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Fanfic: A Valentine Blizzard 03/?

A Valentine Blizzard 03/?

By Marea67
Rate: Working up to an NC-17 (Hopefully)
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Valentine's coming up and neither Kevin nor Scotty are looking for love.
A/N - Corona-virus is too depressing so I've kicked that one out of my story. :)
Not sure if it will be finished on Valentine's Day. The boys keep circling around each other too much, I think they need a firm push in the back. ;)
And allow for some "artistic freedom' where the story might be incorrect with weather-patterns and geography. It's not a documentary but a fluffy story. :)


They put the boxes is the 'formal' diningroom.
"We would usually all crash in the kitchen or in the livingroom and eat at the big table there. It can easily seat 7-8 people. But if we had guests we'd have dinner here..." Kevin explains.

Scotty can easily see why. The room is large and has a huge dinner-table, that could easily seat 20 people.
"My father had this table made over 30 years ago, when my sisters started dating. He quickly realized that our family may double in size in the years that would follow and he wanted to be prepared for that."

Scotty listens to Kevin's explanation as they put all the Comber-case boxes on the table, one next to the other. They take time to install their laptops and Kevin finds a large printer.
"An oldie but a goodie." He says, gently tapping on it.

Having set up their files and office, Kevin feels that they did enough for today.
"Time to check out those delicious cookies my mom made." Kevin says, stopping to listen to the radio. where the weatherman tells them that it would seem that the three cold fronts that would follow each other, now seem to move closer and faster than expected.

"That isn't good. Having 2 snowstorms clash above our heads ..."
"Are we in trouble?" Scotty doesn't like the worried look on Kevin's face.

"Not really, this house has been through quite a few storms. We have neighbors who will keep an eye on us, like I do on them. This is a little community and I've been a part of it for all my life. If shit will really hit the fan we'll hear it and take precautions.

will be several things we'll have to do, but we'll deal with it when the times comes." Kevin says, as he gets the hot tea ready and puts the cookies on the table.

"Forgot to ask you..." He then continues, moving away from the topic of the approaching snow. "This weekend is Valentine's Day. I hope I'm not keeping you away from some significant other?"
"If I had a 'significant other' for Valentine's day I wouldn't be here, trust me." Scotty laughs.

"So, still single and free?" Kevin asks, realizing that he doesn't know much about Scotty's private life.
"Yes, after my last disaster, I simply threw in the towel. I'm done. I like my life just the way is. I don't owe anybody any explanation whatsoever, I have the remote to myself, I can make as big a mess as I want, I don't have to wrestle for the sheets and I can do whatever I want to do or go wherever I want to go. Total freedom!"

"Sounds good, but are you sure that you don't miss having someone to come home to?" Kevin's question takes Scotty by surprise and though Scotty would love to continue on this 'freedom'-speech, he knows that Kevin knows him too well. Scotty shrugs as if he doesn't care much.

"I sometimes hate it when I come home to an empty house and don't have anyone to talk to. But, I'm usually over that feeling fast enough. I don't need someone around me."
"Have you given up completely?" Kevin now asks.

"Nope. Inside me there still this guy hoping to find his prince on a white horse, or in a white car, whatever, but I'm not desperately looking for him anymore. Maybe... he should put a lot more effort in finding me."

Scotty's little joke makes Kevin laugh too.
"Yeah, I can see that, I think that's a good idea."
"... but I wouldn't mind if he'd move his ass a bit faster to get to me.." Scotty adds with a little wink.


Scotty insists on making dinner, leaving Kevin with some time off to relax in the living room in front of the fire-place. The radio-station plays meaningless jazzy music and the wine he brought with him tastes just perfect. Leaning back he lets the music wash over him as he stares at the flames.

He closes his eyes and just as he is to drift off to sleep, his phone rings.
"Oh, mom, five more minutes." He moans, whining like a little kid getting called out of bed. Nonetheless he picks up his phone, only to discover that it is not his mother calling him, but Brad. Kevin makes an annoyed sound, but then lazily presses loud speaker.

"Brad. What do you want?" Kevin asks, his voice is sharp.
"I hear that you're at your family house."
"Yeah. So?"

"And you're not alone." Brad's voice is accusatory and Kevin sits up.
"What are you talking about?"
"You're a hypocrite! You want me to be honest, when you yourself are a big fat liar!" Brad says angrily.

"Excuse me? Last time I checked you were the one sleeping with another man, not me. That makes you the cheater..." Kevin points out, talking over Brad's words.

".... Yes, I cheated. There! I said it... Why don't you come clean as well? Just be honest with me, if you dare." Brad insists.
"What are you talking about?"
"You pretty little boyfriend."

"My what?"
"Your little assistant, Scotty? Don't play stupid with me, Kevin Walker. You have eyes. As do I. And you must have noticed that ass of his. Cute as they come and... He's up there with you. Probably warming your bed...."

"Oh, shut up! Seriously? You want justify your cheating by using Scotty? I never laid a hand on him! He just works for me. That's all."
"I don't believe you. You hire a guy with no skills for a job he's not qualified for, you've spent nearly every evening with him these last few months, but you never touched him? Liar!"

"I'm not lying! I never touched him."
"Admit it! Don't play stupid with me. That guy is cute!" Brad had been nearly hysterical with anger. Kevin shrugs.

"He's drop-dead gorgeous. Attractive. Hot too, I can imagine. See, I can admit to all that. But it doesn't change anything.... I remained faithful to you. Because I loved you. And you had an affair behind my back. So don't you dare drag Scotty into this. He has nothing to do with anything that happpened between us."

"I don't believe you!"
"Well, that's your problem, isn't it?" Kevin argues back.
"Are you seriously suggesting that you're not interested in him? 'Cause I don't believe you."

"This is pointless. Even if I would be interested in him, he's not feeling the same about me, so this entire conversation is ridiculous."
"You would drag him into your bed, given half the opportunity." Brad states. For a few seconds the image conjured up in his head is entertaining to Kevin, but then he shakes his head.

"Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't, but even if I did, it's still none of your business, because I'm single now, as you are, so I can 'drag into my bed' whomever I want. Who I do or don't sleep with is no longer your concern." Kevin says firmly.
"Well, I believe that..."

"I don't care what you believe, Brad. This conversation is over. Have fun having sex with your lover, stop calling me. Bye." Kevin breaks off the call and puts his phone on 'mute'. He's furious and his good, lazy mood from earlier is gone now. How dare Brad suggest that he's sleeping with Scotty?!

He likes Scotty and Scotty is attractive and kind, but ... he has always been professional with Scotty. As entertaining as Brad's accusations are, it's unlikely to happen. He takes a deep breath and tells himself to let it go. He picks up his drink and tries to relax again. He doesn't notice that the door is slightly ajar.


Scotty's hands tremble as he seasons the food he is preparing. He had just gone to ask Kevin something when he had heard his name being dropped and he stopped to listen in. He couldn't have stopped himself if he tried. The conversation spins around in his head like a broken record.

Brad's accusation of Kevin having feelings for Scotty, Kevin denying that Scotty has feelings for him. Kevin hadn't flat out disagreed that he had feelings for Scotty. What could it mean? Would Kevin be interested in him if he had the idea that it was mutual? Was that the reason he had asked Scotty here?

Kevin had always been professional to him. But then, he had always been in a relationship with Brad. Does the fact that Kevin broke up with Brad mean that he's now turning his attention to Scotty? Ridiculous. Even now, Kevin was still physically distant. He had not even tried to flirt with Scotty.

And if he had, then he was really lousy at it, because Scotty had completely missed it. No. It was all in Brad's mind. Just trying to justify his cheating by pretending that Kevin did the same. Right?... Or....? What if...? No, Scotty tells himself to quit thinking like that, but then his minds goes back to ...

"Something smells good in here." Kevin compliments Scotty, nearly scaring the living daylights out of Scotty, who had not noticed Kevin coming in. "Guilty conscience?" Kevin teases upon seeing Scotty's reaction.
"Just... My mind was somewhere else." Scotty smiles a bit uncertain, he's not sure how to move on.

Fortunately Kevin doesn't notice and starts to set the table. And Scotty begins to wonder again. Table set for two. Rather intimate. Kevin opens a bottle of wine. Was he trying to get Scotty drunk? Stop it. Of course he wouldn't. Scotty tries to focus on the food he's preparing but he's suddenly so very profoundly aware of Kevin's presence.

"I just had a call from Brad." Kevin suddenly says.
"Really? Begging you to come back?" Scotty offers, giving Kevin a chance to lie.
"No. He had that audacity to claim that there was something going on between you and me. ... As if!"

Scotty frowns. Would it really be so totally unbelievable? Scotty is not vain, but he knows he's good-looking, Kevin had even admitted to that himself. But as Kevin goes on, he understands that Kevin will tell him the truth.
"Told him he was ridiculous and that you would never be interested in me." Kevin goes on.

"However, while he was talking, it suddenly dawned on me... And I know it's weird,...  but I suddenly feel weirded out by the fact that we're here, together, even though we didn't do anything wrong. He made me feel like I somehow should feel guilty for having made this decision.

And I hope you don't think that I..." Kevin looks concerned... ".. that I would try anything on you, did you? I mean, my offer for you to come here with me didn't sound like I was making some inappropriate suggestion, did it?"

Scotty turns around to face Kevin. He can see clearly that Kevin is mortified at the thought. He shakes his head. What he had been thinking? Of course Kevin wouldn't be interested in him that way.
"No. Don't worry. I never even considered the option." Scotty smiles.


With Kevin's concerns raised and Scotty waiving them away, they both finally manage to relax. The food is delicious and Scotty blushes at Kevin's compliments. The wine is delicate and nowhere does Kevin force a second glass on Scotty, though he's pleased when Scotty asks him for another glass.

Their conversation moves between various topics with ease and the silences between them don't feel uncomfortable. Kevin can't recall the last time he told so much about himself and he's surprised by how interested he is in what Scotty has tell about his own life.

Of course over the last 5 years they had gotten to know some details about their private lives, that they would not discuss with others, but they never discussed their lives in so many details as they did tonight. Scotty assumes it's the ambiance in the house, it begs for intimacy somehow.

The kitchen is a pleasant and warm place to be, and unwittingly they moved closer together, leaning over the table and their smiles easily come to their faces. Scotty is by nature rather playful and he loves to tease, but so far, he had always been careful not to cross any boundaries with 'Mr Walker'.

With their 2nd mug of coffee gone and everything piled up to put in the dishwasher, Scotty decides to ask the question that's been on his mind for a while.
"Can I ask an inappropriate question?"
"You can try." Kevin shrugs with a smile, he's too relaxed to get insulted at anything Scotty might ask.

"Is there any chance of you and Brad reconciling? He's been trying hard to get you back. I could imagine if you wanted to let him sweat for a while but then.. forgive him?"
"No. I've thought it over. I just care too little about his cheating. I already forgave him for that. I just don't care enough about our relationship - or him - to put more effort into it."

"So? Back to being single and free? Back on the market?" Scotty asks.
"Not so sure about that part yet." Kevin says. "Maybe I'm considering becoming the male equivalent to an old cat lady." Scotty laughs out loud at Kevin's words.
"I hope not." Scotty teases.

Their eyes meet and maybe they hold that stare a little longer than they should, before they both look away and move on to do something different. Kevin starts to fill up the dishwasher, while Scotty goes to the living room to throw some more logs on the fire. As the warmth of fireplace hits his face, Scotty leans back in the large chair.

Of course he had never tried anything with Kevin before. He had been cheated on too many times and he had vowed to never be 'the other guy' in someone's relationship, but if Brad and Kevin have split up,then Kevin would not be a cheater if he got involved with Scotty, right?

So far Scotty had locked away any possible romantic feelings about Kevin, but tonight, during dinner, he had paid a bit more attention to his boss. Kevin has a great sense of humor, is far kinder than he lets on and Scotty loves the sound of his voice. He's actually handsome and attractive. Scotty wonders if he would actually dare to flirt with Kevin.

On the other hand, maybe Kevin is indeed not ready for another relationship. He might say that he's no longer interested in Brad to mask his real feelings. It could backfire on Scotty in a big way. If he'd make an attempt things could get awkward. He could even lose his job. And that may not be worth it.

In the kitchen Kevin has the same topic on his mind. Scotty's question had surprised him, as if Scotty had somehow wanted to hear that Kevin was available again. Of course, Kevin is aware that it must be his imagination, Brad's accusation having confused him in such a way that he now sees all things that aren't there.

He had never paid much attention to Scotty in a romantic way, while he was in a relationship with Brad, but tonight he couldn't help but notice that indeed Scotty is very handsome and that Kevin likes the way he smiles, the way he makes eye-contact and how he likes to tease Kevin....

Kevin shakes his head, what is he thinking? Thoughts like these are the first step to a sexual harassment case. He has always felt comfortable with Scotty, no need to screw that up. And yet.... He closes the dishwasher with a firm hand and turns it on. He will put these weird ideas out of his head, pour some wine for himself and Scotty and forget all about it.


Kevin listens to the radio with a frown on his face. He doesn't like what he hears.
"It would appear that the cold fronts are converging not very away from here." He says.
"Is that bad?" Scotty asks, worried because Kevin seems to be concerned about it.

"Not sure yet. I will make a phone-call to someone who knows." He searches through the a little note-book on the desk and starts dialing a number and Scotty can hear little parts of the conversation that follows. He cannot understand everything, but Kevin's frown becomes deeper and by the time he hangs up, his concern has visibly grown.

"I already suspected this. I talked to Old Steve. He used to be a friend of my dad's and he has lived in this area for nearly 80 years. Born and raised. He is also very good at predicting the weather, better than those weather-guys at the station.

He says that the storms are indeed coming together and that he's 80% sure it will be a true blizzard. I think we should take precautions... He told me to go outside and close all the exterior shutters to keep the cold out and protect the windows. Do you want to help me."

"Now?" The idea of going outside, in the dark, doesn't appeal all that much to Scotty.
"Afraid so. We would need to dress warmly. We'll be outside for at least half an hour."
"Alright. I'll go with you."

Scotty wonders if it is a good idea, but Kevin is familiar with this house and this place. He puts on his coat, his boots, his scarf and his gloves. They leave through the barn-door, leaving it open a bit to have easy access to it once they come back.

Kevin gives the strong torch-light to Scotty, so Scotty can shine a light while Kevin closes the shutters and places the hooks so they will remain closed. The temperature has dropped considerably since this afternoon and to Scotty it feels as if the wind is trying to cut through his parka. Snow has started to fall, at first slowly, but while they are moving along, the snow falls down faster.

They move slowly around the house, covering window after window. When Scotty sees that Kevin is getting tired, he starts to help him with the shutters, handing Kevin the torchlight to lock a few of the shutters himself. It earns him a thankful smile from Kevin, who's visibly cold, like Scotty.

"Three more windows and we can go inside." Kevin informs him over the wind that seems to pick up even more. As they turn around the corner to get to the remaining windows, the wind nearly knocks them over and Kevin is shoved back, landing right into Scotty's arms.

"Are you alright?" Scotty asks, concerned because Kevin seems to have some trouble breathing. Kevin momentarily leans against Scotty, catching his breath.

"Yeah, just the cold wind cut me off guard. Man, is it cold. We need to hurry. It's getting worse." Scotty can see by the light of the torchlight that the snowflakes have become bigger.

He nods and with combined effort, fighting the ever stronger wind, they manage to close the last shutters. Sinking away into the snow with every step they take, they manage to get to the barn-door. Kevin gets in first, but then a howl of wind rushes past, pushing Scotty off balance.

This time it's Kevin who manages to grab Scotty and pull him into the barn and out of the ever increasing storm.
"Are you okay?" Kevin's arms casually stay around Scotty, as Scotty's teeth are chattering from the cold.

"Yeah. Just cold." Scotty shivers.
"We need to take a few more precautions. But we can do those inside. Come on, let's get out of these cold, wet clothes." Stiff, because their jeans are half-frozen, they get inside, helping each other out of their coats and their boots.

"I suggest that we take our pillows, sheets and blankets and sleep in the living-room, close the fireplace. What I know about these storms is that they can get cold, we could lose electricity for a few hours. We have a generator, but that is mainly to keep the freezers going.

If the electricity goes out, it will get freezing cold in those bedrooms, because the central heating will not work anymore. I can remember waking up with ice-flowers on my windows when I was kid. I'd be warmly tucked away under the blankets, true, but, man, was it cold in the room. This hasn't happened in many years, but my father always considered it a smart move to get all the kids close to fire 'just in case'."

Scotty looks at the 3 couches. They are long, but thin and he's not sure that he will fit, or even sleep well on them. Maybe he should take his chances with the bed in stead. As if he guesses Scotty's thoughts, Kevin smiles.
"All 3 couches are sleeper-sofa's. Just high quality and hand made by someone in town. My dad wanted only the best of the best."

Under Scotty's eyes, Kevin turns two of the three couches in large 2-personsbeds and he's quite impressed.
"Now all we need to do is add our pillows and blankets and we're done. Warm and comfortable."

It takes Kevin and Scotty another 15 minutes, but then the 2 beds are made up and ready to sleep in.
"Were 3 couches enough for your family?" Scotty wonders, knowing how big Kevin's family is.

"These are still from the old days. That one would be for my parents. The one I'm sleeping on would be for my 2 brothers and me. I'd always sleep in the middle, because Justin would always be up first and get out without waking Tommy and me. Tommy was always 'unconscious' until noon, or the time that the brunch-table would be ready, whichever one came first.

And the third one, where you're sleeping on, was for my sisters.." Kevin smiles at the memory. The two couches for the kids are the closest to the fire place. Kevin throw a few more logs on the fire. The wind howls and a shiver runs through Scotty. Kevin sees it and he reassures Scotty by putting a hand on Scotty's arm.

"It will be alright. This house has been through quite some storms, both inside and outside. it will get through this one as well. But tomorrow, we will most likely just stay in here and not go out. I'd almost suggest to make it a pajama-day." Kevin jokes, trying to change the mood.

"I'm up for it, if you are." Scotty now laughs as well. He can see that Kevin is trying to comfort him. He can't imagine the lawyer in pajama all day, but he'll see how far this thought will go.

"Meanwhile... this will become a boring Saturday evening... Can I interest you in a game of Scrabble? Or some other game?" Kevin opens up one of the cupboards which is full of all sorts of games.

"Wouldn't that be cheating?" Scotty asks.
"You're a lawyer, you're far better at words that I am." Scotty says, feeling he has a valid case.

"And you've done a lot of odd jobs, which, I'm sure, come with their own words... Maybe you'd be cheating." Kevin points out.
"You know, I'm very competitive." Scotty challenges Kevin with his eyes.
"So am I." Kevin knows himself too well.

"You're on!"
"I'll get the game." Kevin opens the door wider and searches for the game of Scrabble. Scotty wants to make himself useful as well.
"Do you want me to get us some wine?"

"Trying to get me drunk already?" Kevin teases.
"Is that a premature excuse? In case you lose, you blame it on the wine."

'You're going to have to pour quite some wine into me, before I get thrown off my game. But I might do or say things inappropriate." Kevin explains with a smile.

"You? Do inappropriate things?... After how many glasses?" Scotty jokingly, and maybe slight flirtatiously, wants to know.
"Pour the drinks and you'll find out." Their eyes meet. Neither of them feels uncomfortable with the other.

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