighbors? Or even the police?

Would they go and search for him in the dark? What if Kevin slipped and broke his leg or something and he's out there in cold all by himself? Scotty is angry with himself for having fallen asleep. Then he remembers his phone. He does have Nora Walker's telephone number somewhere, but the reach is not all that good.

He enters the now even colder kitchen and is shocked by a sound. There's a loud thud in the pantry. For a moment he's scared of what is behind that door, then the most logical conclusion comes to his mind. It must be Kevin. He opens the door and sees a snow-covered Kevin standing there trying to get out of his wet coat and ski-pants.

Scotty rushes to Kevin and starts to help him, earning him a look of gratitude from Kevin, whose fingers are too cold to be effective.
"I took a break, but stayed too long." Kevin stammers from the cold. "It started to snow about 15 minutes ago and it's really cold outside..."

Happy to be back inside the house and out of the wet clothes Kevin rubs his hands together.
"Is the electricity back on? Normally, it should be back up... Saw the light lower in the valley."

"I haven't tried it yet. It didn't this afternoon, but I fell asleep in front of the fire and... I don't know." Scotty explains. Kevin turns on the light and it works. Immediately he turns on the heating again. Scotty realizes that obviously they won't be sleeping together tonight, not with everything working again and he feels terribly disappointed.

On automatic pilot, Scotty puts on the kettle to make some coffee, hoping it will warm him up a bit. Without a word he prepares coffee for 2 mugs. His eyes meet Kevin's.
"We need to talk." Kevin says simply.
"Yeah. We do." Scotty agrees.

They take their coffees to the living room. Scotty is surprised to see it's not even 5.30 yet, but it's already dark outside. Kevin motions him to sit down on the couch with him.
"About this morning... About the kiss..." Kevin starts carefully. Scotty feels his stomach sink. He decides to beat Kevin to it. He quickly places his coffee next to Kevin's on the table.

"I'm sorry. I know it didn't mean anything. It was just a silly thing. A playful moment that got taken too far. It was not meant to be taken serious." He says bravely, though his heart is breaking, because to him it had meant something. Kevin replies with a confused look.

"It didn't? I thought..." He seems to deflate somewhat as if he had planned some speech only to find out that someone had stolen his punch-line. "Because I thought it did matter." His whispers more to himself than to Scotty. Scotty hesitates.
"You did?"

"Yeah, I thought... Well, it doesn't matter what I thought. If you weren't serious, then there's nothing to talk about, nothing to say..." Kevin seems disappointed and Scotty is now confused too.
"I know it meant nothing to you, I mean." He therefore tries to explain.

"What makes you say that? Why would it not mean something to me?"
"There's Brad. And you and I work together. And..." Scotty waves his hand about trying to come up with some clever answer.
"I don't want to hurt you..." Kevin starts.

"I know."
"... but Brad and I are completely through. We've broken up. I'm not going back to him, it that's what you're worried about. It took me quite some soul-searching this afternoon, but I just know it will not happen.

However, I don't want you to be the rebound-guy either. I value what we have too much to throw it away on something that would turn out to be something meaningless. I had to think things through. I had to be sure..."
"About what?"

"I realized this afternoon, while walking, that the real reason why it didn't work out between Brad and me was because I was not in love with him. When I met him, I thought he was attractive. He was rich and I was impressed, but not 'in love'. And then I met you, and ... I thought you were just not interested in me..."

"I just wanted to get over what's-his-name. I wasn't looking for someone."
"But we clicked from the moment we met?"
"Yes. But you had just started dating Brad and I had been too hurt by a cheater. I didn't want to be 'the other guy' in a relationship. Plus, I had nothing to offer."

"And I wanted to hang on to Brad, wanted to prove that I could be faithful and that I could stick to my relationship...." Kevin says. Scotty is feeling more and more confused. Where is Kevin going with this? What does he mean to say? "And I really tried, but I had to have known that I was making a mistake, that Brad was not the love of my life..."

"He was not?" Scotty asks. Kevin shakes his head.
"I think I fell in love with you the moment we met. Five years ago." Scotty's jaw drops. He is shocked by Kevin's admission. Of course he had wanted to hear those words, but now he doesn't know how to respond to them.

"You did?"
"Scotty, am I very wrong for thinking that the feeling is mutual?" Kevin's voice is so hesitant, as if he barely dares to ask the question and the look on his face betrays that he fears a negative answer. Scotty blinks a few times. The question sinks in.

"No... You would not be wrong. I just thought... You and Brad..."
"And the kiss this morning was not 'just playfulness', was it?" Kevin now asks, Scotty shakes his head. "You really wanted that kiss, didn't you?" Scotty nods, still unable to say another word. "Because... so did I." Kevin admits it with a shy laughter.

"Really?" Scotty now asks and this time it's Kevin who nods. "So, you wouldn't mind if I'd kiss you again?"
"No. I wouldn't." Kevin shakes his head to emphasize his answer.

They both laugh nervously, until Scotty moves closer, Kevin's lips part and a second later Scotty's mouth is on his. He puts his arms around Scotty's neck and pulls Scotty's closer. Scotty's fingers find grip in Kevin's hair and slowly he pushes Kevin on his back on the couch. Kevin can feel Scotty's weight on him and it ignites a fire in him.

Sucking in Scotty's tongue, Kevin spreads his legs, needing to feel Scotty close to him. His hands slip under Scotty's sweater, craving to touch skin. He can hear Scotty moan and somehow pressing him even further down. Their kiss is slow and intense. Neither man seems to want to take it further however.

Scotty lifts his head, breaking the kiss.
"Can we take it slow? I'm afraid we're going too fast and that we'll screw things up." He asks, though he's aroused and out of breath.
"Yeah.. Good... But you want it, right? You're okay with it?" Kevin wants to know now.

Scotty looks down on him, realizing that Kevin is just as insecure about all this as he is. He caresses Kevin's face.
"Yes, I am." Scotty replies. He's more than okay with everything. As they both laugh he suddenly hears a strange noise. A growling stomach.

"I'm afraid I'm a little hungry. I didn't eat anything this afternoon, thinking I'd be home sooner." Kevin apologizes sheepishly. Scotty laughs out loud now and rolls off Kevin to help him up.
"Alright, let's eat something."


Watching Scotty cook is very relaxing. Scotty seems to know exactly what he's doing and Kevin feels a bit jealous, because, as much as he likes to cook as well, he doesn't seem to have that comfortable grace of simply being confident in what he does. Scotty does however and Kevin doesn't mind looking at him.

The radio is on and talks about the aftermath of the blizzard. Kevin and Scotty listen with concern to the news. In the village 2 roofs caved in due to the weight of the snow, in one case destroying the room of a 5-year old, who luckily was not in the room, but with his parents.

People, mostly tourists, had been caught by surprise and a few hikers had been found with frost bite and hypothermia. Several trees had not survived the storm either and police, fire-fighters and paramedics had a busy night taking care of the accidents that had happened..

"I think we were lucky to be in such a safe house." Scotty eventually says, placing the food on the table.
"We were." Kevin agrees and they continue their meal. They don't talk much, mostly they listen to the radio.

Yet the silence is not uncomfortable. They look at each other with huge smiles on their faces, happy to not have to hide their feelings anymore. There's a certain anticipation hanging between them. 'Taking things slow' would be hard to do, they both know it.
"So? Will we each be sleeping in our bed tonight?" Scotty asks, almost teasingly.

"I don't know. Do you have better idea?" Kevin immediately reacts.
"Yeah, I did like sleeping with you last night. It was all very cute... and cozy ... and quite interesting.. Except maybe this time we should sleep together under 1 blanket instead of using 2 different ones to kinda keep us apart."

"But, Mr Wandell,.." Kevin starts in fake shock. "We might ... touch... and touching could lead to... other things..."
"Devious things?"
"So devious."

"Promise?" Scotty teases.
"You're so wicked."
"And you love it...." Scotty grins, watching Kevin get up to put everything on the kitchen-counter.

He wraps his arms around Kevin from behind, pulling him closer. Kevin can't ignore the fact that Scotty is already half-aroused, it turns him on too.
"We could go to bed early...." Scotty suggestively kisses Kevin's neck, making him understand that 'sleeping' is not the thing he has on his mind.

"Whatever happened to taking things slow?" Kevin fingers thread with Scotty's fingers that rest on his belly. Scotty's other hand slides further down, resting on the button of Kevin's zipper, playing with it and then 'accidentally' undoing it. Kevin holds his breath for a second.

"Do you really want to wait that long?" Scotty whispers, his fingers this time sliding over the hardness behind Kevin's zipper. He can hear Kevin swallow hard.
"No." The little word is nearly cried out. "No, I no longer want to wait for anything." Kevin turns in Scotty's arms to passionately kiss Scotty.

"Let's leave everything for tomorrow...." Scotty begs. Kevin nods that he agrees, he's too overwhelmed to say much. Together they lock up and turn off all the lights. Back in the living-room the bed awaits, but once there, Kevin seems to hesitate.
"What's wrong?" Scotty asks, noticing the change in Kevin.

"You're going to laugh at me when I tell you... It's so ridiculous.'
"I promise I won't laugh at you." Scotty sits down on the bed and pulls Kevin, who's still standing, a little closer. Kevin caresses Scotty's face and he bites his lower lip, then he gives Scotty a shy smile.

"I haven't felt like this since I was 17 years old and with my first boyfriend. I'd never kissed a guy before, let alone taken it further... I feel as if this is my first time again. And it's weird because I've had other men before, as have you."
"I know. Why don't we make this our last 'first time'?" Scotty invites.

"Does that mean you want to be my boyfriend?" Kevin asks teasingly.
"Will you be mine?" Scotty asks back.
"I do." Kevin whispers. Scotty reaches up and puts his hand on Kevin's hips to pull him even closer.

He pushes up Kevin's sweater and shirt, exposing the naked skin of Kevin's belly and gently places a kiss on Kevin's belly. He can hear Kevin hold his breath at the shock, so kisses Kevin again on the same place, this time getting a little hissing sound. He smiles, amused by how easy it is to get an reaction out of Kevin.

He pushes up Kevin's sweater and shirt even further, wanting Kevin to take them off, but Kevin seems to fight him on this. Scotty looks up at him.
"What's wrong?" Scotty ask.
"I'm not exactly a 17-year old boy anymore.. It's not all firm as it used to be..."

"Are you worried about love-handles? Don't worry. I'm not a 17-year old boy anymore either and I've learned that firm abs say nothing about a man's personality, his fidelity or any other abilities." Scotty says, gently making Kevin take off his clothes, so that Kevin is half-naked in front of him.

"You're beautiful." Scotty whispers, and ignores the shy look on Kevin's face. He means it. Kevin is beautiful to look at. Not exactly the body of a model or a surfer-dude, but definitely a body that is well taken care of and Scotty puts his arms around Kevin to pull him down on the bed.

Their kiss is passionate and soon enough Scotty's clothes drop on the floor as well. He clearly loves to explore Kevin's body. His lips and his fingers find their way down from Kevin's lips, over his throat, his shoulders, his chest, his stomach, further down, but then stop at the crucial moment. Kevin moans in disappointment.

"I can't believe I'm finally allowed to do this." Scotty sighs and he moves back up to Kevin's lips to kiss him again. Then he pulls Kevin on top of him. He wants Kevin to take charge. Kevin's fingers caress Scotty's cheek. Scotty’s fingers guide Kevin’s hand over his face, as if he’s begging for some tenderness from Kevin’s side.

Kevin can’t take his eyes away from Scotty's face, watching how Scotty seems to enjoy Kevin’s soft and hesitant touch. When their eyes meet, there’s a slow, warm smile between them and then Kevin moves closer with his head and Scotty closes his eyes and parts his lips, feeling Kevin cupping his face, to gently kiss Scotty’s lips.

Their kiss intensifies for a few seconds, but then they both relax back into a calm, slower kiss. Scotty can feel the hair of Kevin’s chest tickle against his skin, as Kevin gets on top of him, between his legs, applying pressure in all the right places. Scotty moans softly and he pushes Kevin to move on.

"I'm sorry. I was so convinced this could never happen I never thought to bring any protection or anything." Kevin whispers with disappointment.
"Don't worry. I'm sure that there are other ways to keep ourselves entertained." Scotty replies with a wink.

"Yeah, I remember a few things too." Kevin manages to say between two kisses and Scotty wants these kisses to last forever. Just to feel Kevin’s hard cock against his own is amazingly arousing to him and he feels rather disappointed when Kevin breaks the kiss and moves away from his lips again.

Kevin chuckles at Scotty’s annoyed moan. Kevin’s hands slide down over Scotty’s body, and then his fingertips slide over Scotty’s aroused member.
“Kevin!” Scotty is too excited by having Kevin’s strong hands on him. But he loses himself when Kevin takes his own cock and lets it come in touch with Scotty’s.

Scotty’s outcry comes when Kevin grinds again him, he’s hard and ready. He starts to move up against Kevin now, seeking release for all the tension he had felt today and Kevin is equally excited. He pushes closer to Scotty , his hand around both their cocks, hungrily kissing Scotty.

Until, Scotty’s hand joins his and there’s nothing more but a little muffled squeak from Scotty as he comes all over Kevin’s hand, followed immediately by Kevin. They continue to kiss even though they are exhausted. Satisfied they fall asleep with at happy smile on their faces.

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