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Fanfic: A Valentine Blizzard 04/?

A Valentine Blizzard 04/?

By Marea67
Rate: Working up to an NC-17 (Hopefully)
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Valentine's coming up and neither Kevin nor Scotty are looking for love.
A/N - Corona-virus is too depressing so I've kicked that one out of my story. :)
Not sure if it will be finished on Valentine's Day. The boys keep circling around each other too much, I think they need a firm push in the back. ;)
And allow for some "artistic freedom' where the story might be incorrect with weather-patterns and geography. It's not a documentary but a fluffy story. :)


RECAP: Kevin is a lawyer, who just broke his engagement because of cheating. Scotty is his assistent, They were supposed to have their honeymoon/vacation, but, when another lawyer gets fired, Kevin gets an important case. To still get his vacation and put some distance between himself and Los Angeles, Kevin decides to go to the family house in the mountains. He asks Scotty to go with him. For work. And vacation. But barely there, the weather changes for the worse and a huge storm is about to hit the mountains and the house they are staying in.


Kevin has given Scotty a torchlight, just in case that there will be no light tonight, and Scotty keeps it close at hand. Kevin turns out the lights and in the silence that follows the storm seems to become even louder.

Scotty pulls the blankets closer around him. He turns on his right side, stuffs the pillow well under his head, so that he's in a right position to let his mind go. Tonight had been interesting. He can feel a certain tension between Kevin and himself during the game, maybe in combination with that phone call from Brad.

Would Brad's accusations have triggered something in Kevin? Kevin had sure been a bit strange tonight. The game of Scrabble had been fun. Of course, Kevin had won, but Scotty hadn't gone down without a fight and he could notice that he had impressed Kevin.

Nowhere had Kevin made a bad move, but somehow Scotty had felt that Kevin was guarded, not himself, tensed. Maybe it's Scotty's own fault. He couldn't help but flirt lightly with Kevin, smile just a little bit more, looking at him just 2 seconds longer than necessary or 'accidentally' letting his fingers brush against Kevin's.

It had been funny to see Kevin become all shy under the attention, but after a while Scotty had felt sorry for Kevin and backed away again. Kevin was clearly too uncomfortable. Obviously Scotty had been wrong and maybe Kevin was just not ready yet for something new. Or maybe he's just not interested in Scotty....


Kevin turns to his left side. He had not imagined things. Scotty had clearly flirted with him tonight and he had been too flustered to act on it. Like a virgin he had backed away, afraid to reply. And he had missed his opportunity. He could see and feel Scotty give up. Why could he not simply have responded likewise?

Had he forgotten how to flirt? Could he no longer tease back? Was he so stiff in his relationships with others that he had been unable to play along? No. Kevin is pretty sure he can do better, and starting tomorrow he would. It was no longer just a fantasy. Scotty had shown interest in him.

But is it a good idea? Sure, Scotty is cute, but Kevin values his working relationship with Scotty as well and some failed romantic attempt could ruin it all. But if Scotty consented to it, or better yet, he was taking the first steps, should Kevin perhaps not make a move of his own? He would try tomorrow and see what would happen.. But first sleep...


Scotty wakes up in shock. He's cold and warm at the same time. Same old nightmare, same old pain, same old sadness. The memory of how his family had turned their backs on him when he came out. The loneliness he had felt way back then. Every now and then that nightmare comes back to haunt him.

He's over it now. Took some time, but he is truly over it and he's happy with his life, even though his family is not a part of his life. But with the worst of the shock of the nightmare behind him, he starts to realize that something else woke him up. The noise is horrible. He sits up and turns on his torchlight to look around.

The noise seems to come from outside. It appears that Kevin is still asleep, so he probably has nothing to worry about... The house creaks and moans and groans as the storm howls and the temperature seems to drop even further. Scotty wraps the blanket around himself and he sits down near the fire.

It's is mesmerizing to stare at the flames and it's warmer in front of the fire than in his bed. For a moment he allows his grief over the loss of his family to come to him, but as the first tears start to come, he brushes them away. No. No more crying.
"Are you okay?" He can hear Kevin's voice in the dark

Kevin comes out his bed, also a blanket around him to keep warm.
"Don't worry, it's just the storm." Kevin says half-asleep. "... You scared?" Kevin then asks.
"Worried." Scotty admits. "And cold."

Kevin can see how Scotty pulls the blankets even tighter around him. He looks a little lost and scared and Kevin feels sorry for him.
"I put a couple of extra logs on the fire not long ago. Hope it's enough to keep you warm."

"I'll be alright. Just had a nightmare and it was a bit too much to shake just like that." Scotty admits.
"Want to talk about it?" Much to Scotty's surprise, Kevin sits down next to him. Should he talk to Kevin about his past? He shrugs.

"No, not really, just some things I'd rather forget about. Memories of how my family reacted when they found out I'm gay. The contempt in their eyes. The mistrust. The condemnation. They just stopped loving me. Somehow. It hurt so much and it still hurts to be reminded of it."

Kevin looks at Scotty, who suddenly seems so vulnerable and he wishes that knew what to do or say to make Scotty feel better.
"Is that what you would do when you were younger, sit in front of the fire?" Scotty asks, needing to hear Kevin's warm voice as the wind whistles around the house.

"Nah. I'd be in that bed between Tommy and Justin. Tommy was furnace. Always warm. And with Justin on the other side it would be just fine."
"Must have felt safe to be in the middle." Scotty says softly. Kevin is surprised by Scotty's words.

He's right. Kevin had always felt safe. Here. With his family. No anger, no contempt. They never stopped loving him. None of them. And he realizes how lucky he had been. He smiles softly.

"Yes, it usually was, though when Justin was little he'd sleep between Tommy and me, because he was scared. We wouldn't get any sleep, because he kept yelping at every sound.

Did that until he was about 7 years old, I think, then he suddenly no longer saw it as 'scary' but as an adventure.... And he'd still keep Tommy and me up half the night." Scotty laughs at Kevin's little story and gets punished with another howl around the house.

"You never went through a storm like this, once you were older?"
"Yes. But then I'd usually have guy to keep me warm. And distracted." Kevin replies with a wink and a hint of smile in his voice.

"Were you ever here with Brad?"
"No. Not during a storm anyway. This place wasn't fancy enough for him. Too old. Not luxurious enough. He put everything down. The house, the food, my mom's work filling the freezer, he felt everything was old-fashioned, outdated and so beneath him."

"He's crazy. This place is great.... If a storm doesn't scare you out of your mind, that is." Scotty replies. He's not aware of how pleased Kevin is with Scotty's words, because at that moment there's another howl, the house seems to shudder. And by the light of the fire, Kevin can see that Scotty is really scared.

"Hey, don't worry about the storm. Nothing is going to happen. This house is strong enough." Kevin tries to assure Scotty, placing his hand on Scotty's arm. A shy smile comes to Scotty's face, he's suddenly aware of how close Kevin is sitting next to him and he's not sure if the touch is all that unwelcome.

"I'm sorry." Kevin takes his hand away as if he feels that he crossed a line. Scotty shakes his head.
"It's fine. I'm not worried about anything." Scotty then says. Kevin hesitates, but eventually carefully asks:

"Look, don't take this the wrong way. I don't mean anything by it, but.. would you feel more comfortable if you would be in my bed with me, rather than in that bed, all by yourself?" For one second there's relief on Scotty's face, but then some inner pride seems to take over.

"I'm not a little child." He says, as if he needs convincing.
"I'm not saying you are. But you are in a strange house, in a scary situation, with a raging storm and it's getting colder.... maybe it would be less frightening if you were not "alone" over there." Kevin points at Scotty's bed.

He can see Scotty hesitate. Obviously he doesn't want to be looking like some loser. At that moment the wind gives the house another shove. The whistling sound is even stronger now. The house protests with a groan, not giving in. The noise is loud enough to make Scotty freak out.

"You don't mind?" He asks. Kevin shakes his head.
"Come on. Let's get some sleep. It will still be a long night of this noise.... You keep your blanket, I'll stay under mine. No one will ever have to know how we got through this. Just relax. Close your eyes and get some sleep."

It's true that Scotty now feels less alone and more comfortable. The wind still howls, but Scotty relaxes. He just knows that Kevin is close and somehow he can't believe that Kevin will let anything happen to him. As he closes his eyes, he wonders how he had gotten here.

From work behind a desk to being in his boss' bed, in the middle of blizzard. Too weird. Wait until he tells Janet. Or Jordan. At the same time he knows he can't. What would people think of him? Or Kevin? Sleeping in one bed? And nothing happened? Yeah right. As if Brad's accusations tonight weren't bad enough.....


Kevin wakes up to pressure on his chest. When opens his eyes, it's still way too dark in the room, so probably still night. The pressure comes from an arm that is casually resting on his chest. It's Scotty's arm. It's heavy, but also feels comfortable. Scotty seems to be in deep sleep now the wind has died down somewhat.

Kevin wonders what he should do now. Obviously Scotty has gotten closer to him while they were asleep, or maybe he's the one who moved closer to Scotty... or maybe they both just drifted closer to each other... Whatever had happened, Scotty is very close and Kevin feels confused.

A log in the fire moves and momentarily the fire spreads more light, just enough for Kevin to see Scotty's face. So beautiful in this light. He feels tempted to touch him, but when he moves to raise his hand, his movement wakes up Scotty. Scotty is groggy from sleep, but quickly realizes that 'Mister Walker' is way closer than earlier.

"I'm sorry, it would seem that we both kinda drifted to the middle of the bed." Kevin tries to make light of it, as if it's no big deal.
"I'm sorry, I'll move...." Scotty makes a move to back away but Kevin grabs his hand.
"Don't.. It doesn't bother me. So, if it doesn't bother you either....?"

In what little light there is in the room they can see each other. They both smile, feeling awkward.
"It's just been a while, since I've been this close to another man." Scotty admits.
"Really?" Kevin is surprised by Scotty's words.

"Broke up with my last disaster 5 years ago. Haven't bothered to get involved with anyone else since, but ... sometimes I miss human company... Just an arm around me... To not feel alone... I ... I was really scared... before... And I didn't want to show it, thinking you'd think me a fool." Scotty whispers.

"I don't. I know how scary this thing can get." Kevin whispers back. "Come here..." He pulls Scotty a little closer and Scotty moves closer to Kevin. "To tell you the truth I was a bit scared as well. When you're a child you think that your parents can and will protect you. Storms like these were fun, because we'd all be huddled together.

My mom and dad always made it feel like 'fun' and never showed us their fear. Now that I'm all grown up, I can see how dangerous it actually was. I want to protect you and ... I'm fairly sure that this house can take this storm and get through it... But, I'm also a bit worried that it may not..."

"Thank you for being so honest, I thought it was just me. I was starting to feel really ridiculous to be so scared."
"Can we try to be 'scared, but brave' together? There's no one here but us. No one will ever have to know. Tomorrow everything will be over and we'll laugh about this and never mention it again...."

"Scared but brave, huh? I can live with that." Scotty grins playfully at Kevin. His grip around Kevin tightens. Scotty is so close to him that Kevin is tempted to kiss him but he feels that now is not the moment. So he lets his head rest against Scotty's and before he realizes it, he's asleep again.

For Scotty it takes a bit longer to find his sleep again. There's something so right about feeling Kevin's chest under his hand. It has awoken a need for intimacy in Scotty. He would not have been upset if Kevin had tried to have sex with him. He wouldn't have said no. At the same time he's glad Kevin hasn't tried anything. It might have made things awkward between them later on.

No, this was better, no doubt, but now Scotty can't help but wonder what if would feel like to kiss Kevin. For a few seconds he wonders if he should just do it, just kiss Kevin, but he pushes the thought aside. It would be wrong. Kevin trusts him. Kevin is asleep, it might look like Scotty was taking advantage of him.

It would be wrong, especially knowing that Kevin had been nothing but a gentleman to him... Who knows, maybe now that they've gotten this close to each other, something else can happen between. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day after all. Certainly Cupid cannot have entirely forgotten how to shoot his arrows.....


When Scotty wakes up, he's alone in the bed. He sits up, trying to figure out where Kevin could be, when the door swings open and Kevin enters with a large trey.
"Ah! You're awake." Kevin says cheerful.

"Barely, but, yeah, trying to wake up." Scotty laughs.

"Good. Here you go. Your not-a-Valentine's Day-breakfast. Coffee. Toast. All sorts of things to put on toast... because I don't know what you really like... And, good news, the storm has died down. The bad news is that there's an awful lot of snow, so we're not going anywhere today. And possibly tomorrow."

"Why would that be bad?"
"I don't know. I thought that maybe, after last night, you would be sick and tired of this place, the snow, the cold... and me..."
"Mister Walker! Are you fishing for a compliment?" Scotty asks in fake shock.

"Moi? Never!" Kevin replies in fake denial.
"Good.... I don't think I can get sick and tired of you." Scotty teases. "I would have ran away 3 years ago, if I did."
"Point taken." Kevin acknowledges.

They attack the toast and Scotty has to admit that the coffee tastes heavenly. It's strong and really wakes him up. He feels more energetic after the second cup and the same seems to apply to Kevin.
"I have to go outside and open up the blinds, so we'll have some light coming in again."

"Need help?"
"You don't have to. You've done enough helping me lock up all the windows. I wouldn't want to you think that I brought you here just to do all sorts of odd jobs around the house." Kevin replies.

"Don't worry, I don't mind. It's kinda nice to be out of the house for a while. I'll get dressed and then I'll come and help you." Scotty promises. By the time he enters the kitchen, he can see that Kevin has cleared all the breakfast-food and he's nearly ready to go outside too.

They get back in their coats, boots, gloves and scarves. As they exit through the barn-door Scotty had expected to be hit by the cold front but it's actually sunny outside, though not warm enough to chase the cold away, the wind has died down, so it all feels more pleasant to be outside.

The snow is higher so it's harder to get from window to window and to Scotty it starts to feel like a good morning work-out. As he tries to free one window, he can see Kevin move to the next. There's snow on the exterior windowsill and carefully Scotty gathers it together...

The snowball hits Kevin right in the shoulder.
"What the....?!" He can see Scotty laugh and he grabs a handful of snow, within seconds there's snowball flying in Scotty's direction, Scotty dodges it, but he hasn't seen that Kevin had already made a second one that splashes out on his chest.

This time it's Kevin who laughs, but not for long, within seconds the snowballs start flying. Laughter roars as they both turn into a couple of 7-year olds and giggle when they manage to hit something. As both men try to hit each other they get close to each other, circling around each other, until it becomes inevitable.

In their playful struggle, Scotty has managed to shove some snow down Kevin's neck and Kevin shrieks from the cold. They both laugh out loud and Scotty manages to wrestle Kevin to the ground, until Kevin holds up his hands.
"Alright, I surrender. You win ... this time."

Accepting the win, Scotty helps Kevin up. His hands rest on Kevin's hips to hold him steady and to keep himself balanced as well. They are both breathing heavily. Scotty realizes that Kevin has never looked more handsome, more free or more delightful.

Now that Kevin's hair is wet, it curls up, which is so cute. Scotty wants to push away a curl that is sticking to Kevin's face. Instead the curl remains on his finger and he lets his finger slide along Kevin's cheek. Neither of them say a word. Kevin's lips part, he swallows hard with anticipation. Scotty presses his lips to Kevin's and Kevin lets him.

For a moment they remain motionless, giving each other time and space to back away, but when that doesn't happen, Scotty's hands cup Kevin's face, putting more effort into the kiss. Kevin pulls Scotty closer and their kiss becomes even more intense. Then, as suddenly as their kiss had began, Scotty lets go of Kevin.

He looks at Kevin, almost mortified about what he had just done. Has he lost his mind? He will definitely lose his job over this! Kevin is going to kill him. How could he be so stupid?
"I'm so sorry. This... it was so ... inappropriate." Scotty stammers.

Kevin seems equally confused.
"Hey, there was no harm done... In fact ... It's okay. You did nothing against my wishes... I even kinda liked it." Kevin admits hesitantly, but with a smile. Scotty blushes under Kevin's gentle confession.

"I liked it too." He admits. Kevin's hands still rest on Scotty's hips, he doesn't seem too eager to let go. Slowly Scotty leans in closer, Kevin raises his head. The kiss that follows this time is soft, playful and feels more casual, as if it was meant to be. They break their kiss once more and Kevin opens his mouth to say something.

Whatever it was, it gets silenced by a loud humming noise that slowly gets closer to the house.
"What is that?" Scotty asks and he follows Kevin, back to the front of the house, to find out what is going on.

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